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Transcript of Keane – audience research

1. Keane Audience Research I have been looking though many of keanes online sites to see what support they have and where they are getting their support. I have found that they have a wide range of audience ages. But I have found there main target audience are the ages between 20 and 30 as keane are more connected with an younger age range as they had there biggest hits in the in the past two decades even though they have a connection with older ages as they are a typical alternative rock band with very typical and common styles of songs. The band has many fan sites and social media accounts online and are very much supported and loved by there fans. They seam to have a big following in America also as many of there songs have appeared on many well known TV programs and shows produced by some of Americas leading broadcasting corporations such as Fox, ABC and this as allowed the band to create a larger target audience and has allowed there music to broaden and move into other cultures and locations. Keane are actually a very connected band and have really used technology to their advantage using a range of technical elements such as their website and social media pages where they have used many feature such as videos, blogs, pictures and forum pages to further reach and interact with their fans. They do also have some common features that artists tend to have such as there shop and merchandise page and personalized apps that again have a advertising element to them but also a more engaged personalized touch for their fans which helps the band to reach more people as more and more fans will be turning to the likes of iPhones and I pads and even android market phones and devices where apps are popular but there are also creating a brand identity in the way they are selling themselves and the style and image they are using to promote their music. What I 2. have seen of the keane fan sites shows me that they have a very strong following, the sites are very factual and straight forward and mature which in a way fits the style of the band and I think the way that the band would like to be seen. I believe that this band will continue to do well because I really feel that it has a solid fan base. The band as continued to go in the right direction with their latest album strange land being their most successful yet and there is a argument that I has actually attracted more people to the band because of there music and related genre. Below are some images of sites that I have had a look at white researching their impact in the music industry and how they promote themselves to their chosen target audience.