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This presentation aimed at your Senior Management Team aims to help you get the best resources possible for your KS3 History Pupils.History in Progress for 11 – 14 year olds (Years 7 -9) places greater emphasis on helping pupils’ to develop a chronological understanding of historical events and focuses on a balance between British, European and World History.Differentiated colour coded tasks offer well structured progression to motivate all pupils, including orange coded tasks to challenge your stronger pupils.Have a look at what these resources can offer you and your pupils, in terms of assessment and time saving – in particular the editable CD ROMS meaning you can customise your lesson plans and worksheets to better fit with your own teaching style.To order, find out more, or view sample material visit our website now at http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Secondary/History/Software/HistoryinProgress/HistoryinProgress.aspx

Transcript of KS3 History - History in Progress

Welcome to the SMT presentation for History In ProgressWelcome to the SMT presentation Welcome to the SMT presentationq We understand that you may need to speak to your senior management team in order to bid for funds to purchase History in Progress and hope that this presentation will support your dialogue. q The presentation is customisable so you can tailor it to suit your requirements, either by editing the text or deleting any irrelevant slides. q Where appropriate, we have also provided you with notes to accompany the presentation in case you need further information to explain certain points. q Please note that the pricing slide at the end of this presentation will need to be filled in by you once you have received a bespoke quote from your sales consultant. Alternatively, you can simply delete this slide from your presentation if you wish. q Please contact your local sales consultant should you require any further information about History in Progress or visit our website at www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk INTRODUCTORY SLIDE PLEASE READ THEN DELETE

Historyfor Key Stage 3A new curriculum from 2008

Key changes to History at Key Stage 3:q q q Increased flexibility: 7 key themes should be addressed, selected from the medieval, early modern, industrial and 20th-century periods. Greater emphasis on developing chronological understanding. Focus on reaching a balance between British, European and World History.

These changes are very exciting and are entirely different from anything offered before!

Why I would recommend History in Progressq q q q q Heinemann is the UK's largest educational publisher for primary, secondary, vocational and FE sectors Recognised for the quality of the products it publishes, reflecting up-to-date learning techniques and embracing the latest technology. Recently acquired by the Pearson group, the world's biggest educational publisher. A track record of working closely with QCA and National Strategy team to ensure that schools are provided with timely materials to support curriculum change. Undertakes an extensive trialling programme for all new products with teachers and students before full launch. This ensures that new courses such as History in Progress fully meet customer needs.

History in ProgressInspire every pupil to succeed in History at Key Stage 3A clearly differentiated, inspirational KS3 course, providing all the motivation pupils need to develop key historical skills.

History in ProgressCourse StructureYear 7Student Book Teacher Guide with editable CD-ROM LiveText

Year 8Student Book Teacher Guide with editable CD-ROM LiveText

Year 9Student Book Teacher Guide with editable CD-ROM LiveText

Pupil Book

The texts focus clearly on chronology and offer a greater balance of British, European and World History in line with the new Programme of Study.

Engaging material supports key themes from the new Programme of Study.

Differentiated colour-coded tasks offer well-structured progression to motivate all pupils, whilst orange tasks provide a greater challenge for stronger pupils.

Teacher Pack - Lesson GuideHistorical background puts the topic into context and provides extra support for non-specialists.

Full support is provided for the three-part lesson of Starter, Development and Plenary, the latter which includes opportunities for peerand self-assessment.

The editable CD-ROM enables teachers to customise lesson plans and worksheets in order to fit with their own teaching style.

LiveTextq LiveText is an exciting new interactive tool which brings history lessons to life. Not only does it provide lots of engaging activities, it will also spark whole-class discussion and increase motivation. Comprises a CD-ROM for the interactive whiteboard containing all the teacher resources, pupil book and additional activities and questions. Teachers can enlarge, project and zoom into every page of the Pupil Book and link through to a bank of exciting multimedia resources at pertinent points - making history real.

q q

View LiveTextClick here to view a LiveText demonstration

3 good reasons why History in Progress is the right choice for us:q Differentiated tasks maximise pupils' progression. q Closely follows the new Programme of Study, linking past to present to capture the imagination. q A Skills Bank provides targeted progression across KS3 in preparation for GCSE.

3 good reasons why our pupils will enjoy History in Progress :q Everything looks great, lots of variety, fun and interactive LiveText activities to hold their interest. q Learning set at the right level to challenge and stretch each pupil. q Pupils take ownership of their learning and understand what they need to do in order to progress.

History in ProgressInspire every pupil to succeed in History at KS3


How Much Will It Cost?Year 7Pupil Book Teacher Planning and Resource Pack with editable CD-ROM LiveText Whiteboard CD-ROM 11.99* 100.00* January 2008 January 2008

If you haven't already spoken to your local sales consultant, you may want to contact her/him for a bespoke quote alternatively visit our website at www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.u and save 15% when you order over 200 online. You can then modify this slide accordingly.

275.00* (+VAT)

April 2008

Year 8 Year 9

To follow in Spring Term 2008

To follow in Spring Term 2008

* Prices provisional until publication.