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  • 1. KVC PROCESS SYSTEMSPRODUCT CATALOGUE 2011 www.kvcprocess.com

2. Quality Policy We at KVC PROCESS SYSTEMSpledge to achieve complete customer satisfaction throughexcellence in quality & Service. WE WISH TO ACHIEVE THIS BYProviding consistent quality to the customer.Committing to continual improvement by improving the process andskills of the employees. Date: 01.01.2011 A. S. LelePartner 3. INDEXGLASS JACKETED BIO FERMENTOR UNIT FLUSH BOTTOM VALVES HIGH PRESSURE AUTOCLAVE Pg. 05Pg. 09Page No. 01 10 L GLASS HIGH PRESSURE PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTOR HOT FLUID CIRCULATION SYSTEMAUTOCLAVE REACTOR Pg. 06Pg. 10 Page No. 02ROTARY EVAPORATORWIPED / SHORT ROTARY OIL IMMERSE DOUBLE Model LRFE-3A PATH DISTILLATION UNIT STAGE HIGH VACUUM PUMPSPage No. 03Pg. 07Pg. 11MULTIPURPOSE PILOT PLANT INVACUUM CONTROLLER SYSTEM ANTI CORROSIVE GFPPBOROSILICATE GLASSPg. 08FLANGES & NUT BOLTSPage No. 04Pg. 12www.kvcprocess.com 4. GLASS JACKETED HIGH PRESSURE AUTOCLAVETECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS DescriptionDetails Size 1 to 10 Litrs (Jacketed) MOCBorosilicate Glass and SS 316 Max Working Pressure Upto 6 Bar G ( 85 PSIG ) Max Working Temp Upto 150 Deg C StirrerSS 316 , 4 Blade Design Pitched Turbine Blade Type Max. RPM 1500 RPM Motor & DrivePMDC Motor with RPM Controller with Digital Display Sealing MechanismZero Leakage Magnetic Drive Suitable for Full Vacuum or 6 Bar G Pressure Control PanelControl Panel with PID Controller Temp Indicator & RPM Indicator Nozzles & Fittings Thermowell, Gas Inlet/Outlet Sampling Point with Dip Tubes/Sparger & Needle Valves,Pressure Gauge (Digital/Manual), Pressure Release Valve (Manual/Electronic Operated),Solid Charging Point Mounting Complete Unit Mounted on Metal Frame with Mobile PU WheelsOPTIONAL ACCESSORIES 1) Flame Proof Motor with VFD 2) All Metallic Parts in Hastelloy C(01) www.kvcprocess.com 5. 10 L GLASS HIGH PRESSURE AUTOCLAVE REACTORFor The First Time in India, we have developed, Designed and Supplied a Glass High Pressure Stirred AutoclaveReactor for Working Pressures upto 6 Bar G ( 85 PSIG ) and also for Full Vaccum upto 760 mm Hgfor Operating Temperatures from -20C to +200C.Technical Details AccessoriesThe Reactor Assembly consists of a SpecialA Hot Fluid Generator cum Circulator Unit toBorosilicate Glass Jacketed Reactor of 10 Litresoperate at a set Desired Temperature forCapacity with a Flame Proof Motor, Halar Coated circulating Hot Fluid. Inside the Glass Jacket isStirrer, Magnetic Drive Coupling for Zero also Provided with the Unit.Leakages during Stirring, Halar Coated SS 304 A Oil Ring Type Single Stage Vaccum Pump forCover Plate with Accessories like Thermowell, Applying Vaccum upto 0.05 mm Hg along with aLiquid Addition Tube with Valve, Gas Sparger Tube Cold Trap and Non Return Valve is also Providedwith Valve, Port for Solid Addition, Pressure with the Unit .Transmitter with Solenoid Pressure Relief Valve toOpen at a Digitally set Pressure, DigitalTemperature Contoller with Sensor, VariableFrequency drive for Speed Regulation with DigitalRPM Display. A Flush Bottom Type Minimum Holdup Drain Valve is also Provided with the Reactor.www.kvcprocess.com(02) 6. ROTARY EVAPORATOR We offer "Rotary Evaporator" made in India with an Extensive Research and valuable feed back from Leading Scientists all over India Model LRFE-3A Special FeatureB29 # THREADED FLASKHOLDING ADAPTOR Evaporating Flask 250 mL - 3000 mL Receiving Flask 1000 mL Condenser Vertical Double Coil Type Area 0.2 Sq. M. Heating Bath4 KW, PTFE Coated Bath, with sealing cover Lifting Heating Bath0~150mm (automatically) Rotary Speed20~200rpm (digital display) 40W Rate of Evaporation (H2O) >1.5l/h Temperature control Automatically, digital display, RT-90 C Low noise Improved Version Power supply220V/50Hz Vapour temperature displayOptionally provided Latest Improved Features Flask Holding Design with Threaded Lock Clip for Firm Holding of Rotary Flask Vapour Duct Tube with Reflux Control Valve for Easier Reflux Process Anti Splash Acrylic Cover for Heating Bath to Prevent Hot Water SplashingNote: Rotary Film Evaporator also available in 2 liter, 5 liter & 10 liter capacity(03)www.kvcprocess.com 7. MULTIPURPOSE PILOT PLANT IN BOROSILICATE GLASSKVC offers a Complete Multipurpose Pilot Plant having all Contact Parts in Glass and PTFE for Carrying out various Reactions like Stirring, Addition, Vacuum Distillation, Fractional Distillation, Dean & Stark Reactions etc. in one compact unit.The Unit SALIENT FEATURESThe Pilot Plant consists of a 20 Litre Glass Single Compact unit for Carrying Out lab andReactor with Glass Lid Cover, Glass Anchor Pilot Scale Reactions.Stirrer, Graduated Addition Vessel with Piping, Made From all Indigenous PartsGlass Column of 2 feet packed with Special PTFEStructured Packing for Higher Efficiency, Glass Available with Options of Glass Lined ReactorPiping with Valves etc. for Reflux at top of with Glass Lid, PTFE Coated SS 316L HighColumn Glass Separator with Dean Stark Efficiency Stirrer, Flame Proof Motor with RPMarrangement for Lighter & Heavier layerIndicator and Variable Speed Drive, Panelseparation and feed back along with 2 nos. Mounted Digital Indicator for temperature andGraduate Glass Receivers.SS Flange & Structure.The unit is driven by a Geared Motor, and is The above Unit is Suitable for Temperature fromsupported on Powder Coated Tubular Structure.-20 C to 240 C & Full Vacuum Applications.www.kvcprocess.com(04) 8. BIO FERMENTOR UNITWe manufacture a wide range of Bench top Autoclavable Fermentors.Autoclavable Fermentors are an economical & user-friendly device for conducting experiments in BiochemicalEngineering, Biotechnology, Food & Fermentation Technology, Microbiology & Biochemistry.It provides freedom from the complicated process operations involved in operating in-situ steam sterilizableFermentor. For this reason, they find favor amongst the research fraternity & in academic institutions.They are used in colleges/institutes for demonstration to students & for practicals in fermentationtechnology. They find application in research laboratories for the purpose of process development & scale up.SALIENT FEATURES OF OUR PRODUCT ARE AS FOLLOWS: Available in 3 sizes 3, 5 & 7 liters (total PC-based process control with SCADAvolume) fermentation software available Suitable for virtually any fermentation process Available in borosilicate glass & stainlessapplication steel, or in full stainless steel Suitable for most microbial cultures Magnetic agitator is provided, which is ideallyregardless of their type (bacteria, yeasts, suited for aseptic processesfungi or actinomycetes), respiration (aerobic Bioreactor design suitable for facilitatingor anaerobic), temperature (psychrophilic,scale-up to commercial levelsmesophilic or thermophilic) or nature (native, cGMP-compliant version availablegenetically modified or recombinant) No loss of sterility even during long Suitable for batch, feed-batch & continuous fermentation batches(chemostat) modes of operation User friendly Range starts with a basic economical model Easy to operate, clean, & storesuitable for colleges/institutions Light-weight & compact Variety of optional add-on attachments are Low noise & vibrationsavailable for research applications Low power consumption; works on single Variety of on-line instruments are available forphase powermonitoring of fermentation parameters Low maintenance downtime & cost(05)www.kvcprocess.com 9. PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTORPhotochemical technology has depended upon the transparency of the fluidreactants to the radiation employed. KVC Process Systems have sought toexpose extreme depths or thicknesses of fluid to radiation. KVC ProcessSystems have utilized processes and apparatus to reflect radiation backand forth through the fluid reactants to promote complete irradiationthereof. Agitation or mixing of the reactants via supply of air in the reactorstends to minimize differences in the length of the flow path of variousportions of fluid reactant This mixing tends to improve the uniformity ofexposure of the fluid reactants to radiation and adds more oxygen fromatmosphere thus acting as a catalyst for the reaction to a high degree ofmixing of the fluid reactants.KVC Process Systems provides a photochemical reactor which promotes ahigh degree of mixing of fluid reactants in the immediate neighborhood of aradiation source thereby increasing the reaction rate substantially overreactors known heretofore. KVC provides a photochemical reactor which issafer and more reliable than those available heretofore due to isolation ofradiation sources from the fluid reactants by an at least translucentbarrier and, in one embodiment, the presence of a moderating fluidinterposed between radiation sources and the reactant fluid. www.kvcprocess.com (06) 10. WIPED / SHORT PATH DISTILLATION UNITWe manufacture a wide range of short path Distillation units with MOCs of Glass as well as SS 316L.KVC Short Path Distillators (SPD) provides visual control of the operation regarding flashing, decomposition,splashing, degassing, foaming, color and cold trap loading. They are economical & user-friendly device forconducting experiments in Oil And fats Industries, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries, Petrochemicals,Foods & Flavours, Polymers & Recylicing Industries.OBJECTIVES: SALIENT FEATURES OF OUR PRODUCT ARE Demonstrate the General Feasibility ofAS FOLLOWS:Separation High Turbulence in a Wiped Film for High Mass Obtain Preliminary Information for Processand Heat TransferDevelopment and Optimization Short Residence Time for Low Thermal Stress Production of Small Reference Samples ofof the Productsabout 1 KG Evaporation in One Pass , No Circulation Small Film Thickness, No Hydrostatic HeightDESIGN OF SYSTEMS: No Product Fouling on the Heated Evaporator Glass Components Manufactured in CorrosionWall Due