Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11

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  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11



    Amongst the most contemporary of 5 star hotels in Agra India, Jaypee Hotels

    offers the luxury that has a subtle blend of the Mughal architectural brilliance of

    India and modern amenities. The exquisite ambience of a prosperous ingdom,

    the luxury of 5 !tar hotels... That"s #Jaypee $alace Hotel# %our o&n 'ingdom....

    The spra&ling (5 acres in Agra of landscaped gardens.... Tree lined &al&ays,

    )ancing *ountains... The state+of+the+art onference *acilities, Modern

    -usiness entre, !peciality estaurants, Health lub, /50 elegantly appointed

    luxury rooms.... And friends &ho are dedicated to your ser1ices offering you the

    luxury of online booing and reser1ations to one of the best 5 !tar hotels in

    Agra, India.

    The Jaypee $alace on1ention entre, Agra is the ideal 1enue to host any

    conference or e1ents. The hotel boasts a total floor area of 2330 square meter

    equipped &ith comfortable 4 ideal seating, natural lighting 4 state+of+the+art

    audio1ideo facilities. It is the perfect place to organi6e large conferences or

    small meetings.

    lasses for -ody !culpting, Aerobics, 7eight, !&imming, Jogging and ycling

    are conducted at the Jaypee $alace Hotel. Health lub and *itness entre &ith

    spa facilities, -illiards$ool, Tennis, !quash ourts, Table Tennis, are also


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  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    *or the con1enience of the guests, Jaypee $alace Hotel and on1ention enter,

    Agra the hotel also pro1ides beauty parlor, money changer, and doctor on call,

    1alet ser1ice, postage, and astrologer, shopping pla6a, baning, 1alet paring

    and golf amongst others. 7elcome to the &orld of luxury and en:oy an

    unforgettable experience.


    To create Hotels of ;xcellence &here the en1ironment is 7arm, aring 4

    !incere for allroup"s foray

    in the hospitality sector and in 8@8, Jaypee !iddharth, ?e& )elhi, a @+

    room hotel in the fi1e star category commenced operations.

    Jaypee Basant ontinental, ?e& )elhi, a 8(/ room hotel, &as added to the

    product portfolio in 8@(. It is located in the upmaret Basant Bihar area,

    strategically close to the airport.

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  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    Jaypee esidency Manor, Mussoorie, a hill resort hotel, became

    operational in March 8@@5 and has since firmly established itself as one of

    the leading hotels for the corporates as &ell as leisure tra1ellers.March 8@@@, sa& the curtain rise on Jaypee $alace Hotel 4 on1ention

    entre, Agra, a truly &orld class Hotel and International on1ention

    entre. 7ith /50+rooms and suites, Jaypee $alace Hotel has been designed

    by Mr. amesh 'hosla, &inner of the prestigious Aga 'han A&ard.

    Meaning and defination

    The relationship bet&een ;mployer and employee or trade unions is

    called Industrial elation. Harmonious relationship is necessary for both

    employers and employees to safeguard the interests of the both the parties of the

    production. In order to maintain good relationship &ith the employees, the main

    functions of e1ery organi6ation should a1oid any dispute &ith them or settle it

    as early as possible so as to ensure industrial peace and higher producti1ity.

    $ersonnel management is mainly concerned &ith the human relation in industry

    because the main theme of personnel management is to get the &or done by

    the human po&er and it fails in its ob:ecti1es if good industrial relation is

    maintained. In other &ords good Industrial elation means industrial peace

    &hich is necessary for better and higher productions.


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  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    i. Industrial elation is that part of management &hich is concerned &ith the

    manpo&er of the enterprise C &hether machine operator, silled &orer or



    ii. Industrial elation is a relation bet&een employer and employees, employees

    and employees and employees and trade unions

    Dne of the fastest gro&ing sectors of the economy of our time is the hotel

    industry. The hotel industry alone is a multi+billion dollar and gro&ing

    enterprise. It is exciting, ne1er boring and offer unlimited opportunities. The

    hotel industry is di1erse enough for people to &or in different areas of interest

    and still be employed &ithin the hotel industry. This trend is not :ust in India,

    but also globally.

    Modern hotels pro1ide refined ser1ices to their guests. The customers or

    guests are al&ays right. This principle necessitated application of management

    principles in the hotel industry and the hotel professionals reali6ed the

    instrumentality of mareting principles in managing the hotel industry.

    The concept of total quality management is found getting an important

    place in the mareting management of hotels. The emerging positi1e trend in

    the tourism industry indicates that hotel industry is lie a reser1oir from &here

    the foreign exchange flo&s. This naturally dra&s our attention on HDT;E

    F 9 $ a g e

  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    MA?A>;M;?T. Eie other industries, the hotel industry also needs to explore

    a1enues for inno1ation, so that a fair blending of core and peripheral ser1ices is

    made possible. It is not to be forgotten that the leading hotel companies of the

    &orld ha1e been intensifying research to enrich their peripheral ser1ices &ith

    the motto of adding additional attractions to their ser1ice mix. It is against this

    bacground that &e find the ser1ice mix more flexible in nature.

    The recruitment and training programmes are required to be de1eloped in

    the face of technological sophistication. The leading hotel companies ha1e been

    found promoting an ongoing training programme so that the personnel come to

    no& about the use of sophisticated communication technologies.

    Hote! " T#e Con$e%tAt the outset, &e go through the concept of hotel. The common la& says that

    hotel is a place &here all &ho conduct, themsel1es properly and &ho being able

    and ready to pay for their entertainment, accommodation and other ser1ices

    including the boarding lie a temporary home. It is home a&ay from home

    &here all the modern amenities and facilities are a1ailable on a payment basis.

    It is also considered to be a place &here tourist stops, cease to be

    tra1ellers and become customers. The definition presented by hotel operators to

    authorities of the ?ational eco1ery Administration in 7ashington is found to

    be a more comprehensi1e definition, presented by !tuart Mc ?amara. The

    5 9 $ a g e

  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    definition states that, G $rimarily and fundamentally, a hotel is an establishment

    &hich supplies boarding and lodging not engaged in inter C state commerce or

    in any intra C state commerce, competiti1e &ith or affecting inter C state

    commerce or so related that the regulation of one in1ol1es the control of


    The hotel may furnish quarters and facilities for assemblage of people

    for social business or entertainment purposes and may engage in retaining

    portion of its premises for shops and businesses &hose continuity i.e.,

    proximity is deemed appropriate to a hotel. The assemblage of people for social

    business and entertainment purposes maes it essential that hotels are also

    furnished &ith a big conference hall &here the maximum possible

    accommodation is a1ailable. 7e also call it the function room.

    Motel The Concept

    Initially the term motel &as meant for local motorists and foreign tourists

    tra1elling by road. They ser1e the needs and requirements of these tra1ellers and

    meeting their demand for transit and accommodation. !ome of the important

    ser1ices offered by the motels are paring, garage facilities, accommodation,

    and restaurant facilities.

    Motels are found located outside the city, preferably by the side of high

    &ays and important road :unctions. The accommodation in this is more in the

    2 9 $ a g e

  • 7/25/2019 Labour Welfare in Hotel Jaypee Agra 11


    category of a Kchalet facilityL. In !A, the motel accommodation is raned at

    par &ith hotel accommodation.

    O&igin of t#e 'o&d (Hote!)

    -efore 8320 people used to go to inns for ha1ing their lunch, dinner etc

    .It &as the place &here families used to host their guest inns o&ner used to

    pro1ide lodging and boarding facility ser1ice to their guest.

    To &orld Ghostel &as used then it &as called Ghostelier &hich means

    head of unit or the place. The ?orman people in1ented the &ord Ghotel. The

    &ord Ghotel &as originally in ;ngland, officially from 8320. The real gro&th

    of modern hotel &as originated in G.!.A &ith opening of Gity Hotel in

    ?e& %or in the year 8@3F. This &as the first building erected for the hotel

    purpose. This period also sa& the beginning of chain operation under the

    guidance of ;.M.!TATE;. It in1ol1es big in1estme