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Kodu Game PowerPoint

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Sebastian Sheedy

In this action shot Blips are being fired by player 2 which is the black cycle. A missile is fired at the same time by player 1 which is the white cycle.

An action shot

When the arrows are pressed the character moves. Left click makes the cycle shoot a blip. Right click makes the character shoot a missile. When a coin is bumped the character eats it. Once the coin is bumped the score increases by 1 point.


I have programmed my Kodu to do 5 different actions. It can do basic functions such as move. It does more complicated because it can eat things. It also fires two different types of projectiles, missiles and blips. It increases 1 point every time it eats a coin.

Programming of the Kodu

One of the games main aspects is the combat that goes on between the 2 players. Both shoot blips and missiles that cause significant damage. The 2nd player has a higher missile damage since his accuracy is lower.