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Sponsorship Portfolio of Kilian Martin. World Champion Freestyle Skateboarding 2010.

Transcript of Kilian Martin Dosier (English)

  • 1. Sponsorship PortfolioKILIAN MARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding ChampionA NEW SKATE GENERATION IS BORN Skateboarding turns into Artdomingo 16 de enero de 2011

2. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORNSkateboardingturnsintoArtHISTORY Kilian Martin Navarro (28/07/1987) Madrid - Spain When Kilian Martin was 10 years old, he joined a gymnastics school in Madrid, Spain. At this same time, he also found a passion for surng, however, with the ocean over 6 hours away, being able to practice everyday was a near impossibility. Surrounded by cement and asphalt, he realized he could take up skateboarding to help his surng abilities. So, at the age of 16, he started to skate Mini-Ramps and Street. After a year of skateboarding, Kilian Martin discovered Freestyle Skateboarding after watching Powell Peraltas Ban This skate video. He then realized that this style of skateboarding would allow him to utilize his gymnastics abilities but more importantly, expand his outlet of creativity. When he turned 21, he decided to move to California, where he set out on a journey to master his skateboarding abilities, that made him popular by the time he got back to Spain. Kilian grabbed many of his freestyle tricks and adapted them to street skateboarding. Since then, he has developed his own unique style, and a level of technicality that has set him in a class of his very own. KILIANMARTIN 2010 World Cup Freestyle SkateboardingChampiondomingo 16 de enero de 2011 3. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORNSkateboardingturnsintoArtHONORSWORLD CUP FREESTYLE SKATEBOARDING 2010Paderborn (Germany)Top Pro Category:First Place Kilian Martn2010 World Championships Freestyle Skateboarding Philadelphia.Pro DivisionThird PlaceKillian MartinSpot On Summer Classic II freestyle skateboarding, Glendale, CaliforniaPro Mens Overall ChampionFirst Place Kilian MartinHippie JumpMens Hippie JumpSecond Place Kilian MartinCanAm: US Open Nationals freestyle skateboarding September 2009ProThird Place Kilian Martin KILIANMARTIN 2010 World Cup Freestyle SkateboardingChampiondomingo 16 de enero de 2011 4. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtHONORSInglewood games Freestyle skateboarding CALIFORNIA STATECHAMPIONSHIPS April 2009 Pro Freestyle1st- Kilian MatrinMens Pro Battle1st- Kilian Matrin2nd- (tie) Brett Novak and Ben FarquharKilian Martin ripped! Recently transplanted from Spain to Los Angeles County hewas eager to skate in his new country.This was only his second contest as a pro. All eyes were on Kilian as he oatedthrough his routine.He is so good that it only mattered to the judges, the othercompetitors were spellbound.KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 5. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtIMAGE RIGHTS Transfer of image rights for sponsors promotional campaigns Kilian Martin not only shows that he is a new concept of freestyle skateboarding, fashion and trends. This young man also has a huge media impact with his different videos in the net,Kilian Martin is not only a reference gure in the world of skateboarding, but also a public gure and reference for many young people - especially in the United States.Kilian is already a sports reference in the U.S. and has appeared in various media and is waiting for an interview for InterviewMagazine, one of the most important fashion magazines and trends to go on a portfolio of extreme sports.A great opportunity to link to this commitment to manage the image of this young icon value for your promotional brandingcampaigns.The transfer of rights remain in effect for the year 2011 and will keep a preference for brands that want to continue betting on the2012 season. KILIANMARTIN 2010 World Cup Freestyle SkateboardingChampiondomingo 16 de enero de 2011 6. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORNSkateboardingturnsintoArtIMAGE RIGHTSSponshorship & Transfer of Image Rights and Special Actions- Product Placement in Championships & Events- Transfer frames with pictures of Kilian martin & Championships to use in theirbranding advertising campaigns in their preferred channels (press, internet, PLV,banners) (*)- Web Presence on Kilian Martins web.-Mailing to customers.- A promotional branding event with Kilian Martin presence in the event. (**) KILIANMARTIN 2010 World Cup Freestyle SkateboardingChampiondomingo 16 de enero de 2011 7. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtIMAGE RIGHTSSponshorship & Transfer of Image Rights and Special Actions- Sweepstakes and promotions.- Exhibition of images between Kilian Martin and sponsor branding in the differentevents, point of sale, exhibitions, conferences, etc. ..- Publishing in press.- Visits to the competitions or events, with brand managers or persons selected byagreement with the agency.- Possibility of creation of product related to Kilian (Merchandising).- Appearance in banners in presentations.KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 8. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtSTATIC ADVERTISINGImage:Your brand will differentiate itself from the rest by bringing freshness, creativity andinnovation to a concept never seen before, giving the brand image of the rst orderin terms of sporting events, fashion and trends.The media coverage of the world of Freestyle Skateboarding in Spain is booming,and the United States is a reality that have Kilian for rst-order magazines as sportsand fashion and trends.Gambling by young talented athletes is associated with Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR), which is becoming increasingly required and valued byconsumers nationwide and globally.Economic:A substantial portion of investment income tax rebates, giving direct savings of 30%of their tax benet (in Spain)By global advertising, allows you to be present in the media without added cost,besides having the rights Kilian image for its own publicity.KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 9. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtREPERCUSSIONTV Appearances (La Sexta, Antena 3, Marca TV, TV3) , Press, Events (Movistar Barcelona Extreme), more than 1.010.000 search resultsin Google, Innity of websites, national and international press, mentions in Twitter from Tony Hawk, Red BullAwaiting an interview for one of the most important magazines of fashion & trends in USA (Interview Magazine) in New York on FebruaryVideos:Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration.Youtube: More than 400.000 views (in 2 weeks)Vimeo: More than 100.000 views (in 3 weeks)Dalilymotion: More than 100.000 views (in 2 weeks)Kilian Martin: A Skate Escalation.Youtube: More than 1.000.000 views (in 6 months)MAN ABOUT TOWN Fashion International Magazine AUTUMN / WINTER 2010- 12 pages Interview Kilian Martin.Starting on page 226. (English) Oct 2010- Colaborated with: Giorgio Armani, Dior Homme, Uniqlo, Churchus,- John Varvatos, Cerruti, Dunhill, Dries Van Noten, Dor Dor,- Dolce & Gabbana, Falke, Pure DKNY. * For a detailed report on the impact of Kilian Martin you must request via mail KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 10. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtREPERCUSSION 2011The video Man about town and some pictures from magazine are being published in fashion and trends websites.Regeneration & Escalation videos are being watched by many people every day in different websites.The German Sport & Olympic Museum in Cologne (Germany) Will be featuring Kilian Martin: A skate regeneration. During 2011This video will not be used for any commercial purposes but only to inform and educate the visitors of our museum about skateboardingan its possibilities.New Freestyler of the year 2010 (Awaiting the Link)Concrete wave Skateboarding Mag.Report Kilian Martin buyers guide February 2011 Issue (Waiting be pubished)KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 11. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtBUDGET 2011 SEASONTOTAL NEEDED FOR 2011 SEASON: Included: Salaries * 12 monthsDiets & TravelsSkateboarding Material6 Exhibitions (Minimum)4 Championships (Minimum)Image rights for Advertising Total: 180.000 EurosKILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 12. ANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtIMAGE DIVISIONIMAGE AND COMMUNICATION DIVISIONKilian has a department specialized in Public Relations and Communication tomaintain adequate attention to media and sponsors to visit us and they want tohave the image and Kilian skills, both within the championships in promotionalevents that can be carried out during throughout the year, thereby ensuring theirimage and investment.Kilian Martin is not only a reference gure in the world of skateboarding, is a publicgure and reference for many young people, in fact he already is in the UnitedStates.As far as social media is concerned, Kilian has website:, andactive accounts: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and has over 1,010,000 searchresults on Google.His impact will open new frontiers among teenagers showing signs of ambition andachievement, demonstrating that there are sports that can become art, or artistswho can create art from a sport.Kilian Martin, his projection and qualities tell us, that he will be soon a newworldwide icon.KILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Championdomingo 16 de enero de 2011 13. Sponsorship PortfolioKILIANMARTIN2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding ChampionANEWSKATEGENERATIONISBORN SkateboardingturnsintoArtContact:Kilian Sevilla General ManagerTel. +34. 615.456.702Mail: kilian.sevilla@gmail.comdomingo 16 de enero de 2011