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Here are some steps to create your own window dreamscene with window live movie maker. Zaman University, CS 101 week 15 lab activity.

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  • Chea Keang Heng Instructor : Mustafa Dur Course: IT Applications I CS 101 Section 1
  • Download and install Windows Live Movies Maker Uncheck boxes for any unwanted options
  • Open Windows Live Movie Maker and add your video clip Select the add video or photo button or drag n drop the clip on to the storyboard
  • Edit our video by clipping out unwanted sections Navigate through the video
  • Remove unwanted portions two ways Split the video and delete sections Trim the video and keep the area within the trim
  • Drag the sliders below the preview windows Try to trim the beginning and end of the video as seamless as possible
  • To remove or reduce the background audio select the Edit tab then the Video volume button move the slider all the way to the left to mute all sounds
  • Add music to the clip if youd like (mute the audio before adding the music) Fade the music in and out by selecting the options on the ribbon
  • When you are finished, youre ready to output you video: Select the top left icon, select Save movie and click one of the options for desktop wallpaper, selecting Standard, widescreen, or one of the HD options
  • install DreamScene Activator output the WMV file we created in Windows Live Movie Maker as desktop wallpaper Download and extract the Windows 7 DreamScene Activator run the application as administrator
  • Click the Enable DreamScene right-click on your WMV button (This will restart file and select Set as Windows Explorer) Desktop Background
  • If the text under your icons is is darkened out, right click on the desktop and select Personalize select Desktop Background select Fill as your Picture position save restart your DreamScene after these changes
  • Now youll be able to read your icons and enjoy the show