KPA AutoCon Guerilla Marketing and Competitive Conquest

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KPA AutoCon Guerilla Marketing and Competitive Conquest presentation by Ralph Paglia during KPA Webinar on 6-27-2012. The New "Best Choice" on the Fall Dealer Conference circuit is the AutoConnections Conference and Exposition (AutoCon 2012) at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from September 5th to the 8th. Learn more about this all new dynamic, innovative and exciting car dealer conference designed to equip dealers with significant competitive advantages in their local marketplace. Visit and register online today!

Transcript of KPA AutoCon Guerilla Marketing and Competitive Conquest

  • 1. Guerrilla Marketing and Competitive Advertising StrategiesRalph PagliaPresidentAutomotive Media Partners

2. ModeratorBecky RossMarketing ManagerOffice: (303) [email protected] 3. PresenterRalph PagliaPresidentAutomotive Media Partners(505) [email protected] 4. Questions If you have questionsduring the presentation,please submit them usingthe Questions feature Questions will beanswered at the end of thewebinar 5. Guerilla Marketing and Competitive Advertising StrategiesSee multiple case studies and detailed examples showcasing dealerswho use the Internet to take market share away from their competitionThe online marketing and advertising strategies that attendees will learn in this sessionare not for the timid or faint of heart. Ralph Paglia will be presenting the current andupdated version of his famous Competitive Conquest workshop that identified stealthtactics used by highly aggressive dealers to divert traffic originally intended and boundfor the competition to the aggressors web sites and landing pages. As controversial asseveral of these techniques are, many of which are banned in over a dozencountries, you will want to learn about them so you can recognize when they are usedagainst your dealership. With todays technologies and the sophisticated messagingand advertising systems available, there are more ways than ever before foraggressive dealers to take their competitions customers away from them. Attendeeswill be provided with online tools and techniques to see exactly which keywords thecompetition is bidding on in Google, how much budget they have allocated for theirweb sites advertising, how to use your dealer advertising associations own web site totake customers from other dealers and how to select the "weakest gazelle" fromamong the herd of dealers in your market to "take down". 6. Introduction and Background: Ralph PagliaPresidentAutomotive Digital Marketing Led build-out and development of Tier10s DigitalMarketing, Advertising and Social Media Strategies,Tactics and client service capabilities Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community creator and Editor-in-Chief Generated 144,000+ leads in 22 months while working for Courtesy Chevrolet Managed Courtesy Chevy Internet Sales team that sold 4,000+ Units in 2006 Worked w/Ford in 2007-2009 to develop first fully integrated Tier 3 Digital MarketingConsulting and Ford Co-Op supported Digital Advertising program for Dealers Ran 1st retail automotive Behavioral Targeting Digital Advertising program Internet Sales & Marketing Consultant to Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and 250+ dealers & groups Pioneered development of Internet Leads in 1988 using CompuServe ISP access 7. Guerilla Marketing: What is it? Competitive Differentiation Extraordinary Cost Effectiveness May Incorporate Stealth Tactics Non-Traditional Channels Unconventional Use of Media Aggressive Conquest Characteristics May cause competitors to Cry Foulwith OEMs, Dealer Associations or through legalchannels Some tactics might get you fired, while othersuse same tactics at different dealerships to get a bonus! 8. Guerilla Marketing: Resources 9. Guerilla Marketing: PREREQUISITES Google Adwords Account (w/payment setup) Microsite creation capabilities Social Media accounts/profiles URL Acquisition and Management account (NetSol) Display Ad creation capabilities Generate Tracking Phone Numbers Targeted Email campaign capabilities (bulk email) Informed GM / Plausible Denial DP Legal Counsel adept at handling Cease & Desist 10. 11. Multiple URLs pointing to the same site allowsuse of metrics to track campaignswww.ChevyReferrals.comwww.ChevyReferral.comwww.ChevyBirdDog.comwww.ChevyBirdDogs.comwww.ChevyBuyers.comwww.ChevyBuyersClub.comwww.ChevyFriends.comwww.ChevyFund.comReferring URL or Domainreport in Google Analytics orwhatever site metrics arebeing used by dealership 12. Multiple URLs for Promotional Campaign Creative 13. Microsites, Offer Sites, Landing Pages, Social MediaUse of multiple web sites, micosites and landing pages built for specific campaignsallows cost effective segment targeting When content meets specific needs ofcustomers, sites show up as search results. 14. URL Asset Library: 1 of 3 15. URL Asset Library: 2 of 3 16. URL Asset Library: 3 of 3 17. Guerilla Marketing ResultsUsing an Integrated Guerrilla Marketing Strategy, Courtesy Chevyincreased volume of leads generated and received over 150% in 19 months. Courtesy Chevrolet Lead Volume700059296000 57675267 5362522850004662 4362 417840003346 333828743000 2697 27352171 2268 2080 209718841861200010000 l l ll lal l ll l ll l l l lllltatatatata tata tatatatata tata tatata ta tTo To ToTo ToTo To To To To ToTo To To To To ToTo To 05 5 5 0506 0505060506050506 05060506 05 060000 20 20 202020 2020 2020 20 20 20 2020 20 20 20 r2 r2 rne nest ril ril hchy ryay ayryryly lybebebebeararcgu ApApJu Juuaua ar ar M MJuJuemnu nu m m oAu MMbrbrct ve ceJaJa pt OFe FeNoDe Se 18. Guerilla Marketing Sales Results 400% Increase in sales volume from Competitive Conquest, Guerrilla and Integrated Marketing Strategy that generated leads handled by a combination of dedicated Internet Sales Specialists and BDC based Customer Service Reps.Courtesy Chevrolet eBusiness Sales400350335 335 313 298 301300283 265250 Conventional Internet 224223 225Sales Strategy200150110100 90 8679 81 80 80 74 66500 l l l l l l l l l ll l l l ll llltatatatatatatatatatatatatatata tatatata To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To 5 5 50505060506 506050605050605060506000000 0 20 20 20 20 2020 2020 20 20 20 2020 20 20 20 r2 r2 r2 ne st ne ril rilchchyery ay ayryry ly lybebebe arar gu Ap Ap Ju Juua uaob ar ar M MJuJuem nu nuemem Au MM br brctJaJa ptO ov ec FeFe Se N D 19. Management Strategy REPORT: Courtesy Chevrolets Primary Google Account Campaign ReportACCOUNT: Ralph PagliaDATE RANGE: October, 2006CampaignAvgAvgAvgCampaign Status Impressions Clicks CTRCPCCPM Cost Position2007 Chevy Tahoe - AZ Active 43,581 99 0.20% $1.15$2.60 $113.46 3.4AAR GM Co-op Display - PHX Paused 221,450 80 0.00% $7.50$2.71 $600.051Banner & Image Display Ads - PHXActive832,088305 0.00% $6.19$2.27 $1,887.691Chevrolet Model Specific - PHXActive460,396 1,7080.40% $2.34$8.66 $3,989.04 2.8Chevy Dealer Conquest - PHX Active251,292741 0.30% $2.15$6.34 $1,592.793Chevy Price Quote Display - PHX Active955,110 1,1140.10% $1.62$1.88 $1,800.06 1.1Chevy Price Quotes - All AZ Active 34,720117 0.30% $1.07$3.61 $125.50 4.2Original Ad Campaign - PHX+TUC Paused 198,318439 0.20% $2.64$5.85 $1,160.52 2.7Display Ads by Site - PHX+TUC Active 1,332,9091,1320.10% $3.88$3.29 $4,387.70 1.1Free Gas & Oil Offers - PHXPaused 1,3251 0.10% $7.17$5.41 $7.172GM PowerShift URLs - PHX+50Active138,924239 0.20% $1.63$2.81 $390.17 3.9National Search - Courtesy+Chev Active 36,322276 0.80% $1.61 $12.26 $445.42 3.9National Search Sponsored Links Active 1,957,4263,4190.20% $0.51$0.90 $1,753.79 3.3New Chevy Pricing - PHXPaused 195,210455 0.20% $2.49$5.80 $1,133.18 2.8Secondary Finance - PHX Active159,827173 0.10% $3.81$4.12 $658.55 3.1See What Courtesy Can DoActive 14,959 15 0.10% $1.13$1.13$16.94 3.7Site Designated Display Ads - PHX Active159,207182 0.10% $2.41$2.76 $439.091Tucson Targeted Key Words Active 12,517 73 0.60% $2.95 $17.21 $215.43 3.7Used Car Ad Groups - PHX+50 Active401,150 2,4710.60% $1.83 $11.28 $4,523.42 2.6Totals & Overall Averages:7,406,731 13,039 0.20% $1.94 $3.41$25,239.972.1 20. 10 Months of Digital MarketingLead Source and Disposition AnalysisCourtesy Chevrolet reviews eBusiness campaigns and opportunities bycategorizing the leads generated, then looking at volume, invalids and sales.LeadsStillNotDuplicates10 Months of Leads Volume Active Sctive & Invalid % Sold %BZ Web Site Subtotal3,547 82 1,5031,845 52.02% 1609.40% 3rd Party Lead Providers 15,336 652 10,791 3,893 25.38% 4654.06%Online Credit Applications6,126357 3,7721,919 31.33% 4059.63% Search Engine Marketing7,385258 4,2722,759 37.36% 3527.61%GM Certified Internet Dealer2,034 65 1,266682 33.53% 163 12.06% Inventory Listing Sites 16,195979 12,474 2,742 16.93%1,240 9.22% Membership & Referrals 1,242 74 1,029139 11.19% 367 33.27% Web Generated Phone Ups 10,848852 8,9541,042 9.61% 1,043 10.64% BDC Dormant Lead Follow-Up 6,412815 5,031561 8.75%615 10.51% Trade-In & Buy-Back Leads2,069 86 1,119844 40.79% 129 10.53% Grand Totals 52,465 3,092 36,516 12,592 24.00%3,451 8.65% 21. Google Adwords Campaign AnalysisEXAMPLE: In-house Google AdWords Campaign (4 months): $71,801.30 was invested with 33,257,657 Car ShopperGoogle AdWords & Google Impressions GeneratedDisplay Ad Network 29,528 Car Shopper Visits to $2.16 Cost per Thousand Car Courtesy Chevrolet web sites,Shopper Impressions landing pages and micro sites $2.43 Cost per Car Shopper 2,248 Electronic Leads andthat clicked-through to a Phone Calls GeneratedCourtesy Chevrolet site 174 Vehicles Sold $31.94