Korea’s Opportunity for Autocatalytic Emergence

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Korea’s Opportunity for Autocatalytic Emergence. Charles Montgomery Dongguk University. ITALY. KOREA. Organic Image #1. Organic Image #2. In the (webbed) Literature. Japan – 32,028 Korea – 19287 Or Japan – 22,728 Korea – 6,387 . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Korea’s Opportunity for Autocatalytic Emergence

Mind The Gap!

Koreas Opportunity for Autocatalytic Emergence

Charles MontgomeryDongguk UniversityITALY


Organic Image #1

Organic Image #2

In the (webbed) LiteratureJapan 32,028 Korea 19287OrJapan 22,728Korea 6,387 Gridskipper, Lonely Planet, Geographical, Conde Nast, National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and National Geographic.

Respondents (Nationality)

Respondents (Location)

Marketing ContactsRelative Marketing Success

Web Advert

Suggested Focus

Golden OpportunitiesFoodProductsCultural ExportsCinema/VideoBooksSocial MediaHorrible plug for my site!These are the items that create Organic Image22Food


BTW.. Please.. NO Typos!24Culture

BrandingBranding Korea in a way that engages potential tourists. Staying on focus.Involving citizens of targeted countries in developing branded materials.

Image PropagationWorking with overseas destination makers to extend the brand. Promoting Cultural Exchange at all levels of culture, not just the academic.Working efficiently

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