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KMA's Christ McNulty discusses ECM-WCM Upgrades 2010 - NYC Deck

Transcript of KMA Deck -C. McNulty discusses ecm wcm-upgrades2010 - nyc

  • 1.ECM/WCM Planning, Implementation and Migration Strategies
    SharePoint Saturday New YorkJuly 31, 2010Karthik Ventkataraman Chris McNulty

2. ECM/WCM Planning, Implementation and Migration Strategies
SharePoint Saturday New YorkJuly 31, 2010Karthik VentkataramanChris McNulty
3. KMA Background
A full-service information technology consulting firm established in 1995, based in Waltham, MA
27 employees:Partner, PM, Analyst, Developer, QA
Industry expertise and core focus:Professional Services, Life Sciences & Financial Services
Microsoft technology focus:
Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2004
Working with SharePoint technologies since 2001
Specialties in Enterprise Content Management and Forms, Portals and Collaboration, Search
Approximately 15 consultants versed in SharePoint technologies
Approximately 70 SharePoint projects delivered over last 2 years
4. About Me
Working with SharePoint technologies since 2000/2001
20 years consulting and financial services technology (Santander, John Hancock, GMO, State Street)
SharePoint practice lead at KMA
Write and speak often on Microsoft information worker technologies
BC MBA in Investment Management
Hiking, cooking, playing guitar, colonial history, photography
My family: Hayley, three kids (15, 6, 3) and my dog Stan
5. I live outside Boston
6. But Im from here
7. Agenda
ECM Enterprise Content Management
Versioning and Approvals
Drop-off library
Records Management In Place vs. Records Center
Document Hold
Disposition and ILM
Planning Collaboration vs. Publishing
Microsoft Reference Architecture
Upgrade & Migration
8. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 the bright frontier
9. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 the bright frontier
Eastern Long Island, July 4, 2010
10. SharePoint Content
Enable employees to deliver value fast with Document Sets
Managed as a single entity
Different types of content items
Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
11. SharePoint Content
Make it easy for users to enter metadata and use it
Hierarchical taxonomy structure
Capture metadata in Office
Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
12. SharePoint Content
Rich authoring and publishing for web and multi-media content
Microsoft Confidential, Prototype Only
Streaming video on web pages
Ribbon menu for media content
Digital-Asset Management
Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
13. SharePoint Content
Expand reach of records management across the enterprise
Declare a record in a team site
Location-based policies
Multi-stage disposition policies
Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
14. Enterprise Content Management
Approvals and Versioning
Drop-off Library & Content Organizer
Records Management & Records Center
In Place vs. Records Center
Hold and Discovery
ILM and Retention Policies
15. Versioning and Approval
Classic product functions
User options
Interactive approval
Workflow approval
16. Drop-off Library and Content Organizer
Move content based on content type
Move content based on metadata and properties
17. Records Management and Holds
In place vs. Records Center
Site Collection Feature In Place Records Management
Records Center Custom Site Collection
Hold and eDiscovery Site Feature
Custom Send To Actions (Cent. Admin)
Move, Copy, Move and Leave Link
18. Information Lifecycle Management
Default behavior is defined for Content Types (MMS)
Redefine (override) at library/folder level
Rich array of functions and custom workflow
19. Web Content Management
Decide on your paradigm publishing vs. collaboration
Business case page creation by owners
Edit and approve in place
Optional - deployment paths
20. WCM and Migration Planning and Architecture
21. Predictable UpgradeDo-no-harm
Three paths
In place
Database upgrade
Third party tools
Pre-upgrade checker
Visual Upgrade
Resumable upgrade
Progress reports
Parallel DB upgrades
22. Upgrade Demo
PreScan Check
Database Attach
Visual Upgrade
23. Demo Screenshot - Pre-Attach Test
PS C:Userscmcnulty> Test-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content_2007OOB -WebAppli
cation http://kmamssd01

Category: SiteOrphan
Error : True
UpgradeBlocking : False
Message : Database [WSS_Content_2007OOB] contains a site (Id = [f78c83e
e-20d9-4b87-93d1-e1d640da6633], Url = [/]) whose url is alrea
dy used by a different site, in database (Id = [2cc0fc28-c1ff
-4311-ac68-918229f5d834], name = [WSS_Content]), in the same
web application. Consider deleting one of the sites which hav
e conflicting urls.
Remedy: The orphaned sites could cause upgrade failures. Try detach a
nd reattach the database which contains the orphaned sites. R
estart upgrade if necessary.
24. Demo Screenshot - Upgrade Dashboard
25. Demo Screenshot - Original Upgrade
26. Demo Screenshot - Visual Upgrade
27. Resources

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