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Best place to kickstart your business with our new SF Platform

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Agriya's Fundraising Software / Kickstarter Clone helps you to run a Crowdfunding Platform to help raise funds for Ideas and Business similar to a Crowdfunding Script!

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  • 1.Best place to kickstart your business with our new SF Platform

2. Lets start our business with the wonderful and beneficial features that are present in the SF Platform to create a website like kickstarter. 3. Project Funding Management Agriyas SF Platform is a social funding script which allows users to post their project for money and let the crowd to get the project cost funded. 4. Paypal adaptive payment integration for SF Platform will ensure the project can funded, created or commissions charged and money transfer to the owner without any knowledge of the admin, the payment process will be done automatically. 5. Flexible commission allows you set your commissions based on your project budget or charging a fee. Kickstarter clone allows everyone to set their own commissions according the number of project they have handled. 6. Escrow function gives full protection to the project owner and the people who is pledging money. It ensures the project only if it meet the target budget. 7. SF Platform designed to allow people to see the local community who are visiting or active in the website. Also they can view the other locations. But viewing local people in the website makes them more trustworthy and it inclined them to open their wallet for the project. 8. SF Platform makes you to start your website localized to your own language. Translating is easy and it is done via the admin area where each snippet of text is accurately translated . 9. SF Platform gives your user to login to the website without signing the form.They used latest technologies of social medias like facebook and twitter to login to their website. 10. If you dont have enough money to market your website then it is the right time to built an affiliate program to get the word out of your website. 11. Special networking functions has been built in to the script ,so that other members who has their own profile can see what recent activity they have been up to. 12. SF Platform is developed by Agriya. We are pioneers in Clone scripts and web development. We have built more than 300 websites. We give endto end solution for building a website, from the designing to coding we take care of it. Our services extend from online business to mobile application business as well. We have developed fantastic products likeEtsy Clone99designs CloneGroupon CloneAirbnb CloneThumbtack CloneClubplanet CloneZocdoc CloneElance Clone