Kungfu Master PVE

Kungfu Master PVE-1v1 Guide Kungfu Master is one of the harder if not the hardest class to play as in Blade and Soul. The usage of certain of their skills have activation requirements and some of these skills overlaps in the same hotkey. “Pressure point” is an example of such skill. With decent gear, Kungfu masters are also usually holding aggro of the bosses as they have stable dps and skills to stack aggro which qualify them as “tanks”. Kungfu Masters also have a variety of play styles and combos in which is affected by the skills you decide to spend points in. It is a difficult class to master or to even play casually. Time, patience and practice is needed to really utilize this class even if it is just to play casually. Also a decent ping. As mentioned earlier on the variety of play-styles and combo, I have identified a few. Two of which is the solo and party play- styles. There could be other variety but in this guide, I will be focusing on solo 1v1 pve build. This skill build is leaned towards party play consisting of more disabling “CC” skills as opposed to a solo build that consist of more resist(i-frame) skills. In this guide, I will be including my older build as well as the current one I am using. This is due to the recent patch that increases skill points per hongmen level and also the fact that i have unlocked some level 5 hongmen skills. Below is the skill build I am currently using. 51 sp at level50 hongmen level8. Note: I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screenshot above V and Z. Counter Level5 Branch4



Transcript of Kungfu Master PVE

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Kungfu Master PVE-1v1 Guide

Kungfu Master is one of the harder if not the hardest class to play as in Blade and Soul. The usage of certain of their skills have activation requirements and some of these skills overlaps in the same hotkey. “Pressure point” is an example of such skill. With decent gear, Kungfu masters are also usually holding aggro of the bosses as they have stable dps and skills to stack aggro which qualify them as “tanks”. Kungfu Masters also have a variety of play styles and combos in which is affected by the skills you decide to spend points in. It is a difficult class to master or to even play casually. Time, patience and practice is needed to really utilize this class even if it is

just to play casually. Also a decent ping.

As mentioned earlier on the variety of play-styles and combo, I have identified a few. Two of which is the solo and party play-styles. There could be other variety but in this guide, I will be focusing on solo 1v1 pve build. This skill build is leaned towards party play consisting of more disabling “CC” skills as opposed to a solo build that consist of more resist(i-frame) skills.

In this guide, I will be including my older build as well as the current one I am using. This is due to the recent patch that increases skill points per hongmen level and also the fact that i have unlocked some level 5 hongmen skills. Below is the skill build I am currently using. 51 sp at level50 hongmen level8.

Note: I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screenshot above V and Z.

Counter Level5 Branch4

This is one of the level 5 hongmen skill I have unlocked and is an important skill to have to ensure survivability as well as assuming the role of a tank. It gives Kungfu masters the role of a tank by increasing or stacking up threat/aggro and ensures survivability by resisting(i-frame) any incoming attacks for 1sec after a successful counter. It is advisable to time your counters as it only has a counter duration of 1sec and you may get hit after the 1sec counter duration is up as some bosses’ skills have slow casting time. This is also due to counter having the cooldown of 1.3s which leaves u vulnerable to attacks for that 0.3seconds. 0.3seconds doesn’t seem much but trust me you’ll get hit more often if u don’t time your counters and instead just spamming it. Counter also serves as an activation skill for other skills like advancing fist(RB) and iron mountain(F).

Different ways of DPS-ing:Main dps skill combo are explosive fist(2) justice fist(LB) and occasionally kaiten kick(F) if either (LB) or (2) gets a critical hit. This combo can further be improved by adding shoryuken(F) that will be available on hit with kaiten kick(F).

Page 2: Kungfu Master PVE

Justice Fist(LB) Level5 Branch1

Applies 1 bleed stack per hit and recover additional 1 chi per critical hit which totals up to 2chi recover on critical hit and a 1chi recover on normal hit. Kaiten Kick(F) becomes available on critical hit.

Explosive Fist(2) Level4 Branch2


Refunds 2 chi on critical hit and recovers 1% of your total health points. Increases aggro per hit on you which is fine as Kungfu Masters are tanks. Kaiten kick(F) becomes available on critical hit.

Kaiten Kick(F) Level3 Branch2

Deals about 2 times more damage on critical hit as compared to explosive fist(2). An essential skill to maintain dps and aggro. Cost 2 chi to cast. Shoryuken(F) available on hit.

An alternate dps skill combo for stunned, weakened, choked or force gripped targets the repeating combo of ankle blow(3), kaiten kick and shoryuken(F) when it is not on cooldown.

and for players who don’t have ping issues or have really stable ping and no lag spikes could try to incorporate justice fist(LB) into the above combo.

Shoryuken(F) Level2 Branch3

Shoryuken works well with the various dps combos mentioned above especially against bosses that are immune knock-up as there will be a damage bonus against such bosses. Not recommended to use this against bosses that can be knock up like mushin etc as knocking them up will mean that u lose valuable time to dish out more damage. Re-spec the 2 sp here to iron mountain(F) when facing such bosses. Cost 2 chi to cast.

Page 3: Kungfu Master PVE

Ankle blow(3) Level4 Branch2

Ankle blow is an overlapping skill that shares the same hotkey as low sweep(3). It becomes available on stunned, weakened, gripped or force choked target and is also most commonly used to stack pressure point(X). Kaiten kick(F) also becomes available on hit making is place in the alternate dps combo mentioned above.

Iron Mountain(F) Level3 Branch2 – re-spec with shoryken(F)

Does not put target into weakened state and spin kick available on critical hit. The reason why 2 sp is re-spec here. When fighting foes like mushin, you can’t afford the knock-up effect of shoryuken nor the knockback effect of iron mountain. With 2 sp spent here iron mountain loses both its knockback and weakened effect but now deals damage comparable to shoryuken. A good trade-off I would say. Spin kick available on hit.

Spin kick(4)

A high damage skill which helps to improve overall dps. Hits harder than both shoryuken(F) or iron mountain(F), have an aoe of 2×4 range but have a long cool-down of 24sec as well as activation requirement. Most commonly used after a critical hit with palm strike(X). No sp needed here.

Crushing Fist(4) Level4 Branch4

I included this in my build as there are enough sp to spend here. Basically this is also a high damage skill and have certain activation requirement to meet. Crushing fist will be further explained on my “pve aoe section” section due to this part of the guide already being lengthy.

Disabling “CC” skills

Knockdown skills

Low sweep(3) Level4 Branch2

Page 4: Kungfu Master PVE

Knockdowns targets for 3sec and have an improved radius from 3 to 5 meters. 4 points is spent here as it is a overlapping skill as 2 of its sp are needed to unlock ankle blow.

Flame kick(LB)

Knockdown target for 2s and is a single target skill. Can only be used after casting backdash(SS) and need to have a minimum range of 6 meters from the target or flame kick will not be available.

Stun skills

Roundhouse kick(V) Level4 Branch2

Page 5: Kungfu Master PVE

Stuns enemies for 2sec. Removes bleed effect if present on user, heals 10% of total health and 10% of damage dealt. Commonly used to stun target for stacking pressure point or in a double stun combo.Landslide(Z) Level1 Branch1

1sp is spent here for an extended stun duration from 2 to 3sec. The increase duration allows user to stack at least 2 pressure points, 3 if u are a player living in china with a ping close to 0. Also used double stun combos.

Triple Kick(RB) Level1 Branch1

Page 6: Kungfu Master PVE

Stuns target for 2sec and generate 6 chi over 6sec. Can be used after successfully resisting damage(i-frame) with sidestep(Q), penetrate(E) and if target is using counter ability such as the blade master “block” and the Kungfu Master “counter”. Triple kick is useful when going up against mushin tower floor 8 clone 2,3 and now yuckson of floor 15 as they have counter ability. It break their defense and leave them stunned for 2sec.

Weakened skills

Martial dance(C) Level4 Branch3

Martial dance weakens target for 2sec and is a multi-hit skill of up to 4 hits. It is independent of other weaken skills as it could perform double weaken combo by itself. However it has 2 weakness one of which being a “charging” skill, it cannot be cast if user is de-buffed with slow

Page 7: Kungfu Master PVE

or frozen status and the other weakness is it bounces of targets. It is not advisable to use martial dance to disable a boss if there are 3 more targets around.

Iron Mountain(F)

As a default setting for this build, no sp is needed here. Iron mountain is also not really used for double combos as the condition of only being available after counter(1) makes it less a viable option to perform a double weaken combo. It does have other uses as mentioned above. Nevertheless it will still be included in this list of weaken skills.

  Escape(TAB) Level4 Branch3

This skills function more towards being a utility skill as the condition for activating this skill is that you need to be in a knockdown, stunned, weakened or in an unconscious state. Usually combo-ed off with another party-mate using similar skill on same conditions. It is also very useful in mushin tower, when going up against mushin himself as he could stun you and u will need to use escape which also puts him in a weakened state and you can continue with your combos. Escape recovers 5 chi on use and gives invulnerability of 0.5sec after use which could also shorten should u use any skills before the i-frame duration is over.

I also re-spec one sp from escape to ice tiger(TAB).

Other Essential & Optional Skills

Page 8: Kungfu Master PVE

Grapple(TAB) Level1 Branch1/Ice tiger Level3 Branch3

This is mostly for party play purpose as you may be in a party that don’t consist of Destroyer or Lyn Sword Master who could choke or grip bosses. Some bosses have block/counter ability in which the Kungfu Master can use grapple to supress the boss in the absence of these 2 classes. 1 skill point is spent here to reduce cool-down from 24 to 18sec.

Page 9: Kungfu Master PVE

1 sp is re-spec from escape(TAB) to be spent here depending on the situation. This skill is most useful in yeti cave, nightmare of ghost city as well as mushin tower floor 8. It protects user and any party member within 16 meters range from damage for 3sec upon receiving an attack.

Leaping strike(TAB) Level1 Branch1 – optional

If you are opposed to having the 1 sp spent on grapple as you are not always fighting bosses, you may want to consider leaping strike, a dash/charging skill that recovers 1 chi and increases movement speed by 35% for 6 seconds and also 6 seconds cooldown time. Not a bad trade-off.-or-

Backdash(SS) Level1 Branch1 – optional

You can re-spec 1 sp from grapple here if u are in a dungeon like yeti cave in which you need to run a distance before reaching boss. At Level1 Branch1 it gives you 12s of 50% increased movement speed but also increases the cooldown time from 8s to 12s. Not advisable to have spend points here especially when you are fighthing boss and will need backdash with faster cooldown to resist some attacks in time.

*My personal take on these skills is that i usually just leave 3 sp at escape and 1 sp to grapple and only re-spec 1sp from escape to ice tiger when needed. I am merely just listing out other options for using up sp. All the 3 skills above (except backdash) are also overlapping skills. Please do take care when u have ice tiger as u may accidentally cast leaping strike instead vice-versa and in some scenario, getting yourself killed by boss or mobs and becoming the joke of the week among your peers (lol).

Tiger strike Level3 Branch2

Page 10: Kungfu Master PVE

This is a utility skill. As Kungfu Masters are always spamming F to cast various skills such as kaiten kick(F) and shoryuken(F), tiger strike may also be casted by accident especially on downed, weakened or supressed/grappled target as they are all overlapping skill on the same hot key which is very annoying. The purpose of spending 2 sp here is to prevent the casting of this skill(serious!) as Level3 Branch2 only allows tiger strike to be used on unconscious/sleeping targets. This is the only reason why I spent 2 sp here.

Aerial Grapple(TAB)

Grabs airborne target and slams to ground and assumes suppressing position. Doesn’t share cooldown with grapple. Useful for party-play if a destroyer or some other party member launchs the target into the air and KFM could “catch” it and resume suppressing the target for other party

Page 11: Kungfu Master PVE

members to dish out more damage. Use it carefully when u have Ice Tiger(TAB) spec-ed as u might accidentally cast it instead of aerial grappling the target.

Sidestep(Q), Penetrate(E) Level3 Branch1

One of the KFM more “op” skills are the evade skill Q an E. Below are the skill description.

User is invulnerable during useUser is invulnerable for 1 sec after useGenerates 5 chi on resistHeals the user 2% of their maximum health over 2 sec on resistIncreases the movement speed of the user by 35% for 5 secGives the user Agility that lasts for 24 sec on resistAgility increases the movement speed, evade of the user by 5%User is Awakened at 3 Agility stacksAwakened increases the evade chance of the user by 100%Awakened increases the movement speed of the user by 50%

QE gives use invulnerability during use and 1 second after and heals 2% hp. Pretty “op” if u ask me especially in pvp. Also has “awakened” ability which activate when 3 attacks are resisted. You will find yourself running faster and evading more attacks.

QE also serves as an activation for some skills, such as the Level4 Branch4 crushing fist(4), triple kick(RB) and most importantly the pressure point(X).

*Share sp. Just 3 sp are neePressure Point

That’s all for essential and optional skills. Next up, we have the Pressure point.

Pressure Point(X) Level3 Branch1

Page 12: Kungfu Master PVE

Applies Pressure Point that lasts for 10 secIgnores defensePressure Point can be stacked up to stage 4Damage is multiplied by 2/3/4 per Pressure Point stack on the targetPressure Point decreases the movement speed of the foe by 10%Whoever attacks the enemy with Pressure Point gains Vigor for 3 secVigor increases the critical hit damage of the holder by 1%. Stacks up to 10 timesGives the user Unleashed Flow that lasts for 10 secUnleashed Flow increases the critical of the user by 10/20/30/50% per stageUnleashed Flow increases the critical hit chance of the user by 100% at stage 4Unleashed Flow generates 10 chi

The KFM’s most infamous and complicated skill. There are 4 stages. Unlike the destroyer’s Fury buff, pressure point has to be stacked in succession. From one stage to another, the KFM will have a window of 10s to successfully stack another stage of pressure point. If the KFM fail to do so within this window period, the pressure point will disappear and will have to wait 1 minute cooldown before executing it again.

* Damage multiplied only affects pressure point stages. All other skill damage remain the same but gets bonus critical rate and damage from pressure point stages.There are numerous ways to activate and use the pressure point. Here are some examples:

Page 13: Kungfu Master PVE

Successfully resisting damage with Sidestep(Q)

Successfully resisting damage with Penetrate(E)

Successfully resisting damage with Backdash(SS)

To use backdash(SS) to stack pressure point is a little tricky as you may have to turn away from boss and then backdash(SS) or walk forward to the back of the boss and then backdash(SS). If you just SS right infront of the boss, you will be too far to stack a pressure point.

Resisting with Martial Dance(C) however for this build martial dance is spec-ed not to resist but to weakened a target. Therefore it is not included in this part of the guide.

After using ankle blow on Stunned Target

A common way of stacking pressure point is stunning the enemy. However, bosses in heroic dungeon need to be double stun before enabling you to use ankle blow(3). It is advisable that roundhouse kick(V) or triple kick(RB) be the first skill to use in the stun combo and then landslide(Z). Reason is that even though roundhouse kick(V) and triple kick have 2s of stun, due to stunning the enemy on its first hit and then continuing its casting animation leaves you with 1s to stack just 1 pressure point. You also have to use Q or E to resist and attack before casting triple kick(RB). Landslide(Z) have a very generous 3s stun duration allowing you to stack 2 points easily.

During party play if your party have either a destroyer or lyn sword master who disables and grabs the boss a lot, you may not even worry of needing to do these stun combos. May be just give a few CC skills whenever you feel that their skills are in cd and needing another party mate’s stun skill.

Page 14: Kungfu Master PVE

After using ankle blow on weakened target

This is the second most simplest and a very way to stack a pressure point as martial dance(C) has 4hits and bosses in heroic dungeons only need to be hit 2 times by martial dance(C).

This method is not preferred as a successfully counter is needed. Really difficult to combo it with martial dance(C) or escape(Tab). It is however doable in Mushin Tower Floor 1, 3 and 7 but you will need to move forward to the enemy as iron mountain(F) pushes back targets.

After critical hit on advancing fist

This method is rather simple. Counter-attack, hit target with advancing fist and stack a pressure point. However, advancing fist needs to land a critical hit for pressure point to be available. It is not a preferred method especially if you have low critical rate.

After using Palm Strike(X)

This is the simplest method of stacking pressure point. However it is not recommended. Explained at a later section on Palm Strike(X).

& of course a really nice and simple way of stacking pressure point is on grabbed or force choked target by the generosity of Destroyers and Lyn Sword Masters. The choke or force grip has a duration of 6 seconds which is more than enough to stack up till lvl4 pressure point by simply using ankle blow(3) and pressure point(X).

Pressure point total duration can also be maximized by “dragging” each point only stacking up the stages when the point duration is about to end, inflicting more damage during this duration as it increases critical rate per point. Recommended for advanced KFM players and/or if u are not lagging(connection/graphical lags) as some harder bosses e.g. Mushin’s Darkness(clone 3),

Page 15: Kungfu Master PVE

chances are lower on getting a dragged on x4 point as Mushin may just remove the pressure point de-buff while casting certain skills.

Another thing to note is when in party which has destroyer or lyn sword master to grab, you may just want to x4 point straight off as party mates might do some annoying things like launching the boss airborne or grappling the boss taking the chances away from you to get a dragged on x4 point.

Also, your pressure point will not stack with another KFM’s pressure point. So if there is another KFM in the party and both of you are stacking up pressure point, if the other KFM stacks up a point faster than you, u will be unable to continue your pressure point and will have to wait for your pressure point to cooldown. It means that you have to keep an eye out when partying another KFM so that u won’t end up snatching each other’s pressure point.

Palm Strike(X)

Pressure Point is available on hitDamage is multiplied by 1/2/3/4 per Pressure Point stage on the targetGenerates 2/3/4/6 additional chi per Pressure Point stage on the targetDeals 50% chi damage to frozen targets. Breaks them out of freezeCooldown of Palm Strike is decreased by 50% on use after evadeInstantly used while Unleashed FlowInstantly used on evade

Now, this is why it is not advisable to use palm strike to stack pressure point. The thing with palm strike is that the damage varies when hit on a target that is inflicted with pressure point.The higher the stage of pressure point present on the target means palm strike will inflict more damage. It’s better to use palm strike at pressure point level 4 as it is a sure critical hit and deals significantly high damage. Upon landing a critical hit with palm strike(X), spin kick(4) will be available, another skill that deals high damage.

Page 16: Kungfu Master PVE

As u can tell by look at the screenshots above, palm strike on a level 4 pressure point inflicted target deals a massive 24k critical damage(note: 11k damage was from level4 pressure point) followed by spin kick(4) with 12k damage which is a sure critical hit at level 4 pressure point.

And then we have palm strike on a level 2 pressure point inflicted target with just a 5.6k non-critical damage. You can get lucky and score a critical hit and get to use spin kick but might not get a critical on spin kick(4) hence reducing overall dps.

You can however start stacking pressure point with palm strike as by the time you successfully finish stacking till level 4, palm strike will already be ready to use. Only use palm strike when there are no other options available to continue stacking pressure point.

Awakened Pressure Point(X)

Page 17: Kungfu Master PVE

Awakened pressure point is a special skill that is only available for use when under the influence of Spiritualize aka “Wing” buff from the Warlock class. Being named awakened, it is way stronger than the normal pressure point by at least 2 times. In addition to all of the previously mentioned activation conditions of the normal pressure point, there is 1 more way of activating awakened pressure point which in my opinion is a lot easier than doing it the normal way.

On hit with Kaiten Kick(F)

It may sound pretty straight forward but in order to use kaiten kick(F) you first have to make kaiten kick(F) available by using skills either justice fist(LB) or explosive first(2) and both of these skills needs a critical hit for kaiten kick(F) to be available.

In order not to waste too much time trying to get a critical hit from LB or 2 whenever under influence of “Wing” buff, just immediately start off with palm strike(X) followed by awakened pressure point then resume the combo above. This is also due to the fact that destroyers and lyn sword masters will also be spamming theirs and won’t be grab or force choke

Kungfu Master PVE Build – Older Skill Build

Page 18: Kungfu Master PVE

This part of the guide will showcase my older skill build. The reason for including is because my older build has lesser points than that of the current one due to the recent patch. This build does not have hongmen skills too. So it’s also serves as a guide for those players that don’t have their hongmen skills unlocked or lesser sp.

Skills that are not mentioned here have no changes in either current or old build. Below is my build at level 50 hongmen level7. 43 sp in total.

Note: I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screenshot above V and Z.

Below are the skills affected by this update.

Counter(1) Level4 Branch4

Even if you have not unlock hongmen level5 for counter, it is still recommended to go for the

Page 19: Kungfu Master PVE

fourth branch as it resist(i-frame) the next incoming attack in 1sec after a successful counter. Take note it only resist just 1 attack in 1sec unlike at level5 so be sure to use other resist skills if bosses are using a multi hit skill. Remember to time ur counters too.

Justice Fist(LB) Level3 Branch1

You lose the ability to cast kaiten kick(F) when this skill gets a critical hit. It shouldn’t be much if you have a decent critical rate as you could still cast kaiten kick(F) when explosive first(2) gets a critical hit. Due to lack of sp or hongmen skill still locked, you could only get it to level3. In my opinion is sufficient enough but you still have to improve your critical rate.

Crushing first    is not present here due to lack of sp.

Other essential skills:As you can see in the skill build above, 1sp is in reserve. I usually just keep it and only use it to spec into Ice Tiger Level3 Branch3 as I keep 1 point to grapple for party-play purposes as explained earlier.

However, you can spec this 1 remaining sp to either leaping strike  or backdash  .

Another option is removing any sp from grapple  and put 2 sp to iron mountain  level3 branch2.

Page 20: Kungfu Master PVE

Kungfu Master PVE-AOE Build

This part of the guide will be on pve: aoe build which focus on the Kungfu Master taking on group of mobs. There are places or dungeons in blade and soul that you will definitely need to re-spec your skill points from solo to aoe. These places include Nightmare at Ghost Gate and certain sections in Snowjade Palace.

There are numerous changes to the skills here which makes it completely different from 1v1 build such as the lack of disabling “CC” skills and pressure point being excluded entirely. This is because this build is not for bosses and one does not simply use pressure point to kill a common mob.

In this section, I will also be including my older build as well as the current one I am using due to increase of sp as I have added, changed or unlocked some hongmen skills that may not be present in the older build. Below is the current skill build I am using. 51 sp in total at level50 hongmen level8.

Note: I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screenshot above V and Z.

I also have 3 sp not used as these sp is actually for a level5 hongmen skill that I have yet to unlock and I don’t have other skills that I need for this build as all of the above I have is sufficient to meet my needs when encountering group of enemies.

Counter(1) Level5 Branch1

Page 21: Kungfu Master PVE

This branch of counter have healing properties unlike branch4 counter. It heals 50% of damage dealt and 2% of user maximum hp over 5sec and at level5 it can resist(i-frame) any incoming attacks for 1sec upon successful counter. Basically, the difference between these 2 branches of counter is one helps recover health while the other increase aggro to keep boss off other team-mates.

There is only one way to dps in this aoe build.Main dps skills are Explosive Fist(2), Justice Fist(LB) and occasionally Kaiten Kick(F).

Shoryuken(F)  is removed from this build dps combo as you really don’t want to be doing the knock-up animation while surrounded by mobs as u will definitely take alot of hits and may also die.

Justice Fist(LB) Level3 Branch1

Justice fist remains the same as it is from the older 1v1 pve build. Level5 isn’t needed as kaiten kick(F) in this build have been spec-ed differently. See below.

Explosive Fist(2) Level3 Branch4

Page 22: Kungfu Master PVE

Changes is made to this skill to be able to deal damage to multiple targets at it now have the aoe of 2×3 meters. It also heals 5% of the damage dealt by this skill which would mean that you heal a considerable amount of health while hitting a group of mobs which keeps u from dying. Unlike explosive fist in 1v1 pve build, this one have slightly lower damage and does not regen or refund chi. Cost 2 chi to cast.

Kaiten Kick(F) Level3 Branch1

Due to explosive fist(2) not being able to help regenerate chi, kaiten kick is spec-ed to its first branch to compensate in chi recovery for this aoe dps combo. It hits any mobs in a 5 meter radius and recovers 1 chi per hit. More chi recovered if it hits multiple targets. Also recovers 9 chi in 3 seconds on critical. Heals 20% of the damage dealt similar to explosive fist above. However

Page 23: Kungfu Master PVE

kaiten kick now have a 6sec cooldown which prevents it from being a spammable skill which is also the reason why justice fist(LB) is just spec-ed to level3.

Crushing Fist(4) Level5 Branch4

Crushing Fist is good for clearing group of mobs and it have high damage and AoE of 2 meters width and 8 meters range. High damage as in 17 – 20k kind of high damage on critical hit and 8k non-critical damage. It does however it cost 3 chi and have a condition to cast. Skill description listed below:

Skill speed accelerates on recast (level5)Generates 1 chi on critical hit (level5)Crushing Fist can be instantly cast 1 time on evadeCrushing Fist can be instantly cast 1 time on resist with Penetrate, SidestepCrushing Fist can be instantly cast 1 time on resist with Martial Dance, Backtrack

Page 24: Kungfu Master PVE

Seems easy to use but not quite. You have to successfully resist an attack in order to get the instant casting version of crushing fist or you’ll have to do the 2sec long casting version which is really not advisable as you would be dead before u even throw that punch.

As sidestep(Q) and penetrate(E) have the “awakened” ability(explain in 1v1 pve build) in which increases the your evasion rate by 100%, it works really well in conjunction with crushing fist as evading an attack also activates the instant casting version. Works like a charm in blue dungeons of silverfrost map. Works quite alright in heroic 4/6 man dungeons too.

Crushing fist could have just been spec-ed at level4 branch4 for the effect mentioned above, but i decided to get the hongmen level 5 crushing fist so as it could help in chi recovery as i have run out of chi before when my weapon decides to be a troll and not help me recover chi.

So yeah level5 crushing fist definitely a thumbs up in terms of damage and aoe :D.

Level5 Branch1 crushing fist is not so bad but it has a cooldown of 36s. It is good in mushin tower floor 3 but in level50 heroic dungeons, its performance is mediocre due to its cooldown as there are waves and waves of mobs to defeat especially in Nightmare of Ghost gate heroic dungeon. Therefore I recommend this instant cast version.

This are videos showcasing level5 branch1 and branch4 crushing first at Mushin Tower Floor 3http://youtu.be/ahDbMZ-i63whttp://youtu.be/Q2uIskoZcQs

Iron Mountain Level3 Branch2

This skill have been explain earlier but was on a “re-spec only” skill depending on the situation or boss opponent. However it is here to stay in this aoe build. Due to aoe build having lesser dps and damaging skills, it is imperative to include any other options to help in damage output so as you can clear group of mobs faster.

Page 25: Kungfu Master PVE

Spin kick(4) is available on hit with iron mountain. Both skills can damage group of mobs as they have 2×3 and 2×4 aoe range. Asides from the main dps combo and crushing fist, this combo also serves as an alternate dps option.

Disabling “CC” skills

Knockdown skills

Low sweep(3) Level2 Branch1

Same as the 1v1 pve build there is still 2 knockdown skills. However as ankle blow(4) is not necessary in this aoe build, only 2 points is spent in low sweep.

And as mentioned in 1v1 pve build, flamekick  another knockdown skill available. Can be use to close distance too.

Weakened skills

Escape(TAB) Level3 Branch3

Most of the time you don’t really need to use escape but there are certain mobs that are able to knock you down like the ones found in Snow Jade Palace. Just to play safe, spend 2sp here for the escape and more importantly the disable effect to prevent mobs from attacking you after you used escape.

Stun skills

Triple kick(RB) Level3 Branch3

Page 26: Kungfu Master PVE

Stuns enemy for 2 seconds and generate 6chi over 6 seconds. Now not only available after resisting with sidestep(Q) and penetrate(E), but also on resist with backdash(SS) and martial dance(C) as well as a wider aoe of 2 meters in width and 8meters in range.

Roundhouse kick(V) Level5 Branch2

The 3 reserved sp are actually for the hongmen version for this skill which I am working on to get it unlocked. At level5 it pulls enemies towards caster and stuns them for 2sec as well. One of the 2 skills for clustering group of enemies.

Other essential skills

Page 27: Kungfu Master PVE

Landslide(Z) Level4 Branch2

The function of landslide is to pull mobs to caster. Unlike roundhouse kick this skill has no disabling effect so be sure to ready to use resist skills once u have clustered mobs together.

Martial Dance(C) Level4 Branch2

Martial dance is spec-ed to resist attacks and also to serve as an activation skill for crushing fist(4) and triple kick(RB). User is invulnerable during the use of this skill. Hits 4 times and heals 25% of damage dealt to target. I usually use this when other resist skills are on cooldown.

Page 28: Kungfu Master PVE

Backdash(SS) Level1 Branch1

Not a “re-spec only” skill anymore. Recommended to add 1 sp here so that u have faster movement speed to get from one place another e.g. at nightmare at ghost city you need to defend 3 points against 6 waves of enemies.

No changes to both sidestep  and penetrate  , both are to be at level3 branch1.

Ice Tiger(Tab) Level3 Branch3

Page 29: Kungfu Master PVE

From a “re-spec only” a definitely must have skill. You never know when u will be surrounded by mobs and have no more resist or disable skills to get you out of that tight spot. Just simply cast this and you will be protected for 3sec upon receiving and attack giving you some room to breathe while planning your next move or wait for your skills to finish cooldown. You could also cast this to freeze and stop mobs from moving within 5meters range.

Kungfu Master PvE-AoE Guide - Older Skill Build

Similar to my pve 1v1 solo guide, this build has less hongmen skills and lesser sp. It is serving as a guide for players with lesser sp or does not have certain hongmen skills unlocked.

Skills that are not mentioned here have no changes in either current or old build. Below is my build at level50 hongmen level7. 43 sp in total.

Page 30: Kungfu Master PVE

Note: I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screenshot above V and Z.

Counter(1) Leve4 Branch1

Similar as counter in pve 1v1 solo build. Counter-attack 1 enemy attack and resisting another is good when surrounded by mobs. By resisting 1 attack, it makes time for casting next skill like Q or E or getting to a safer distance to plan your next move. However, some may argue that Level4 Branch1 counter is better in these situations as it heals and gives defense on counter. I have used both and counter Level4 Branch1 seems to ensure my survivability more.

Level3 branch1 iron mountain  and spin kick  combo is not present here due to lack of sp.

Roundhouse kick  also spec-ed at level4 branch2 due to hongmen level not unlocked and lack of sp.

Kungfu Master World Boss Guide

This will just be a brief guide on fighting world bosses most commonly the “yeti” at wind plains faction area. Before engaging the bosses, always check your own ping and also the number of players present. For kungfu masters, you need a good and stable ping to get the loots. The number of players present also affect your chances in getting loots. Usually if there are more

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than 20 players it is recommended to change the channel as it will get really laggy and chances of getting any form of loot will be little to none.

Your gear and skill build is also a factor. If you don’t have a decent amount of attack, critical rate and hp, I suggest that you keep working on your gears before attempting the world boss. The reason is that, melee classes have more disadvantages as they have to tank most of the bosses’ attacks. You need a decent amount of hp to stay alive should your ping decides to troll you. As for attack and critical rate, you will be completing with ranged classes who in my opinion have it easier than melee classes and also other players who are well geared.

As for skill build, personally I haven’t tried doing faction quest before I unlocked my hongmen skills. So for this guide, it will just be based on my experience and current skill build.

This build consist more of resist/i-frame skills than disable skills. As a kungfu master, I usually just focus on dps and use resist skills to avoid damage. I will just give a brief explanation of my skill build as most of my skills here have been mention in the other 2 guides.

Counter Level5 Branch1As said earlier, I have not attempted world boss until I have unlock a hongmen skill. This is the one I was talking about. It heals you and gives 1sec i-frame on successful counter . A really good skill to ensure survivability. For those who don’t have level5 unlocked could try go with counter level4 branch4.

Sidestep(Q) and Penetrate(E) as per normal at level3 as it helps keep you alive. No points spent in backdash(SS) as you need it to have faster cooldown time.

Martial dance(C) and roundhouse kick(V) have also been spec-ed to resist damage. Level4 branch2 and level4 branch1 respectively. I don’t usually use roundhouse kick(V) as resist skill but is always good to have a backup.

Ice tiger(TAB) can also be used as a form of protection.

Page 32: Kungfu Master PVE

Landslide Level4 Branch4

Creates a healing area of 3meters that last 10sec. Very helpful in staying alive. The cooldown though is kind of long but we’ll take whatever survivability options available.

As for dps skills, the only change is having ankle blow removed as you almost have no chance to use it as other players normally wont “CC” or grab/force choke the bosses. Pressure point is also in this build as you should always try to use it to increase your damage output.

Tiger strike(F) is also removed as there is little chance to cast it as most players are not going to disable the bosses.

Explosive fist(2) should be re-spec at level3 branch1 if you don’t want to aggro the boss or just leave it at level4 branch2 if u want the hp leech effect.

And last but not least is your own experience. Having the perfect gear or skill build isn’t everything. You also need to have some practice against these bosses to learn their attack patterns so that you can act accordingly. This will be the end of the guide. I hope that this guide have helped you in understanding the Kungfu Master class a little better. Cheers!