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FO brochure onlineBlending Services
Nexus provides superior consistency of blending services for a variety of customer applications. Blending is carried out in our state-of-the-art blending system, which boasts capacities of up to 29,000 ltr per batch. We offer our customers a complete package including: product development, toll blending, warehousing, and shipping solution for a cost effective manufacturing partnership.
Enquiry: [email protected]
Labratory Services
We provide labroratory services for drilling fluid projects, and can modify or tailor existing tests to address specific drilling problems. 
Specialized drilling fluids testing: - High-Pressure, High-Temperature -Dynamic Fluid-Loss Analysis -Lubricity Coefficient Measurements - Contact Surfaces - Shale-Fluid Interaction Analysis - Gas Hydrates/Mud Phase Behaviors
Drilling fluids API and ASTM procedures: - Rheology - Fluid-Loss Characteristics - Filtrate Ion Analysis - Solids Analysis - API Specification Tests
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