Kindle Ebooks in 3 Minutes: Write Your Ebooks Fast

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For self-publishers, ebook writers and marketers. A fast strategy to write and sell Amazon Kindle ebooks. See how it works in three minutes.

Transcript of Kindle Ebooks in 3 Minutes: Write Your Ebooks Fast

  • 1. Kindle Ebooks in 3 Minutes Write Your Ebooks FASTPresentation: Angela Booth: Genii:

2. 3-Minute Strategy Select a topic that sells Decide on an angle Dene your hookFor nonction 3. 3-Minute Strategy Choose a genre Character, setting and plot Theme and meaningFor short stories 4. Create a List Outline 5. Write! 6. Publish on Amazon Kindle 7. Promote... Review copies Twitter, Facebook Blog Blog tour GoodReads, LibraryThing Reader list 8. The Easiest Promotional Method: BookTwo Each book sells the next, so write your next book. 9. Cherish Your Readers (Build Platform) 10. Survey: What Did YourReaders Love? 11. Give Your Readers What TheyWant in Books Two and Three Is your ebook selling? Write a series. Talk to your readers... Give them what pleases them... and Magic happens. Youll sell more ebooks. 12. The Ebook Revolution Is Here: Get Help Now Want help writingand selling yourebooks? Angelas beendoing it for years. Get help now... 13. Contact AngelaBooth: get helpwith your ebookstoday. Twitter: @angeeWebsite: Genii: