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  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Kill Teams

    The populations on the two inhabitable planets in the Torc system haverevolted and turned to the Chaos gods. The Imperial fleet deemed Adradis, thesmaller of the two planets, beyond the emperors mercy. Adradis was firebombedfrom orbit to stop the spread of corruption. The Imperial fleet then moved in to crushthe rebellion on the Hive world of Torc Prime. A strange signal was received from theruins of the planet Adradis before a warp storm hit the system. The storm brought afleet of Chaos warships to reinforce the planet. The Imperial fleet is currently engagedwith the forces of chaos for the planet Torc Prime. Small detachments have been sentto the ruins of Adradis to investigate the signal that still emanates from the planet.Unfortunately the strange signal and the promise of plunder have drawn the attentionof Xenos and humans alike. The key to turning the battle for the system could verywell lie in the rubble on Adradis.

    Universal Rules:

    Commander: Any models within 6 may use this models leadership value for leadershiptests they are required to make.

    Psyker: This model may use psychic abilities. To use an ability roll 2D6, if the roll is belowthe models LD value, the ability is successful. When a psyker gains a level, he may chooseanother psychic ability instead of a standard skill if he rolls for one.

    Machine: This model is made of metal, it may not gain experience.

    Frenzied: This model automatically passes all leadership tests he is required to take. Themodel must assault the closest enemy model within range. A frenzied model is only taken outof action on a 6, and treats a 5 as stunned instead. The model gains +1 Attack as long as heis frenzied. If he is ever knocked down or stunned, he loses his frenzy.

    Hard Headed: A model with this ability is only taken out of action on a 6, and treats a 5 asstunned instead. This is superseded by any weapon rule that effects injury rolls.

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Turn Order


    During the Recovery phase, a Stunned model will become Knocked Down. A KnockedDown model may stand up. More on this is covered in detail in the Injury table page.


    Every Model moves 6 inches per turn.

    Assaults. Models making an assault must roll 2D6 and that is the distance they move.

    Jumping. A model may attempt to jump over a gap connecting to point which are notconnected. Take an initiative test for every full 2 of gap attempted to cover. If any arefailed, the model has fallen. See the rules for falling.

    Climbing. A model which wants to climb a ladder/rope treats it as difficult terrain, in additionif the model rolls two ones during the test, and then fails an initiative test, the model istreated as falling from 2, see the rules for falling.

    Falling. A model that has fallen will be automatically hit by a S2 hit, adding +1 S to the hitfor every full 2 fallen (i.e. a 7 fall will be a single S5 hit), armor saves are taken like normal.

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0



    Silent:Any model that is successfully hit (and any model within 6) by must take a Leadership test. Ifthe test is passed, the model may continue to act normally. If the test is failed, the modelimmediately goes to ground, conferring a +1 cover save. A model that passes the test may

    choose to also go to ground. During the pinned models recovery phase, the model must takea leadership test, if passed may move only D6 inches and may shoot and assault as normal. Ifthe test is failed, the model may not move, or assault, but may shoot snap shots if able.

    Blast:Normal Book rules

    Slow to Reload:A model with this type of weapon may not fire two turns in a row with this rule. The modelmay move but not assault in the turn he is reloading. He may assault, but must still forgo around when he is able to shoot to reload his weapon. The (X) value is the number of total shotthe gun may fire before it must reload.

    Automatic:A weapon with this rule always shoots with a ballistic skill of 1 less when firing.

    Cumbersome:A model attempting to use a weapon with this rule cannot fire the weapon at targets closerthan 12". Nor may it take snap Shots.

    Mountable Weapon:A model wishing to mount a weapon with this rule must forgo an entire shooting phase, andthe following movement phase to set up his weapon. Once this has been accomplished, themodel may ignore the Slow to Reload, Over Half Range, and Cumbersome rules, so long as themodel remains stationary.

    Assault Weapon:

    A weapon with this rule may always fire the weapon to its full effect, even before assaulting. Amodel may double the range of the weapon, but it may shoot only once at WS1, and also themodel must forego his ability to assault that ensuing assault phase.

    Heavy:A weapon with this type may only fire a single Snap shot, unless the model was Stationary inthe previous turn. In which case it can fire the maximum number of shots allowed (unless itmust be reloaded)

    Rapid Fire:This weapon type may not attempt to assault after firing at full effect. The model may fire asingle half range snap fire and still assault. A Rapid Fire Weapon that also has the Automaticrule, the Automatic Rule can be ignored if only a single shot is fired.

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Rending:A weapon with this rule counts any attack that rolls a 6 to wound as one AM level higher thannormal. This rule is not used if a 6 to wound is required.


    A model targeted with a weapon with this rule does not gain +1 cover for being over halfrange of this weapon.

    Gets Hot:Same as rule book

    Flame Weapon:The model may fire the weapon exactly like an Assault Weapon, but it may not extend therange. There is no over half range penalty. The model used the Template, and any modelunder the template is hit on a 2+.


    Models fight in close combat following the Initiative Step system.

    Fleeing Test: Take Leadership Test, if failed loser rolls D6 plus initiative, winner does thesame. If winner rolls higher loser is destroyed. If loser is lower, the losing model moves 2D6inches toward their Commander model, If the Commander model is Out of Action, the modelmakes this movement to the nearest table edge. The winning model moves 2D6 inches inpursuit. The winner may opt to not pursue, and after a successful Command Check, maymove 1D6 in. in any direction.

    Reasons for fleeing test:All Alone.Comrade Taken out of action within 6 inches.

    Comrade Stunned:

    Sometimes a model is stunned nearby and he would face certain death the following CloseCombat Phase. Just as the Assault Phase

    Psychic Abilities

    A psychic ability is cast successfully on a successful leadership test. A model may cast spellsafter he has stood up from being knocked down. The Psyker may not use the CommandersLeadership value for this test, (unless the Psyker himself has the Command Ability of course)

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Weapons of Kill Teams


    The Model may make attacks as long as the friendly model they are in base to base contactwith, is in base to base contact with an enemy.

    Great Weapon:Requires two hands to wield, no additional weapon can be used.

    Unwieldy:A weapon with this trait strikes at the initiative Step 1.

    Specialist Weapon:A model cannot make Pistol Whip attacks when wielding one of these weapons. If both theweapons are the same, and are both specialist weapons, the extra attack can be used.

    Concussive:This weapon forces an opponent to strike at -2 initiative for the next time he attacks if it is

    successfully wounded (if the model makes its save).

    Rending:A weapon with this rule counts any attack that rolls a 6 to wound as one AM level higher thannormal. This rule is not used if a 6 to wound is required.

    Parry:A model may attempt to parry. After the opponent has rolled to hit, the defender may roll aD6, if his result is higher than the attacker, the attack is parried. A model with a higher WSmust only match the opponents roll, not beat it. A model may only make one parry peropponent per Combat Phase.

    Armor:Clothing: 6+ save

    Body Armor: +1 Save

    Leg Armor: +1 Save

    Helmet: 3+ Save against Stunned Result

    Powered Armor: +1 Save

    Sealed Armor: Requires Powered Armor, Leg and Body Armor, 2+Save.

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Ranged Weapons:

    The following is a list of all the Imperium Ranged Weapons

    Grenades: Range 10 in., Small Blast, Throw, Assault 1

    A Grenade scatters exactly like a barrage weapon, only the player subtracts his initiative from

    the D6 roll rather than his WS.

    Assault Grenade: one use only, models hit by the grenade blast take an initiative test, if thetest is failed, the model suffers -2 initiative.

    Concussive Grenade: one use only, models hit by the grenade blast suffer a S3, AM (1), hit.

    Defensive Grenade: one use only, target assaulting models hit by the blast are consideredto be in difficult terrain until the end of the next player turn.

  • 7/31/2019 Kill Teams v5.0


    Injuries Injuries Table Injury Roll Modifiers

    1-2 Knocked downThe force of the blow knocks the warrior


    Place the model face up to show that he hasbeen knocked down.

    3-4 StunnedThe target falls to the ground where he lieswounded and barely conscious. Turn themodelface down to show that he has been stunned.

    5-6 Out of actionThe target has been badly hurt and falls totheground unconscious. He takes no further partinthe game and is immediately removed fromthebattle

    InjuriesMost warriors have a Wounds characteristic of 1, bu