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Quick Guide for 4MAN Non Vip for Kungfu House ( Updated to 20th Feb 2014 )TODO( Time Unknown)- Update the logic of the Script to improve robustness and speed

Changelog:20th Feb-Updated Guide on automation for - Include sample script for automatic doing EVIL HQ ( Will update the logic of this script for vip 6 and below in the future) - Include sample script for automatically kill LAOLAO ( WIll update the logic of this script to be more robust in the future)3rd Feb- Updated openings and conclusions- Updated conclusion for So for non vip how to play- Updated Misc- Added how to fight evil HQ1st Feb - Updated more openings- Updated ways to get your opening- Updated more in depth on how to get 4th purple as your opening without spending anything- Added content page31st Jan:- Initial Draft

Content Page ( You can search according to this):- Starting the game- Opening : I call it the -How to get 4 purple- Ways to get your Opening- So for non vip how to play- How to fight Evil HQ- MISC( Question and Answer )- Formation- Automation

Starting the game:You can choose three character:1. White Hair - Dont bother2. Wei Xiao Bao Dont bother3. Yihua Prince Only choose this and nothing else. Reason because the other 2 sux. Lol

Next you get to have a purple character:1. JiuMoZi aka the bald monk2. Kuai Huo ( I am not sure what they call in Kungfu House ) Edit : chai yaguang3. RenWoXing

If you get Kuai Huo -> Reroll dont botherThe only choice is RWX or jiumozi. I will explain the differences.

For RenWoXing, good inner strength alot of vip/nonvip players in china is using. Late game is good. As the game passes, inner strength is more important than defence but for non vip we basically dont care since we are playing this mainly. Early game RenWoXing is lousy.

For JiuMoZi, good inner strength too but thats it. No vip/nonvip is using. He is good for that skill.. This skill quite ok because it is purely inner strength.

Conclusion:Opening get YiHua Prince and Purple character is either RWX(preferred) or JMZ. But ultimately for non vip, it does not matter. The most important opening are not the above. Please see below for good opening for non vip.

Opening : I call it the

There is various kind of opening. Most of the good opening involve the following:1. Good Tank2. DPS(attack)/Mage(inner)

The easiest to get opening is 4 purple. I call it china is call that. But you guys call it A rank right? But anyway we just identify by colour ba.

How to get 4 purple:1. Create alot of accountsAt the start of the game you get 1 purple which is out of those 3. And you start at vip 0. Now level up to 10 to activate this :

Day 0: You are now VIP2 with 1 purple.From now on, everyday you are going to use the free recuritment, Day X, you comfirm will get 2 purple based on the rule that VIP Y + 1 = total number of purple you have. For our case Y = 2 so means you can have up to 3 purple. But highly impossible you will get that +1 purple.Everyday you going to do this for about 10+ days :

Day 10+: You will be VIP 3, now do the same recruitment using the free ones. Now you will have 3 purple. Lastly you remember you still have the free 300g to get that COMFIRM + CHOP purple. You now have 4 purple. BEFORE VIP3 YOU DONT SPEND GOLD TO ROLL!!!

UPDATE* If you dont understand aboveStarting you get your default purple. The 1 out of 3 choices(JMZ,RWX,Chaiyuguan)Lvl up to 10 open your VIP2. At this point you only have 1 purple because you MUST NOT spend that 300g to get that comfirm+chop purple.Everyday sign in til you become VIP3. In between vip2 and vip3 use your free recuriment to get your 2nd purple.Then during VIP3 use your free recuritment to get your 3rd purple.Then finally when you finish your base purple use that 300g to get your 4th purple.

There is a hidden rate that is very much proven in china server call (you guys can google search this term) . meaning the number of purple you comfirm + chop get is = the value of your VIP.

You eat purple hero not counted. They very smart.

ConclusionDont bother LOL! You will know why later. The reason why i say dont bother is because in the long run it will still be the same. Example, i everyday sign in i will become VIP4. Now that i have 4 purple, i wont get the 5th also. So moral of the story, the 4 purple opening is rubbish and time wasting. This is a casual game.

MOST IMPORTANT TO A NON VIP: The above all are rubbish seriously. But good to know. Please read below onwards:

This Opening is very important basically it means getting the correct disciple. In china, alot of people are playing the followings:

1. ShaGuan + Wu Min + Ah Fei + one DPS/Mage character for my case is YaoyueThe reason why it is good for non vip is because shagong is a good tanker because it is both good in neigong and defence and karma easy to open. You can see this on the character description:

2. The second good opening is the 4 protector:Basically this opening is good because the relationship is easy to open. Only lionking is purple the rest are blue. And they give good damage similar no.1 opening. This is not as good as opening 1 is because there is one blue over here that give crap damage cannot remember which one.

3. YaoYue Family: This opening is the easiest, easy to get and quite strong for story and . Only thing is you need a good dps, xiao yu er can tank.

4. RenWoXing Family. This opening is even easier. You only need to make sure you roll linghuchong thats it. . RenYinYin is very easy to get. But the problem with this opening is that very low proc rate as compared to opening 1-3. Either RWX+DFBB or RWX +LHC can start. Personally prefer DFBB because LHC is easy to get later. I never seen DFBB soul event before. LHC 's relationship quite easy to get. The reason why alot of people is using DFBB is because she have very high agility. Starting can 1 hit KO everyone. But non-vip not much use because you wont pump in alot of money to make her imba. this guy is very complicated, he is lousy early game but good late game. Non-vip/Small vip usually have not much use for him because you wont want to go level up to 7man formation because your purple fragment high chance get stolen.

5. New trend now in china, there is a special type of opening with very high agility but their def sux. Because tanker can retaliate, so with high agility they can retaliate more killing your opponent fast. A good example is . 6. Any good tanker(WYZ preferred) plus xiao li. I playing four man formation now. Alot of people using xiaoli stronger than my 1st opening.

7. Murong family ( You only need to make sure you get JMZ + Murong bo , murong fu is easy to get). + JMZ + . This comination not so good because there is no good tank.8. RWX + Ximen ( Ximen also good high dps like XiaoLi )

Conclusion:Opening 3 is the easiest to get, Opening 1 and Opening 2 are the best for non vip. Opening 2 is easier to get than opening 1.

In terms of how hard to get no.1 being the hardest:1. ShaGuan ( ShaGuan , WuMin and Ah fei is fucking hard to get ) 2. LionKing ( Lion king is hard to get but the blues are easy )3. YaoYue. ( Yaoyue is easy because the moment you get yaoyue the last one you need is Xiaoyuer)4. RWX Family ( Only need to make sure you get DFBB ) Good for VIP users. Not really good for non VIP7. Murong Family ( Need to get Murong bo and JMZ ) After that pray you get XYS then imba liao. The rest onwards are basically openings for VIP but also good for non vips since they have quite high DPS.

If you guys find it very time consuming to roll, then the simpler way is must sure u get a good tanker during that 1st 300g roll+ wuming and ahfei

Ways to get your Opening:1. Reroll til you are one of the above purple then you are good to go. For the blues, the fastest to get is use gold the 10gold one . But how to get GOLD??!?! Later i explain.2. The other way you get is this: . Basically everyday will have this event, this event abit complicated i need to explain abit more. So for this event how it work is like this:-You spend gold/items to get souls randomly. Purple need 30+ souls blue usually 14-18 souls. You only spend gold/items if and only if there is people you want otherwise keep your gold/items.- Everyday 12pm(Default) it will refresh(Provided you never use gold refresh) meaning 4 disciple will change with another 4 disciple.- Everyday at 12am(Always) the items will refresh. In other words you have Day 1 to see if you want them then 12pm throw your items and Day 2 12am to throw your items again because the 4 disciple will not refresh.3. There is this random event to get souls in china. Everyday you do the free recruitment there is chance to get souls. Usually 2 purple 2 blue disciple will be listed there.4. The newest way is do the daily recruitment quest. The 100 can get blue soul and the 10000 can get purple soul. Only 1 per day. Those that understand chinese please see the following screenshots to understand what i am saying:

So for non vip how to play:1. Get your opening first, as long you get one of those above purple you can continue already does not matter if you haven gotten the blues to form relationship.2. Do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Remember everyday you do this try to get within