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Keyboard Shortcuts. 8 th Grade. Click to begin quiz. Begin. Oops! Try again…. Click to continue. Ctrl + C. Paste Copy Cut. Nicely done!. Ctrl + V. Paste Copy Vacillate. Well done! You are a wee bit impressive. Ctrl + X. Copy Cut Delete. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

8th GradeWell done!You are a wee bit impressiveNicely done!Ctrl + V Paste Copy VacillateCtrl + X Copy Cut DeleteExcellent!You are restoring my faith in middle school studentsCtrl + Z Undo Redo UnderlineCtrl + B Bold Underline ItalicCtrl + U Bold Underline ItalicCtrl + I Bold Underline ItalicCtrl + P Paste Punt PrintCtrl + Y Undo Redo UnderlineCtrl + A Print Cut Select allCtrl + S Send Save Select allCtrl + N Navigate New window NextCtrl + O Opposite Open help menu Open a saved documentAlt + Tab Switch programs Refresh pageClose current programAlt + F4 Switch program Refresh pageClose current programF11 Spell/grammar checkRefresh pageFull screen/normal screen viewF5 Spell/grammar check Refresh pageCloses current programF7 Spell/grammar check Refresh pageCloses current programWindows key + D Closes all programs Minimize all and return to DesktopCloses current program