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SILICON HILLS NEWS 2015 Technology Calendars for Austin and San Antonio

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Silicon Hills News has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create two calendars for 2015 featuring tech startups from San Antonio and Austin.

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  • 1. SILICON HILLS NEWS2015 Technology Calendars for Austin and San Antonio

2. A 12-MONTH WALLCALENDAR 3. JANUARY This could be your startup well take several color high-resolutionphotographs of you and your staff in your office oranother cool place around town. (You get to keep the photos too touse on your website or other places) Then youll get a whole monthto showcase yourself to the world. You can even choose your monthif you pledge early. You get first dibs. As long as no one has taken ityet, its yours. So what are you waiting for? Pledge now. 4. FEBRUARY This could be our startup featured here! Wouldnt you love to bethe pinup for February? Just think Ground Hogs Day, ValentinesDay theres so much to work with! 5. MANY MONTHS ARE TAKEN March is taken So is April And May And June And July And August 6. SEPTEMBER 7. OCTOBERThis could be you 8. NOVEMBERYour StartupFeatured Here 9. DECEMBER! Thank you for reading. Please message [email protected] or [email protected] if you havequestions or want additional information. This is going to be a funproject and we look forward to working with you!