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  • 1. How to graph in science.We wantto graph!graphing notes for all students, eventhe ugly ones

2. Parts of the graphTitle y axisdependent variablex axis independent variable 3. Independent vs. dependentvariables Independent Dependent x axis y axis variable you control variable you measure hours studied per night grade you receive time distance traveled # of dog bones fed to girth of your dogyour dog 4. A way to remember where thevariables are graphed.DRY MIXDependent, Responding on Y axis.Manipulated, Independent on X axis. 5. Line Graph FAT DOGS Best type of graph to70show a relationship60between two 50variables.40 Girth in Example: kg of food 30 cm20fed vs. girth of dog in10cm.01234Never forget the title kg kg kg kg 6. Bar Graphs Friday Night Fun Great for showing 90categories8070# of Example: Favorite 60studentsactivities of cool50science students on 40Friday night! 302010 0 watch starshave headexperiment graph sock on family drawertrek 7. Pie GraphsWolfs income Wonderful forshowing percentages salary Example: Teachersincome20% student25% 10% bribesNikeendorsement 45%astronautpension 8. Things to remember Alwayslabel the title and axis include units with each axis The graph should always take upmost of the paper 9. Choosethe correct type ofgraph for the information youwant to show does not have to begin with 0,0in bottom left corner