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Transcript of Kirk Dighton B.A. Independent EHS Consultant-CORDS, LLC East Central Iowa Safety Conference Cedar...

Aint Misbehavin

Kirk Dighton B.A. Independent EHS Consultant-CORDS, LLCEast Central Iowa Safety ConferenceCedar Rapids , Iowa Aint MisbehavinObjectivesDiscuss the history of behavior based safety (BBS) programs and the evolution since its discovery. Identify key terminology associated with BBS Programs.List the necessary ingredients of a successful BBS program.Understand the difference between a positive and negative influence for employee response. Identify the difference between motivation and discipline.Discuss how a rewards system ties in to a BBS Program.Understand managements role in a BBS Program.Understand the employees role in a BBS Program. Discuss the chain of command associated with BBS Programs.Know if a BBS Program is right for your company.

DefinitionBehavior-Based Safety BBS A safety program that focuses on improving human behavior to improve injury / incident rates.

Behavior- Bing DefinitionThe way somebody behaves:

Psychologyresponse:the way in which a person, organism, or group responds to a specific set of conditionsWhat something does:the way that a machine operates or a substance reacts under a specific set of conditions

Herbert William Heinrich1931- Employed by Travelers Insurance From studies, he concluded that: A majority of accidents in the work place were caused by human error and could be prevented.


If human error was the real cause of accidents, the key to safety was to observe workers, identify what they were doing wrong .. and change their behavior.B.F. SkinnerAn American Psychologist wasconducting experiments in the malleability of human behavior. Skinners work helped spur the formation of scientific methods of studying and improving human behavior. These behavioral methods were applied to industrial accident prevention.Dr. E. Scott GellerConsultantCredited with coining the term Behavior-Based Safety in 1979.Working World DividedSafety Professionals EcstaticUnion Representatives- Firmly Opposed.Owners and Managers- LukewarmSupervisors and Leaders NO WAY!Workforce- Another buzz word!

A Religious Sect!Like any religion or belief, BBS had its dedicated followers.Human error is main cause of all incidents.

OthersBBS is too one-sided and focuses only on human behaviorIncidents are multi-faceted in root cause.Reinforcementbehaviors are reinforced, not people Psychology of Safety Reinforcement, Reward and Recognition (Geller 2006). Most studies say that the reinforcement of good behavior should occur when the person goes above and beyond the call of duty, not for simply abiding by the rules. LeadershipLeadership is also key to success of programs. Without leadership buy-in and enhancement it does not work. Praise must be genuine however and not cheesy to say the least. Most Supervisors cannot do the praise thing without sarcasm. That does not help any program.


Communication ExerciseVolunteers ?Communication is 2 SidedSenderReceiver and requiresAcknowledgementSafety SurveyThe safety of my co-worker is not my problem.I only work safer because of the reward system.When I see a violation of a Cardinal Rule, I speak up and stop the work.Working safely takes too much time.I feel the safety observations program works well to improve my safety.

AGREEDISAGREEN/AMotivation v. DisciplineMotivation is positive reinforcement to perform in a correct fashion.Sometimes with Rewards ProgramsDiscipline is a negative penalty-driven punishment for wrong-doing. Rewards ProgramsVery controversialRewards for no injuries / recordablesRewards for attending all trainingRewards for turning in incident reports and safety concerns.Bounty placed on SOCsNegative effectsInjuries get hiddenNear miss / hits get hiddenCo-worker / peer pressure to NOT REPORT.Possibly trouble around the corner.

BBS and Management RoleBuy-inTotal CommitmentSupport and enforceLeaders, Supervisors, Union representativesInternal Politics

Any program-if not supported from the top = FAILUREBBS and Employee RoleBuy inTotal Commitment

Support with co-workersPeer pressure to do the right thing

GOAL- Go home every day in the same condition as you came in.Successful Safety ProgramManagement Buy in-Committed to the success.Risk assessmentEvery task Every stepInclude floor workers / persons assigned to task.JSA / JSEARisk abatement steps to prevent injury or incidentSet review guidelinesC.O.W. / JSEA / JSADaily, monthly, as job changesSet behavioral expectations-BBSSOCsSuccess continuedIdentification of the risks-during development of task is bestAbate the risks-at the time of developmentEngineering, administrative, PPEProvide appropriate tooling to perform the taskProper timely maintenanceTimely repairs, follow up-Effective method to report- repair needed Effective method to report non-repairSTOP WORK understanding for IDLH

Success continuedAll above in placeSet behavioral expectations proper task stepsTrainReviewListen and encourage feedbackImprove taskSet attainable goalsRecognize accomplishmentsDiscipline - Final