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Have a look at this presentation, aimed at your Senior Management Team, this presentation sets out the benefits of using Go Science for your KS3 Science pupils.These fantastic resources focus on ‘How Science Works’ helping to engage pupils by applying scientific theories to their everyday lives.As you can see from the components chart, these resources also work together with Live Text – an interactive tool providing engaging activities to spark whole class discussions, in addition to covering APP (Assessing Pupils Progress) with a dedicated APP Teacher’s Pack.Bring the fun back into KS3 Science with Go Science from Heinemann. To find out more, try our APP tasks, or see sample material visit us now at http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Secondary/Science/11-14/GoScience/GoScience.aspx

Transcript of KS3 Science – Go Science from Heinemann

Welcome to the SMT presentation for Go Science!

Welcome to the SMT presentation Welcome to the SMT presentationq We understand that you may need to speak to you senior management team in order to bid for funds to purchase Go Science! and hope that this presentation will support your dialogue. q The presentation is customisable so you can tailor it to suit your requirements, either by editing the text or deleting any irrelevant slides. q Where appropriate, we have also provided you with notes to accompany the presentation in case you need further information to explain certain points. q Please note that the pricing slide at the end of this presentation will need to be filled in by you once you have received a bespoke quote from your sales consultant. Alternatively, you can simply delete this slide from your presentation if you wish. q Please contact your local sales consultant should you require any further information about Go Science! Or visit our website now at www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk where you can find out how Go Science Supports you in delivering APP (Assessing Pupils Progress).


Sciencefor Key Stage 3

A new curriculum from 2008

Key changes to Science at Key Stage 3:q A shift towards 'How Science Works'. q Developing scientific skills and personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS). q A focus on personalisation - a curriculum to enable each pupil to reach his/her potential.These changes are very exciting and are entirely different from anything offered before!

Why I would recommend Go Science!q Heinemann is the UK's largest educational publisher for primary, secondary, vocational and FE sectors q Recognised for the quality of the products it publishes, reflecting up-to-date learning techniques and embracing the latest technology. q Recently acquired by the Pearson group, the world's biggest educational publisher. q A track record of working closely with QCA and National Strategy team to ensure that schools are provided with timely materials to support curriculum change. q Undertakes an extensive trialling programme for all new products with teachers and students before full launch. This ensures that new courses such as Go Science! fully meet customer needs.

Go Science!Motivation, Progression, Success

Go Science! Will deliver the new KS3 Programme of Study with emphasis on motivation, progression and success

Go Science!Course Structure Year 7Pupil Book Teacher Planning and Resource Packwith editable CD-ROM

Online Assessment

Year 8Pupil Book Teacher Planning and Resource Packwith editable CD-ROM

Online Assessment

Assessing Pupils Progress Teacher Packwith editable CD-ROM

Year 9Pupil Book Teacher Planning and Resource Packwith editable CD-ROM

LiveText CD-ROMwith 35 Pupil LiveText CD-ROMs

Online Assessment

Video Gallery

Pupil Book

Best Science Lessons Ever' pages have been chosen by well-known scientist Jonathan Hare to really engage pupils and make science memorable.

Stimulating photos and content explain 'How Science Works' and help make Science relevant to pupils' everyday lives.

Teacher Pack - Lesson GuideLesson objectives are levelled to aid progression.

The 'How Science Works' aspects of the lesson are highlighted for quick teacher reference.

Suggested Starters, Main Activities and Plenaries suit all abilities and provide opportunities to track pupils' progress.

Teacher Pack - Practical Activity Sheet and Technician Notes

'How Science Works' skills to look out for are highlighted, so teachers can be confident they're covering them. Clear, easy-to-use activities encourage pupils to work like a real scientist and help them to develop the process skills of 'How Science Works'.

LiveText:q LiveText is an exciting new interactive tool which brings science lessons to life. Not only does it provide lots of engaging activities, it will also spark whole-class discussion and increase motivation. q A CD-ROM for teachers containing all the teacher resources, pupil book and additional activities and questions. q A CD-ROM for pupils containing the pupil book, plus additional questions and activities, which pupils can take home.

View LiveTextClick here to view a LiveText demonstration

Go Science! Online Assessment::q A unique online resource to revolutioniseteachers' and pupils' ability to track and monitor pupil progress.

q Gives levelled feedback on individual or class progress helping to provide key information for parents and senior management reports. q Provides individual feedback to pupils so they know what they need to work on in order to improve. q Helps teachers to understand and address barriers to learning. Go Science! Online Assessment gives us personalisation, progress, results and more!

Online AssessmentSummative and diagnostic testing gives you the ability to track progress against targets and diagnose barriers to learning.

Media-rich questions keep pupils engaged.

Online AssessmentGives individual feedback to pupis so they know what they need to do in order to progress.

Gives levelled feedback on individual or class progress from tests to help you with reporting.

3 good reasons why is the right choice for us:q Most imaginative and relevant materials for How Science Works q Most powerful suite of assessment for learning tools q Brings fun back to science Best science lessons ever!

3 good reasons why our pupils will enjoy usingq Everything looks great, lots of variety, fun and their own version of LiveText to explore at home! q Learning set at the right level to challenge each pupil to progress q Pupils really understand how they are progressing and what to do next

Go Science!Motivation, Progression, SuccessHow Much Will It Cost?

*PLEASE NOTE If you haven't already spoken to your local sales consultant, you may want to contact her/him for a bespoke quote alternatively visit our website at www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges. co.uk and take a look at sample material and free APP tasks. You can then modify this slide accordingly.

Year 7, 8, 9Pupil Book Teacher Planning and Resource Pack with editable CD-ROM Teacher LiveText CD-ROM plus 35 FREE pupil CDs Pupil LiveText CD-ROM Online Assessment

11.99 89.99 400.00 (+VAT) 35.00 (+VAT) 250.00

Assessing Pupils Progress 250.00 (+VAT) Teacher Pack with CD-ROM (covers Years 7-9) Video Gallery online subscription (covers Years 7-9) 150.00 (+VAT)

* Prices provisional until publication.