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The Collector & District Magistrate and Special Officer to Visiting Our KMC 31.08.2014

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  • 1. 1TOSri . Ch.Vijaya Mohan, I.A.S.,garuCollector & Distict Magistrate andSpecial Officer,Kurnool Muicipal Corporaton, Kurnool

2. Reform taken up by theCorporationCONSTRUCTION OFMODERN TOILETS ANDBIO-TOILETS 3. Idea behind the Reform: Most slums in the city do not have proper toiletfacitlies , as a result of which forced to defecate inthe open. Owing to the shortage of toilets, slum dwellers face alot of problems and they are forced to live inunhygienic environment. This situation not only pollutes the environment ofthe slums but also Poses health hazards. 4. Women suffer most from having no accessible andsafe toilet. To protect their modesty, they oftenwait until night fall to defecate in the open but thisneed to wait until dark also causes widespreadgastric disorders. The space around the existing unused and age oldtoilet blocks often becomes heavily used for opendefacation which in turn produces a very largehealth burden and contributes to high infant andchild death rates. 5. In order to solve the problem to a great extent, toimprove the sanitation conditions in the Town, theKurnool Corporation decided to construct53 Community Toilets from its own funds. Thescheme aims to improve the sanitation condition ofthe slums. An amount of Rs.10.00 Crores has beenearmarked for this purpose. 6. COMMUNITY TOILETS IN SLUM AREAS Total No. of Slums : 103 Total No. of Community Toilets Proposed : 53 Total No. of Community Toilets Constructed : 33 (465.70Lakhs) Total No. of Community Toilets in Progress : 19 Tender stage : 1 Estimation Cost : Rs.1034.33 Lakhs 7. Description ReplyName of the ULB Kurnool Municipal CorporationThe best practice or Reform beingimplemented by the KurnoolMunicipal CorporationModernizing the Public ToiletsWhat Services are being benefitedby the particular initiative?Poor People who are not having a placefor construction of the individual toilets inslum areas and having no capacity arebenefited with hygienic facilities and feelslike the individual household toiletsYear of introducing the reform 2012 8. Description ReplyThe major outcomes coming outof the reform / best practiceimplementation.1) Appreciation by the public2) Awareness is being developed inpeople in Slum areas by providinghygienic conditions and keeping theirsurroundings clean.3) People are trying to keep theirsurroundings clean and tidy4) Open defecations are avoided byproviding modern toilets5) No complaints are received against thepublic toilets cleanliness. 9. Description ReplyHow did you measure the outcome? Givedetails in brief:1) The locality people are appreciatingthe services provided by theCorporation.2) Other Localities are also representingto provide same services in theirlocalities.3) VIPs are also appreciating theservices of the corporation providedthrough the public toilets at junctions.How did you state the reform / bestpractice? Was it mandated under aparticular scheme or instructions issuedby the HOD or did you take it up on yourown?Not mandated and taken up on own basisin the interest of Public. 10. Description ReplyWhat is the vision and identifiedrequirements for sustaining andscaling up the reform / best practice?Our Vision is to avoid opendefecations in entire city dulyproviding some more modern toiletsin the uncovered areas.1) Spread: What are the areas you wantto increase the reform reach? Whatare the requirements (Finance,Institutional Arrangements, anyorders etc).Slum Areas and all uncovered areas.Financial support is required from theGovernment to avoid open defecationsystem in entire slums2) Depth: What are the changes youwould like to bring internally forsustaining and up scaling the reformincluding internal attitudes. And whatare the requirements? (financial,capacity building, institutionalarrangements etc.)1) To educate the public to live in goodhygienic conditions.2) To educate the public for goodsanitation by keeping theirsurroundings clean. 11. Description Reply3) Sustainability: Have you planned forensuring the reform is continued onthe long run? What are the varioussteps you have taken to ensure itscontinuity? What are the requirementsfor ensuring its continuity?So far 33 public toilets are modernized,remaining 20 toilets are in variousstages. The Corporation is planning totake up some more modern toilets. Forsustenance of the project, themaintenance has been entrusted toSulabh International. Constantmonitoring mechanism has beenestablished.4) Shift: Is there ownership created overthe reform? Is Public Participationintegrated into the reform? Are thereplatforms for creating ownership?Public Participation Integrated in theReform. To encourage people toconstruct their own toilets wherepossible. Some pay & use toilets onBOT System are taken up nearMunicipal Markets and places of largepublic gatherings.Documentation done Yes 12. Slum Areas where Moderanised Community Toilets taken up1. Dabra Street 27. Boya Street2. Bandimetta 28. Boya Geri, Budhawarpeta3. Gareeb Nagar 29. Yerra Buruju4. Subramanyam Huts (Near Burial Gournd) 30. Dandi Geri5. Kummari Geri (Nagalakatta) 31. Near King Market6. Gadda Area 32. Vaddegeri (Gents)7. Habeeb Mubarak Nagar 33. Vaddegeri (Ladies)8. Venkata Swamy Nagar 34. Medari Geri9. Virpakshaya Tota 35. Quilla Area10.Budhawarpeta (Malageri) 36. Bandimetta11.Near Kanaka Druga Temple, Boya Street 37. Kummari Geri12.Malageri, Joharapuram 38. Mangali Geri (Gents)13.Nethaji Nagar 39. Mangali Geri (Ladies)14.Swami Reddy Nagar 40. Gadda Area (Near Kamela)15.Kuruva Geri 41. Pedda Padakana16.Ulachala Road (W.S.Colony) 42. Near Padmachandra Hospital, Budhawarpeta17.Vittal Nagar 43. Budhawarpeta (Hundri Bridge)18.Kothapeta 44. Near Budhawarpeta Burial Ground19.Roja Street 45. Dharmapeta20.Gowli Geri 46. Joharapuram, Near Canal Bund21.Sudhavanka 47. Joharapuram, Chakali Street22.Bapuji Nagar 48. Joharapuram (Ladies)23.Telugu Geri, Joharapuram 49. Joharapuram, Near Ambedkar Mpl. School24.Sri Rama Nagar 50. Joharapuram, Near Bus Stand25. Bangaru peta 51. Narasimaha Reddy Nagar26. S.Nagappa Street 52. Saibaba Sanjeeva Nagar53. Mangali Geri 13. List of Public Toilets Completed and FunctioningS.NoName of WorkEstimateAmount(Rs.inLakhs)Stage ofwork1 Public toilets for gents & Ladies at Yerra buruju in ward no.2. 16.00 Completed2 Public toilets for Gents & ladies at Dandi geri in ward no.2. 17.50 Completed3 Construction of Public Toilets at King Market in ward no.2. 7.50 Completed4 Public toilets for Gents at vadde geri in ward no.4. 16.00 Completed5 Public toilets for Ladies at Vaddegeri in ward no.4 16.00 completed6 Public Toilets for Gents & Ladies at Medarigeri in Ward No.7 17.20 Completed7 Public Toilets for Gents at quilla Area in ward no.8. 16.00 Completed8 Public Toilet at Bandimetta in ward No.9 16.00 Completed9 Public toilet for Ladies at Kummari geri Nagalakatta in ward no.13. 16.00 completed10 Public Toilets for ladies at Mangali geri in ward no.13. 19.00 Completed11 Public Toilets for gents at Mangali geri in ward no.13. 19.50 Completed12 Public Toilets for Ladies at Gadda Area Kamela Road in ward No.15. 17.00 Completed13 Public Toilets for Ladies at Pedda Padkana in ward no.16. 16.00 Completed14 Public Toiles at Padmachandra kidney centre in Budhawarapeta inward No.1716.00 Completed15 Renovation of Public Toilets @ Hundri Bridge in Budhawarapeta wardno.1819.50 Completed 14. List of Public Toilets Completed and FunctioningS.NoName of WorkEstimateAmount(Rs.inLakhs)Stage ofwork16 Public Toilets @ Burial Ground in Budhawarapeta ward no.19. 16.00 completed17Public toilet for Ladies at Joharapuram, Chakali Street inward no.20.(shifted to Dharmapeta)16.00 Completed18Public toilets for Ladies at near Madhavaswamy House canalbund at Joharapuram in ward No.2016.00 Completed19Public toilet for Ladies at Joharapuram near Shabbir House inward no.20.16.00 completed20Public Toilets for Ladies @ Joharapuram at AmbedkarMunicipal High School Back side in ward no.20.16.00 Completed21Public Toilets for Ladies at Joharapuram, Bus stand Road areain ward no.20.16.00 Completed22Public toilets at Narasimha reddy nagar beside KC canal inward no.41(shifted to Dharmapeta)16.00 Completed23Public Toilets for gents and ladies @ Saibaba SanjeevaiahNagar near kallu penta in ward No.49.16.00 Completed24 Public Toilets for ladies at Saibaba Sanjeevaiah Nagar backside of saibaba temple in ward No.49.14.00 Completed25Public Toilets for gents and ladies at Mangaligeri near nagasaitemple in wad no.4916.00 Completed26 Public Toilets at S.Nagappa Street in ward no.50 4.00 Completed 15. S.NoList of Public Toilets Completed and FunctioningName of WorkEstimateAmount(Rs.inLakhs)Stage ofwork27 Public Toilets for Ladies Gareeb Nagar Ward no.11. 19.50 Completed28 Public toilet for Gents at Gadda Area in Ward no.15 16.00 Completed29 Public Toilets at Vittal Nagar Ward No.45 16.00 Completed30 Public Toilets at Nethaji Nagar, Joharapuram Ward No.20 19.50 Completed31Public Toilets at Virupakshaiah Tota, Budhawarpeta, Wardno.1819.50 Completed32 Public Toilets for Gents & Ladies at Medarigeri in Ward No.7 17.20 Completed33Public toilets at Narasimha reddy nagar beside KC canal inward no.41(shifted to Dharmapeta)16.00 Completed 16. Situation of abandoned Community ToiletBudhawar Peta Hundri SlumAreaWeaker Section Colony Slum AreaKhadakpura SlumArea 17. Situation of abandoned Community ToiletKummari Geri Slum AreaJoharapuram Slum Area 18. Inspection of Modern Toilet at Dandi Geri by theCommissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Hyderabad 19. BEFORE AFTER 20. BEFORE AFTER 21. BEFORE AFTER 22. KURNOOL MUNICIPAL CCOORRPPOORRAATTIIOONNPPAAYY AANNDD UUSSEEBBIIOO--DDIIGGEESSTTEERR TTOOIILLEETTSS 23. What is A Bio-Digester Toilet(Bio-Toilet) ? HowDifference is it fromConventional Toilet? 24. In a conventional Toilet the night soil is disposed off into sewagesystem where it is available or into a septic tank where there is no sewages