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GFF 4Prioritize Safe Returns

G FF4 . Redefining flexibility.

Protection and flexibility in the field.Krauss-Maffei Wegmanns GFF4 vehicle family redefines protection and versatility. A monocoque includes the drivers cabin and cargo compart ment protects both crew and more than four tonnes of cargo from mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The multifunctional, fully armoured cargo compartment with more than 17m3 capacity offers the best in versatility. The maximum combat weight of up to 25 tonnes and a chassis capable of mastering the toughest of terrains therefore give GFF4 excellent tactical mobility on all missions. Innovative armour concept The continuous armoured cell guarantees maximum protection from the whole range of possible threats for crew, payload and equipment. GFF4 and its optimized IED protection constitute an ideal response to current and future threats in combat. Mobility and reliability GFF4s excellent mobility derives from an IVECO chassis adapted for military usage, securing cost-effective and simple logistical services in the field wherever the need may arise anywhere in the world.

High-performance versatility.A powerful engine rated at more then 330 kW/440 hp gives GFF4 outstanding mobility and agility. An ideal combination of automated manual gearshift with automatic differential-locking management and permanent four-wheel drive with semiautomatic tyre-pressure regulation will keep GFF4 moving in the toughest of terrains run-flat tyres with emergency functionality will keep you going. GFF4 can effortlessly take on slopes of up to 60% and ride along side slopes up to 30% at a range of more than 700km, or 430 miles, without refueling. Combined with an engineindependent climate control system and an additional auxiliary power unit providing up to 20 kW, you can run your GFF4 for several days with out any external resupply. The unusual height of the vehicles interior will allow your crew to work ergonomically under maximum armoured protection. GFF4s modular design offers unique deployment versatility and variety together with rapid, simple logistical services. The multifunctional platform gives you an ideal vehicle as mobile command post, transport and patrol vehicle, for reconnaissance and support as well as ambulance services. Police, border guard, emergency aid and other civil aid organisations will also benefit from this exceptional level of armoured protection and cargo capacity of more than 17m3. GFF4 can be rapidly transported between sites of deployment in the future A400M transport aircraft.

Remote controlled weapon station FLW 200Automatic grenade launcher, 40 mm or MG .50 with weapon stabilizer, IR sights, CCD color camera and laser range finder

Armoured engine compartment High-power engine rated at 330 kW/440 hp for excellent driving dynamics, agility and tactical mobility

Safety vehicle glazingwith one-part windscreen For optimal visual conditions integrated into the protection concept of the whole system same protection class as the armoured cell

Run-flat tyresTyres of special construction with run-flat characteristics and semiautomatic pressure regulation system

Drivers cabinFull integration of driver and passengers into the armoured cell protection concept, with state-ofthe-art on-board electronics as well as direct access to the cargo compartment

Cost effectiveness and reliable.Krauss-Maffei Wegmanns system competence extends to logistical support for your vehicles in worldwide deployment. If requested, our KMW service staff will take care of servicing and repairing your vehicles wherever they are, ensuring their optimal, reliable availability. The balanced technical and logistical vehicle concept will maximize cost effectiveness in your vehicle deployment. We use assemblies and parts specifically designed and planned according to logistical considerations to ensure that spare parts are there where you need them, when you need them.

Cargo compartmentAir conditioning, heating, NBC protection system and on-board 20 kW auxiliary power unit integrated into the fully armoured services compartment

Armoured cellIncludes driver, equipment and personnel compartments, protects from ballistic attack, mines and IEDs

Personnel/cargo compartmentErgonomically designed and multifunctional, over 1.75 m in headroom

Storage systemIntegrated into the protection concept, with protection from mines, versatile, suitable for transporting dangerous goods

* ground clearance **fording depth



450* 3.300 4.690


2.530 3.080


Dimensions.Length 6x6-Version Width 6x6-Version Height 6x6-Version 7.600 mm

2.530 mm

3.080 mm

G FF 4

Technical specifications.Empty weight Max payload weight Combat weight Crew Engine power rating Max speed 21 t 4t Max 25 t up to 10 331 kW > 110 km/h

Standard armour Protection from ballistic attack, mines and IEDs, partly armoured engine, run-flat tyres and NBC protection system Additional armour Optional protective level enhancement on customer request Armament Automatic grenade launcher 40 mm or MG .50 stabilized, IR sights, CCD color camera, and laser range finder

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