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KERTAS BAHASA INGGERIS. PAPER TWO (2) THREE (3) QUESTIONS. English Paper 2. There are 3 questions in this paper: Section A: Sentence Construction Section B: Information Transfer Section C: Note Expansion. Section A. Writing task To write 5 sentences based on the picture and words given - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



KERTAS BAHASA INGGERISPAPER TWO (2)THREE (3) QUESTIONSEnglish Paper 2There are 3 questions in this paper:Section A: Sentence ConstructionSection B: Information TransferSection C: Note ExpansionSection AWriting taskTo write 5 sentences based on the picture and words givenTo write 5 grammatically correct sentences pertaining to the picture.

Sect. A Writing StrategiesLook at the pictureIdentify the placeIdentify the peopleIdentify the actionsCircle the action taking place and write the verb (action words) next to it.Identify the objectsRead the words in the boxTick the words you want to use.Use suitable tense and sentence patterns Present continuous tense.Sect. A Do not / AvoidDo not write more than 5 sentencesDo not put yourself or your family members in the picture.Do not use B.Melayu words unless it has no words in English. Use the term fried rice not nasi goreng.Do not use time frame e.g. yesterday, last week.Avoid using namesAvoid using colour to describe someone or somethingAvoid using sequence connectors like Then, After that, First.Section B Information TransferWriting TaskTo translate informationTo choose one of the three itemsTo give reasons for the choiceSection B Writing StrategiesLook at the picture.Read the information given.Transfer the information correctly and clearly into the boxes.Check the box, spelling and punctuationWrite your choice and give reasons.Section B Question 2 (A)This is a bonus section.You have to copy the information only.Use the clues as guide.Be very careful with your spelling and punctuation.

Your handwriting must be neat. Write your p , t and q properly.

Section B Question 2 (B)Tips Read the instructions and circle or underline the key words.One mark will be awarded for the choice made. Use the future tense.Support your choice with reasons. Every point must have a reason. Write your reasons in an organized way.

Section C Note ExpansionWriting tasksTo write a story based on pictures and words given.

Sect. C Writing StrategiesLook at the picturesRead and understand the notes. Write the tense next to the picture - Simple Past Tense (the notes will indicate the tense)Describe the charactersDescribe the timeDescribe the placeDescribe the actions or eventsDescribe the feelings

Sect. C Writing StrategiesUse the connectorsUse new words, interesting expressions and relevant closureCheck for the spelling and punctuationsAnswer WH questions - 1H and 7W = How, Who, Where, When, Why, What, Whose and Which.