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  • “When I ask the participants how many have heard of Kirkpatrick’s four levels, almost all raise their hands. And

    when I ask them to recite the four levels, over half can state them accurately. Unfortunately, how they implement the

    four levels may vary widely – often not as effectively as the model could be implemented.”

    (Elaine Biech, 2016)


  • The Kirkpatrick Model

    (Kirkpatrick, 1959)3

  • The New World Kirkpatrick Model

    (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2016)4

  • Level 2 - Learning

    ✘ Knowledge: I know it✘ Skill: I can do it right now✘ Attitude: I think it is worthwhile ✘ Confidence: I think I can do it on the job✘ Commitment: I will do it on the job

    (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2016)


  • The strategic process is easy

    Planning Execution Demonstration of values


  • A picture is worth a thousand words


  • Failuresto reach Level 4?

    “Training is like flying a plane. Conducting training without performing the steps in the planning and execution phases of a program is just like

    flying blind” (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2016)


  • Common pitfalls

    ✘ Addressing evaluation requirements after a program has launched

    ✘ Viewing all training programs as equal

    ✘ Spending the majority of your training evaluation resources on Levels 1

    and 2

    ✘ Relying sorely on standardized surveys

    ✘ Asking questions that do not generate useful data

    ✘ Making evaluation too complicated or academic

    ✘ Not using collected data

    (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2016)


  • Recommendations

    01. The need of a consistent evaluation model

    02. Re-planning and designing evaluation methods and instruments correctly

    03. Making use of data via evaluation systems


    Topic 1. Evaluation model

    Topic 2. Getting the basics right

    Topic 3. Evaluation system

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