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  • Jawed HabibFranchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan1+919167332890

Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan2+919167332890 We provide complete range of hair and beauty services at moderately higher price than local salons. We are known for our super specialization in hair designing.Hair is big and veryprofitable businessOn an average 70% of business in a salon comes from hair services. Jawed Habib in hair designing comes second to none. As Jawed Habib franchisee you will gain a lot from Jawed Habib brand name.Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 3+919167332890 You will need 500 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. In a Mall/ Retail Street/ Housing ColonyFranchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 4+919167332890 You will earn from 5 revenue streams. Ask for more infoBeautyServicesProduct and CommissionHaircutsServices Retail fromCommissions recruitingstudents forJHACommissionearned fromFranchiseSales. Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 5 +919167332890 How much do I need to pay the franchisor?Franchise Establishment Fees Rs. 7.5 Lac.Royalty Payment15% of sales receiptsFranchise Renewal Fees Rs. 3.75 Lacs.Contract Period3 Years.Extra: Service Tax and VatPresuming your monthly sales is Rs. 3 Lac.** Conditions apply, Please seek detail from your franchise salesmanager for 3+1 Year free extension scheme.Escalation: Nil Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan6 +919167332890 Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan7+919167332890 Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan8+919167332890 How staffing works!Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan9+919167332890 Jawed Habib Hair andBeauty( Premium Salon).FranchiseesOrganization Structure FranchiseOwner Senior Asst. SalonHair BeauticianManager Stylist Junior Hair SalonHair Stylist StylistCleaner Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 10 +919167332890 W h a t s u p p oSUPPORT u p ro v id e ? rt w ill y oB u s ine s s k n o w -h o w.A d v e rtis in g c o st-s h a rin g .B ra n d le a s e .M a rke tin g a s s ista n c e .M a n po w e r s u p po rt.C o m m o n a d v e rtis in g p ro gra m .A s s ista n c e in h irin g a n d firin g S a le s te c h n iq u e .s ta ff. C ro ss p ro m o tio n tie -u p s .S ite se le c tio n / site e v a lu a tio n .F in a nc ia l h e a lth m o n ito rin gE q u ip m e n t s p e c ific a tio n s .A c c o un tin g a n d fin a n c e s y s te m ..C o n stru c tio n / Inte rio r d e s ig n . L e g a l as p e c ts o f b u s in e s s .Te c h no lo g y.Q u a lity c h e c k s a n d a u d it.S tra teg ic p la n n ing .Tra in in g .A n a lyz in g m a rke t tre n d s .P ro d uc t re s e a rch a n dd e v e lop m e n t.P ric in g s tra te g y.P u b lic a n d m e d ia re la tio n s . Franchise Enquiry: Zafar KhanAdvertising only constrained to Bennet Coleman Group11 +919167332890 Give and Take..GiveLess Get More * Conditions apply Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 12 +919167332890 Distance to be maintained between 2 Jawed Habib Salons to safeguard profitability of the franchisee2 KMTerritory Protection Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 13 +919167332890 Onlys Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 14 +919167332890 Run your own salon from home or officeControls Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan 15 +919167332890 Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan16+919167332890 POOL OF TECHNICAL STAFF WITH MANAGEMENT Above, picture of Mumbai bench staff,. We are building local bench staff pool at Chennai to support Franchisees in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We will maintain a strength of 7 Hairstylist and 3 Beauticians at any given to offer temporary staffing solution. Temporary staff is only to be used for first three formative months of the salon post launch. For permanent staffing please place advertisements in Shillong Times and Local English and Regional Newspaper. Get your jointly recruited staff trained for *Free at our Chennai Bench Staff Skill-set Polishing Centre.* Quota applies. 2 staff per styling chair per year.Zafar Khan Franchise Enquiry:17 +919167332890 How to identify a good sitefor Jawed Habib salon?1.Look for a ground floor/ First Floor but with comfortable lift.2.Avoid and food vendors/ restaurants with close proximity. Check out your localmunicipality for compliances.3. Look for 500 to 1000 square feet.4. Should have ample of car park space.5. Best is be near other high performing salons to catch their spill over of customer.6. Avoid being near places where miscreants hang out.7. Look for a good landlord who will put into writing that subject to rent escalationthe lease contract would be renewed.8. Before paying token money to Landlord check out with local municipality for theirconsent for granting NOC/ Municipal Licenses.9. Best is to build Jawed Habib Salon in a Mall on ground floor / up to second floorand still better to build Jawed Habib premium salon in the same Mall as youhave built as a JH HairXpreso.10. Best is to build the salon in an area that is frequented by fashion consciousfemales/males.11. Build close to large housing society, inside airport, near / inside huge Malls, 100meters from Pizza Hut, Subway Sandwich, Caf Coffee Day etc. Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan18 +919167332890 Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan19+919167332890 Zafar Khan.Master Franchisee Tamil NaduAnd Kerala for Jawed Habib Ltd Zafar Khan is Ex-CEO JH HairXpreso Salon Chain of 150 strong centres spanning 22 States and 100 Cities. Presently he has taken responsibility to develop Jawed Habib, JH HairXpreso and Jawed Habib Hair Academy Chain in States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Zafar is supportive of Franchisee Partners from scratch to success. Call him today Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan M: +91 9167332890. Franchise Enquiry: Zafar Khan20 +919167332890