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Knolidge - Knowledge Creation platform through structured Data Generation

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  • 1. Knolidge Discover What You Have Lightflake Technologies 1

2. In Enterprises, Day-to-Day Data / Information iscaptured in documentsBUTDocuments-based data Generation in enterprisesis mostly UN-STRUCTURED Lightflake Technologies 2 3. Even if employees are genuinely interested increating well-formatted and Data-Completedocuments, they end up making Un-Structured and inconsistent documents. Lightflake Technologies 3 4. Unstructured Mobile Application sample documentsmade by employees of a Mobile App DevelopmentcompanyAll three documents are differently structured and non-standardLightflake Technologies 4 5. And this inconsistency goes on and on.Application Architecture Documents ...Testing Documents ...Marketing Plan Documents ...Statement of Work Documents ...Documents have different structures as created by different employees !! Lightflake Technologies 5 6. Last Slide shows presently most advanced way[ By MS-SharePoint, Alfresco, KnowledgeTree(on cloud), cloud) ]of creating & Storing Documents in enterprise, Unstructured documents arranged in categories. Categories & document access permissions Document Sharing rules Documents access analytics Manual tagging of documents for search BUT WHAT ABOUT DATA INSIDE THE DOCUMENTS ? STILL NO WAYTO CONTEXTUALLY MINE DATA IN DOCUMENTS !!Search Engines depends a lot of associated metadata and content classifications(even using generic and enterprise-specific taxonomies and ontology managers totag, refine the context of enterprise content ). Even after adopting best practicesfor metadata association results are largely unsatisfactory.Lightflake Technologies 6 7. SearchInterfaceSample Search Results screen from a Google Search Appliance(GSA)implementation. User need to click->open->browse each document to judgeits relevance. This process is very cumbersome and practically Unproductivefor employees. Lightflake Technologies7 8. IntroducingKnolidgeLightflake Technologies 8 9. Simplifies and speeds-up documents generationStandardizes documents generation as per Enterpriseinternal processes.Generates tremendous knowledge capital for Enterpriseby providing Worlds Most Advanced Search Interface forknowledge mining in documents. Search Interface is sopowerful that if you can imagine it you can search it.As a natural consequence of above, boosts informationre-use, minimizes redundant work, shortens project timecycles. Lightflake Technologies 9 10. Knolidge Process Flow Create and define document categories as per internal processesand data requirements of enterprise. Defining a documentcategory on Knolidge essentially means designing a rich documenttemplate for that category. Instead of users creating random and incomplete documents atwill, documents are created as per the category templates definedin Enterprise. Knolidge enforces conformance of documents tochosen templates. Following above two steps on knolidge creates tremendousKnowledge capital for Enterprise. Knolidge provides kaleidoscopicview of the documents data through its search interface. Lightflake Technologies 10 11. Knolidge contains three major Modules Knolidge DesignerFor creating Document Templates based on Enterprise Processes Knolidge EditorFor creating Documents based on Knolidge Templates Knolidge SearchFor Most advanced and powerful search in Documents Lightflake Technologies11 12. Knolidge Designer Drag-drop, Point-click based designing ofcontent & visually rich, Structured DocumentTemplates. Create documents as per Enterprise internalprocesses. Ensure valid and standardized documentation.Lightflake Technologies12 13. Knolidge Designer Lightflake Technologies 13 14. Knolidge Editor Documents generation based on EnterpriseDocument Templates. Quick creation by removing all burden ofdocument formatting from end-user. Consistent, Standardized and data-completedocumentsLightflake Technologies14 15. Knolidge EditorLightflake Technologies 15 16. Knolidge Search Very powerful contextual search Point-Click based intuitive search Query builderto Create incisive search expressions for preciseSearch. Unlimited search criteria in one single searchexpression Searching in specific set of Documents. Lightflake Technologies 16 17. Knolidge Search..continued Listing/Searching within Specific Areas ofspecific Documents Option to specify Document areas you want tosee in search Results. No further Links to click in search results. GetSearched results is a single document generatedreal time ! Lightflake Technologies 17 18. Search Query Builder Knolidge SearchSearch Display List Search ResultsLightflake Technologies 18 19. ExampleNext Slide shows a demo template structurecreated on Knolidge platform for MobileApplication Architecture. Lightflake Technologies 19 20. General InformationHandset RequirementsApplication Name Processor/RAMPurposeSupported Screen ResolutionsFeature Set -------------------------------------------------------- Network Dependencies -------------------------------------------------------- Bandwidth RequirementsArchitectureDescriptionInstallation Details OTA supportArchitecture Diagram Features to AddLanguages Used MiscellaneousExternal Libraries UsedSupported PlatformsPlatform RequirementsLightflake Technologies 20 21. Few examples of Knowledge Insights gained using just one single template Give all Applications with their Feature Sets Give all applications with their purposes Give applications with purpose of game/Leisure/fun/m-commerce etc. Give application named X , and give me its Features set. Give all applications having ABC in their name and their Architecture Description Give all applications which use J2ME/Java as their Development language Give all applications which uses external libconfig library Search for applications whose Architecture contains XML/Sockets/RPC List all applications with their Full Architectures/Architecture diagrams List all applications which are supported on android/ iPhone. Give all applications where Platform requirement contains winCE Give application X and its Processor/RAM requirement and also list BandwidthRequirement Give application X and its supported screen resolutions Give application X and its Architecture and Network Dependencies List all applications with their Installation Details List application X and its Features to Add and Miscellaneous sectionAnd On and OnImagination is the only limit here !!Lightflake Technologies 21 22. Search Example 1: Give all applications with their Featuresets and their supported platformsLightflake Technologies22 23. Search Example 2: Give name, description of applications whose purpose is ofgame/entertainment and are supported for either iPhone or android platformLightflake Technologies 23 24. For understanding, those were very simpleexamples of search on the demo template. If a search can be imagined, it can be searchedon Knolidge Imagine Knowledge Capital generated whendocument templates made for most of enterprisetechnical/non-technical processes !! Lightflake Technologies24 25. Some Other benefits of Knolidge Single point control over all documents and templates. Addition/Deletion of a field in template will automatically add /delete that field in all existing documents and subsequently in all new documents. Change in template will be effected in all existing documents. For example, Changing Company logo in template will automatically change that Logo in all documents. Filtering out confidential/irrelevant information fromdocument before presenting it to external parties. Lightflake Technologies 25 26. Some Other benefits of Knolidge. continued Companysdata is generated in most future-proof formati.e. XML, and it opens up many possibilities like externallyusing all XMLs for other BI purposes or for generating visualgraphs and statistics by applying XSL Transformations overXMLs. Upcoming Knolidge APIs to provide unlimited flexibilityand custom control over data and knowledge generation.Lightflake Technologies 26 27. KnolidgeNext Higher Level for Enterprise DocumentsLightflake Technologies 27