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Spectral Identification KnowItAll ® ID Expert

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Spectral Identification

KnowItAll® ID Expert™

When it comes to identifying unknown spectra, it’s difficult to figureout where to begin. Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll ID Expert offers bothnovices and experts the perfect place to start.

KnowItAll ID Expert is a completely new technology to provide thefastest, most accurate answers possible to scientists identifyingunknown spectra. The spectral intelligence built into KnowItAll IDExpert when used with Bio-Rad’s high-quality KnowItAll SpectralLibraries*—the world’s largest collection—is the recommended firststep for anyone identifying unknown spectra.

How Does It Work?

• The user simply opens an unknown spectrum and KnowItAll IDExpert automatically performs a series of basic analyses (singleand multi-component search, peak search, and functional groupanalysis) and summarizes the results to give a complete overviewof all possibilities for the unknown.

• If there are problems with the unknown spectrum or the referencespectra, ID Expert has the spectral intelligence to identify and fixsome of these issues using Bio-Rad’s patent-pending OptimizedCorrections technology.

• Once the user has identified the unknown spectrum, a PDF reportcan be generated with a single click.

What is Optimized Corrections Technology?

Bio-Rad's Optimized Corrections is a spectrally intelligentpatent-pending solution built into KnowItAll’s ID Expert tofind optimal spectral matches during a spectral databasesearch. It performs a computationally complex set ofcorrections on all query and reference spectra in a search tofind the optimal match between the query and eachreference spectrum. Multiple corrections are appliedautomatically to compensate for differences between spectracaused by the variability of different instruments andaccessories as well as other factors, including human error.Corrections include: baseline correction, clipping, horizontalshift, vertical shift, intensity distortion, and ATR correction.

For Advanced Analyses...

KnowItAll® ID Expert™ is available as part of Bio-Rad’sKnowItAll software packages or as a stand-alone applicationthat can be used along with Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll SpectralLibrary reference collections. When advanced analyses arerequired, additional functionality and features are available inBio-Rad’s KnowItAll Vibrational Spectroscopy or AnalyticalEdition packages.

The Ideal First-Pass Spectral Identification Tool

*KnowItAll Spectral Libraries are a KnowItAll Option / Add-On

Unknown Spectral Identification in One-Click!

Shows results of basic analyses performed on an unknown spectrum.

Built-InSpectral Intelligence


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