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  • Report 39 | 2011 1



    KBAEditorial 2

    SheetfedRapida 106 perfector in Zurich 3China: Lihua goes LF with Rapida 162 4Italy: Rapidas for Tipolitografica and Sa.Ge.Print 6Online press demos 9Packaging event in Radebeul 10Austrian printers opt for medium-format Rapidas 12Germany: packaging for the world 14Minimising migration in the press 16Benefits of reel sheeters 19Bangkok: Rapida 105 at CPT 20Motivating Graphics, USA, adds third big Rapida 21Rapidas on the advance in South America 22Secondhand presses a hit in Far East 26Rapida 142 for TWP, Malaysia 28KBA talks Granites language in UK 29UV curing systems 30

    Web OffsetC46 SG debuts at Em. de Jong, Netherlands 31Frances Corlet Roto signs up for C16 32Third Compacta 215 at CTP, Johannesburg 34

    NewspaperInstallation of 100th Commander CT tower 36Hybrid Cortinas perfect start in Sweden 37KBA MaintainSoft enhances efficiency 38Comparing energy efficiency 39

    UV and Coding25 years of alphaJET 40Genius 52UVs Japanese debut 41Australias IBS Design Resources greens up with Genius 52UV 42

    Shorts 43

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    CLassic H-unit version of successful CompacT series

    New Commander CL to launch at IFRA Expo 2011

    The IFRA Expo newspaper trade fair scheduled for mid-October in Vienna will see the launch of our new KBA Commander CL, a more compact conventional four-high tower press requiring a mere six metres (less than 20 feet) of head room. It will be offered in a choice of automation levels to ac-commodate a wide range of specs and will incorporate non-splittable H-type printing units that stand just 2.75m (9ft) high. Alongside standard manual plate changing this mid-range press will also be available with option-al semi- or fully automatic plate changing, and can easily be upgrad-ed at a later date. The intelligent

    module-based design represents outstanding value for money. Featuring MLC control tech-nology, the Commander CL sup-ports greater flexibility in news-paper and commercial production with an array of practical modules, among them a variable web width and thermal dryer. KBA RollerTron-ic automated roller locks, which enable the optimum throw-on pres-sure to be set at the console, are a standard feature. The classic ver-sion, like our high-end Commander CT, boasts cutting-edge inking-unit technology with three forme roll-ers for a first-class print. An array of other optional fea-tures which are offered with our

    highly successful compact presses, the Commander CT and Cortina, are also available for the Com-mander CL. These include quick presetting via KBA PressNet and single-button start-up and run-down via our KBA EasyStart and KBA EasyStop sotware modules. Our new Commander CLs pragmatic and cost-effective con-cept has already attracted orders from two prominent south Ger-man newspaper publishing houses, which a few weeks ago signed up for two presses with a total of eight towers. Watch this space for more in-formation on our new Commander CL.

    The Commander CL with H-type printing units is a more compact version of the classic four-high tower press

    P R O D U C T S | P R A C T I C E S | P E R S P E C T I V E S

  • Report 39 | 20112


    Stockmarket turbulence harms the real economy

    A stable market environment is also vital for print

    Three years after the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers, which is generally considered to mark the start of the subsequent global fi-nancial and economic crisis, stockmarket turbulence triggered by the sov-ereign debt crises in Europe and the USA is once again alarming investors and consumers. Anxiety is mounting that our welfare is being determined not by elected politicians but by financial markets rife with rumours and speculation.

    The emerging dominance of virtual values in place of real ones is not a healthy state of affairs. It hampers entrepreneurial projects and activi-ties in the real economy and in the long term endangers the Western worlds entire economic and social structure. There is an urgent need for resolute and coordinated political action across national frontiers. Hastily contrived multibillion-euro rescue packages that raise sovereign debt to combat market speculation provide no more than temporary relief and serve to exacerbate the issue and its consequences, not resolve them. Ba-sically the same rules apply to public budgets as to private ones: spending must not exceed income however tempting it may be at election time. Reality has finally overtaken the leading economic powers, the USA being a prime example.

    The debt crisis, a more constrained credit policy in China, the aftermath of the cataclysmic events in Japan, and the conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East are acting as a damper on the print business and press sales in many regions. Even so, in the first six months KBA posted a higher intake of new orders (683m) and a year-on-year increase of eight per cent in sales to some 510m. While our pre-tax earnings were nega-tive, at 11m they were half the prior-year loss. We anticipate higher group sales in the second six months and a move back into the black. For

    the full year we are targeting a rise in sales to around 1.2bn, and follow-ing 2009 and 2010 when we were the only leading press manufacturer to post a pre-tax profit a further modest improvement in pre-tax earn-ings.

    For some months now there has been a perceptible upturn in investment by packaging printers in countries beyond the longstanding high-growth threshold economies of China, Brazil and Turkey. Examples of these can be found in this issue of our corporate magazine. Among packaging print-ers KBA has long been a vendor of choice internationally, thanks to our medium- and large-format Rapidas. But in many countries we have also noticed brisker sales of commercial, book, metal-decorating and security presses. Demand in the newspaper industry, our classic core market and one in which we are the global leader, has largely centred on Europe. While our most popular model has been our innovative and ultra-compact Commander CT, some months ago a hybrid coldset/heatset version of its waterless counterpart, the Cortina, also celebrated a further successful premiere, this time in Sweden. A multi-unit Cortina press line with four thermal dryers will soon go live at the Gulf News in Dubai.

    Alongside our manifold market activities we are busy preparing for the biggest industry event of 2012. At Drupa in Dsseldorf next May KBA will be exhibiting new and upgraded products and processes for a wide array of applications. Testing on some of these has already been successfully completed. As we celebrate our 195th year the new product launches will even include a digital inkjet system a technological challenge we have taken up as a means of making print more flexible, economical, so-phisticated, efficient and sustainable in competition with other media. We would be delighted to welcome you to the KBA stand.


    Helge Hansen, president and CEO, Koenig & Bauer

  • Report 39 | 2011 3

    GDZ opts for KBA technology

    August start-up for ten-colour Rapida 106

    Switzerland, already famous

    for its quality products, is fast

    becoming a major reference

    market for KBAs high-tech

    commercial sheetfed offset

    presses, more specifically our

    B1 (41in) Rapida 106.

    Just a few months ago Jordi in Belp (Bern) pushed the button on a Rapida 106 eight-colour perfector press with coater. At Ast & Fischer in Wabern (Bern) there are two five-colour coater versions (one of which is brand new) with extended deliveries in operation. Zurich-based Comprinta, the prod-uct of a cooperative alliance among Neidhart + Schn Group, Druck-erei Feldegg and Bhler Druck, fired up two high-end Rapidas an eight-colour version with coater

    and a six-colour version with coater and perfecting after the second unit at the beginning of last year. And on 1 August a ten-colour Rap-ida 106 for five-backing-five rolled into action at old-established Zu-rich printer GDZ. The contract is a keystone in GDZs strategic development. Head of technology Urs Zieri says: Originally we had planned to re-place our old web offset press with a new 16-page model, but shifts in the commercial market caused

    us to rethink our objectives. Price erosion in the web offset sector has accelerated sharply in recent years. Competition, particularly from across the border, is increasingly aggressive. We concluded that the only way to address these changes was to expand our commercial ac-tivities to include specialist and val-ue-added products. There is also a clear shift towards smaller circula-tions and greater complexity. After conducting an exhaustive analysis we chose a high-performance ten-

    Klaus SchmidtEnquiries: info@printassist.ch

    KBA instructor Roman Lohse (l) with the GDZ press crew at the new ten-colour Rapida 106

    colour sheetfed perfector press from Koenig & Bauer, which offers us fresh and interesting perspec-tives.

    Engineering excellence for ambitious aimsThe investment package for the Rapida 106 encompasses an ar-ray of automation modules that includes a DriveTronic feeder, DriveTronic SIS no-sidelay infeed, a lightweight capability for paper from 40gsm (less than 30lb book), DriveTronic SPC dedicated plate-cylinder drives for simultaneous plate changes in less than sixty seconds, DriveTronic Plate Ident for automatic preregistration, Den-siTronic Professional spectral and densitometric colour measurement and control, a LogoTronic Profes-sional server with central data-base for linking pre-press, order handling and administration, and QualiTronic inline colour measure-ment and control. The press is con-figured with an AirTronic delivery incorporating a high-perfo