Kwantlen Polytechnic University cadd CTC partnership ... cadd technologies (Computer aided design...

Kwantlen Polytechnic University cadd CTC partnership ... cadd technologies (Computer aided design &
Kwantlen Polytechnic University cadd CTC partnership ... cadd technologies (Computer aided design &
download Kwantlen Polytechnic University cadd CTC partnership ... cadd technologies (Computer aided design &

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Transcript of Kwantlen Polytechnic University cadd CTC partnership ... cadd technologies (Computer aided design...

  • cadd technologies (Computer aided design & drafting) seCondary sChool partnership program for grades 11 and 12

    Kwantlen Polytechnic University 12666 – 72 avenue

    surrey, BC V3W 2m8

    604.599.2000 |

    PartnershiP options CTC partnership options (full-time), part-time and other details) vary between school districts. Please contact the CTC Coordinator in your district for more information.

    ctc PartnershiP program prerequisites ▪ Principles/Applications Math 10 (C+)


    ▪ Foundations of Math/Pre-Calculus 10 (C+)


    ▪ English 10

    ▪ Commitment to complete the CTC Program

    ctc Coordinators Richmond: Terri Lockhart 604.668.6060

    Surrey: Georgina Hopps 604.595.6175

    Delta: Brian Tivy 604.596.7101

    Langley: Sherri Silcox-Burk 604.534.7891

    ctc aPPlication proCess Students submit CTC Applications for the CADD Partnership Program through the School District Career Education Office. CTC Applications must be submitted by the last Friday in March. For more information, contact the CTC Coordinator in your School District.

    life long learning Through bridging and laddering courses, or through direct entry into third year, diploma graduates can continue their education in a variety of related professions:

    Bachelor of Business (KPU) Bachelor of Information Technology (KPU) Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (SFU) First Year Engineering (KPU) cadd related professions The KPU CADD core gives students an excellent foundation in Cadd if they are considering a career in the following professions:

    ▪ Architect ▪ Engineer ▪ Interior Designer ▪ Urban Planner ▪ Landscape Designer ▪ Surveyor ▪ Technologist

    general information The university calendar contains complete program information as well as rules and regulations that govern students while at the university; each student is responsible for being aware of these rules and regulations. The calendar is available online at

    Programs, courses, services and other related activities may be offered on any day of the week.

    learn more at read our Cadd blog at

    0414/B033/Ka faCulty of trades & teChnology

  • faCulty of trades & teChnology

    PartnershiP agreements Under the partnership arrangement with four school districts (Delta, Langley, Surrey and Richmond), secondary school students have an opportunity to complete all or part of KPU’s CADD Core program prior to secondary school graduation.

    This is a great opportunity for students interested in the CADD profession, and in CADD related professions such as Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Surveying, Urban Design and construction supervision.

    get credit for Cadd 1100 (Must have drafting 11 and/or 12)

    Students who have Drafting 11 and/or 12 can write a Qualifying Assessment to achieve credit for CADD 1100 (4 transferable credits).

    Students wishing to write the Qualifying Assessment must first apply to the Diploma in CADD program and indicate that they wish to apply the CADD 1100 Qualifying Assessment.

    Students still in Secondary School should apply through the CTC Coordinator for their district, and can write the Qualifying Assessment at KPU in June of their Grade 12 year.

    Students who have already graduated must first apply to the KPU CADD program and meet University Admission Requirements in order to write the Qualifying Assessment.

    ctc partnership (earn dual credits while still in grade 11/12)

    Part-time Part-time students can complete a KPU course per semester in the CADD Core program by attending in the afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm, two afternoons per week.

    Full-time Full-time students can complete all of the Core courses in one semester during Grade 11 or Grade 12 in the September or January semester.

    Access The CTC CADD Partnership is available to students in secondary schools both with and without Drafting programs. However, wherever possible it is in the students best interest to be enrolled in Drafting 11 or 12 while in the CTC CADD Partnership. Students from secondary schools that do not have a drafting program may be required to write a drafting aptitude assessment.

    cadd teChnologies seCondary sChool partnership program for grades 11 and 12

    Cadd 1100 drafting fundamentals

    Cadd 1110 summative project

    Cadd 1150 Cadd software

    Cadd 1160 office procedures

    Core classes are available in Fall, Spring and Summer semester.

    math 1112 (3 cr) pre-calculus algebra

    Cadd-2160 (4 cr) professional practice

    Cadd 2100 (4 cr) 3d presentation graphics

    Cadd 2110 (4 cr) surveying and site Work

    Busi 1210 (3 cr) essentials of management

    engl 1100 (3 cr) Writing, reading and thinking: an introduction

    phys 1100 (4 cr) introductory physics

    Cadd-2250 (4 cr) Cadd Customization and network

    Proposed New Course: CADD 2220 (4 cr) Sustainable Design or

    CADD 2210 (4 cr) Document Control and Web Portfolio


    Cada 1250 Bim software arch.

    Cada 1200 arch. fundamentals

    Cada 1210 single family resident

    Cada 1220 Commercial


    Cads 1250 Bim software struct.

    Cads 1200 Concrete

    Cads 1210 steel

    Cads 1220 Wood


    Cadm 1250 3d parametric model

    Cadm 1210 Components and assembly

    Cadi 1210 Conveyors

    Cadi 1220 process piping

    year 1 year 2

    seMester 2

    citation certificate diploma seMester 1

    cadd teChnologies diploma program

    core Credits:15

    2nd year 2nd year is open registration

    Credits: 33

    specialties students select one or

    more specialties Credits:15