Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo · PDF file In Chapter 1 of Kensuke’s...

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Transcript of Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo · PDF file In Chapter 1 of Kensuke’s...

  • Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

  • Lesson 1 Success Criteria

    I can reflect on events

    I can understand key characters by reading between the lines

    I can derive meanings of new vocabulary

  • What is a reading journal?

    • You are going to use pieces of A4 paper and create a booklet

    • It should be beautifully presented – be creative

    • You will be making character lists; key notes; creating thought bubbles for reflections; making predictions; drawing maps and images…

    • Even better than ‘Boy in the Striped’

  • Creating a reading journal

    What is a reading journal?

    It is your reading journey! What you put in your journal will be part of your assessment for reading levels. Therefore you need to challenge yourself and give 100% at all times.

  • Chapter 1

    • Read together… • While you are listening, use the first clean page to design a front cover for your journal – remember best presentation to show your high school teachers

    • It needs the title: Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpugo – think about interesting lettering styles you can use/stencils

    • Think about a suitable picture – maybe use the front cover for inspiration

  • We will create a bookmark like we did when we studied ‘The Boy in the

    Striped Pyjamas.’

    Remember write the title of the book at the top: Kensuke’s Kingdom

    Then any words that come up that you do not know the meaning of,

    write them down on there. This will be your own bookmark so some of

    you may have more words than others.

  • Task: Character list Create a character list detailing what we know about the

    personalities of each character so far…

    • Michael – age 11, loves football, best mate Eddie, quite likes school, has a paper round

    • Eddie – best friend, loves football, moved down south

    • Dad – optimist, spur of the moment • Mum – • Stella Artois - • Barnacle Bill -

     I can use a dash to create a character profile

     I can use commas in a list  I can use capital letters for

    proper nouns

  • L.O. To identify unfamiliar words and describe their meaning.

    In Chapter 1 of Kensuke’s Kingdom the author, Michael Morpurgo, uses some challenging words. Using a dictionary look up the meaning of the following words and write them in a table like the one below. Then write a sentence using the word to show that you understand how to use it.








    Basking in, loving it

    Like a ‘bull in a china

    shop’, causes unnecessary problems


    speak rapidly and

    unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock.

    Wild and fierce

    No longer needed

    Madness, craziness

  • P4C: What would you do and


  • Chapter 2

    Water, water everywhere.

  • Lesson 2 – spag starter

    I can use modal verbs: could, should,

    would, might

    • Using cursive handwriting, write 4

    sentences using a modal verb. Link it to

    the events of Chapter 1. E.g. • If I could move anywhere, it would be…

  • Modal Verbs

  • Task: Answer these comprehension questions in your journal.

    Remember to write in full sentences and use neat, joined up


    1. Why has Michael decided now to tell his story?

    2. What do the family do together on the weekends? Can you describe how it makes them feel?

    3. Why do the family stop sailing?

    4. What happened to Michael’s best friend?

    5. What happens to Michael’s father and why?

    6. Describe the father when they meet up again. What sort of mood is he in?

  • Task: How Life changed when the

    letter arrived…

    • When the letter arrived, Michael’s life changed.

    • In your journal write a paragraph to explain what life was like before the redundancy letter arrived, and after. Think about each character and their reactions/behaviour

    I can use capital letters, full stops,

    question marks, exclamation marks

  • Dear Diary,

    Mum and Dad have told me we’re sailing around the world! We’re selling the house and leaving in a few weeks. I can’t believe it, I feel…

    I am looking forward to…

    But what about…

    Task: How would you feel? You are going to write a diary entry in

    character as Michael. Imagine you have just

    been told you’re going sailing around the


  • Read Chapter 2

    Add to your bookmark anymore words you

    may not understanding the meaning of.

    Whilst we are reading, make sure you are

    listening but you can finish off your front


  • Sentence work - similes

  • Lesson 3 – spag starter

    I can use commas in a list

    If I was going travelling around the world, I would pack:

    Ext> Use commas to detail 5 words to describe Mum/Dad/Michael:

  • L.O. To put myself in Michael’s position

    Write each sentence in your book in neat, joined up handwriting. Item + justification. If I could only take 5 items on my sailing journey around the world they would be:

    1. _________ because __________________________ 2. _________ so that ____________________________ 3. 4. 5.

  • Chapter 3

    Ship’s Log

  • Session 2 L.O. To write a balanced argument

    on sailing around the world.

    Success Criteria

    I can consider pros and cons of a situation

    I can give valid reasons for my opinions

    I can link my ideas with appropriate connectives

  • Michael’s father decides that the family will sail around the world together. Do you think that it would be a good idea for your family to do something like this?

    Remember, we have done things like this before during our mountain topic 

  • L.O. To write a balanced argument on sailing around the world

    Now you are going to turn your ideas into a mini balanced argument.

    Remember to use addition and opposition connectives to link pros and cons-

    like with tourism on the mountains..


    I am not sure that sailing around the world with my family would be a good thing because...

    On the other hand...


    One good thing about it would be...


    Another point of view is...

    In conclusion... Remember to check your spelling and punctuation very carefully, and to write in neat joined up handwriting

  • Lesson 4

    I can select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect

    the level of formality required

    As a class, draft a letter to Mrs Hellings from

    your parents, explaining why they wish to

    withdraw you from school for a year

  • Read to the end of Chapter 3. Now answer these questions in full sentences to show your

    understanding. Use neat, joined up handwriting.

    1. When Michael and his family first set sail, how many miles a day do they want to do?

    2. How many miles a day do they actually do?

    3. What game do Michael’s parents play?

    4. What creatures do they see off the coast of Africa?

    5. In November they went to Brazil. Where did they stop?

    6. What did Michael do in Brazil?

    7. What did they do on Christmas Day?

    8. Describe, in your own words, the incident with Stella Artois.

  • Spag work - adjectives

  • P4C starter- Lesson 5

  • Session 2 Lesson 5

    To be aware of the author’s techniques

    Success Criteria

    I can find similes and metaphors and say how they are effective

    I know how repetition can have an effect – and find examples of it

    I can keep my reading journal up to date with my thoughts and reflections

  • L.O. To write a description using expressive language L.O. To use fronted adverbials to create tension

    Think about how Michael felt the night of the storm.

    Write about a time in your life when you have been really frightened.

    What were the circumstances, can you describe it so I can sense your fear?

    See sentence starters/super sentences (3-ed) as ideas – see next slide

    Michael felt ________ on the night of the storm because __________. In my own life I have felt scared when ___________. I felt this because __________.

    Now using the next slide can you turn your

    sentences into some that build tension.

  • Adverbials to build tension – cursive writing

    Not knowing what was about to happen,

    Turning at the sudden sound behind me,

    Hardly daring to open my eyes, I

    _____________________________ ____________________________

    _____________________________ _____________________________

    _____________________________ _____________________________

  • Chapter 4

    Gibbons and ghosts