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VisitorkeralaTourism Portal

Visitor Kerala is a health and tourism based online portal that offers all sorts of informationtohelpthe tourists, who come to Kerala from far and near, find their right enjoyment duringtheir vacations.

Tourists who plan to visit Kerala looks for proper information about the specialities of the proposed destination. When Kerala is the destination, they look for information onKerala Foodsand drinks, top tourist destinations in Kerala, accommodation facilities, and so on.

The site aims to provide sufficient and proper information on all about Kerala, making it easier forthem to have better enjoyment during theirvacation-trips.

Tourist Locations

Kerala backwaters, made up of inter-connected lakes, canals, streams and a goodnumber of rivers, are one of the most prominent attractions in God's own country, aparadise-like land for the tourists. Kerala backwaters, sprawling over 900 km long,offer a matchless scenic beauty.Kerala Backwaters!

Kerala, the land that is known and world-renowned as Gods Own Country, is also a land of various rivers and streams. These streams, running through the wild forests create gorgeous and magnificent waterfalls. In other words, the waterfalls in Kerala remain gifts of these numerous rivers and streams.Kerala Waterfalls!

Kerala's wildlife variety is world-renowned and people from across the globe come to Kerala just to see it. Kerala has a dozen wildlife sanctuaries which remain the best site to see wildlife animals in its own natural habitat. For example, Thekkady is the best place in Kerala to see wild elephants, grazing in its natural habitat. Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries!

God's own country is the best place for the tourists to see birds of various kinds. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary, etc. are a few among the numerous bird sanctuaries in Kerala.Kerala Bird Sanctuaries!

Ecotourism in Kerala is flourishing mainly because of its natural diversity. Ecotourism can be translated in this way 'in harmony with the Nature'. Each of the ecotourism sites are considered as feathers on the crown of Kerala as these attract tourists in large numbers by providing them better chances to have a close look at the wild animals.Kerala Eco Tourism!

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