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MAGNETIX Wellness katallog 2015.

Transcript of Katalog 2015

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    The user of magnets will come to realise that without them, the treatment of several maladies is not possible Centuries ago, Paracelsus documented the power of magnets in his many scienti c treatises.

    Magnetic Jewellery and Accessories


    for Wellness


    Do not hesitate to call me!Your personal MAGNETIX consultant:




    IX W





    Join us in a celebration of 15 years

    experience in magnetic jewellery!

    Three e ective Flexi-classicsThese exible bracelets in three colourways are easy to slipon and versatile, since they suit every look.

    Order now to secure the special price!

    2641 | S, M, L, XL,

    2895 | S, M, L, XL,

    2645 | S, M, L, XL,

    Anniversary o er

    Normally 65 52/$97.50

    only 49 each39/$73.50

    15 years experience in

    magnetic jewellery

    $=US Dollar

  • Contact information for your personal MAGNETIX consultant is printed on the cover.

    Jim Carter, Designer

    1999 At Wimbledon summer fte, the very rst sales stand with just 25 items was a great success!

    I have worked with Petra since 1993 desi-gning for her costume jewellery business. In

    1999 it was fascinatingto me how Petra responded when she discovered the potential power of magnets and put this new experience into a business idea. We had tiny quantities of magnetic jewellery pro-duced and we sold it ourselves, in shopping malls, at trade fairs, wherever we could nd a little pitch. We were not very good at this, but I learnt a lot! And fteen years ago in London, it got our current business started.

    I have been designing jewellery

    together with Petra since 1996. I nd inspiration through travelling around the world and visiting international exhibitions. This involves experiencing different cultures and the insights I gain ow into my modern designs.

    Evangela Borek, Designer

    Dear Customers,It all began in a very small way some fteen years ago, the idea being to combine powerful magnets with jewellery.

    I wanted to share my positive experiences of the power of magnets with others, and give everyone the chance to discover their bene ts. To date, millions of satis ed cu-stomers in 15 countries have joined the

    following of Jewellery with e ect. More than 2,500 consultants have, through us, become successful and independent. I would like to thank them too for their loyalty over the years.

    This year too, there is much to enjoy, with beguiling new pieces and popular classics for every occasion. Discover something to suit your style and experiment with a multitude of combination options.

    We hope you will continue to nd delight in our practical and lovely products and recommend us to your friends. Well be embarking on the next 15 years of MAGNETIX Wellness success together.


    Dr. h. c. Petra Dring

    Rewards for successful consultants. Magnetic jewellery parties: making selling fun

    Become part of a great team As a MAGNETIX Consultant, you can expect highly attractive income possibilities and all sorts of fun whether as your main occupa-tion or on the side. With the exibility to work the hours you want and a low nancial risk, you will be doing yourself and others good.

    Magnetic jewellery is at once beautiful and convincing, whether you choose to hold private presentations or to sell the jewellery in your massage studio, beauty salon or boutique.

    Does this sound like just the thing you are looking for? Call your consultant today! We look forward to having you join us!

    Earn money on the side

    The destinations of a lifetime: Cote dAzur, Bahamas, Las Vegas ... Ideal for sales in hotels the table top presenter. Magnetic jewellery excites visitors and makes a great souvenir.

    Elegant and e ective now in a complete collection

    15 years experience in

    magnetic jewellery

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    Anniversary o er

    The classic! One of the fi rst designs, and still a best seller, after 15 years. There are more anniversary o ers in the catalogue: just look out for the anniversary o er seal.

    Beginning of the successful co-operation with Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther

    First sales in Germany

    Opening of the Frankfurt o ce

    A few years ago, an oldschool friend recommendedto us this jewellery with an effect. We are to this day enthusiastic about magnetic jewellery. We nd it makes an excellent gift for friends, relatives and people we know."

    A stylish new logo our brand is reborn

    Our colourful o ces in Frankfurt

    Richard BerryDirector of the Federation of European Direct Selling Associations (FEDSA) A.D.

    Fifteen years ago, I received a very effective magneticbracelet as a gift. I found it fascinating and still enjoy wearing it today. Sincethen I have always beenhappy to advise Petra andher team during the many developments that have taken place with her company.

    Rosi MittermaierOlympic gold medallistChristian NeureutherWorld Cup winner

    463 | ML, XLXXL Normally 110/88/$165

    only //$.

  • Magnets A fascinating story that goes back millennia

    1954Linus Carl Pauling receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of the magnetic properties of haemoglobin.

    2780 BCThe oldest document in

    traditional Chinese medicine describes how imbalances of the body may be remedied through acupuncture or magnetic stones.

    Sixteenth centuryThe Swiss doctor and natural healer Paracelsus pioneers the medicinal use of magnets, which would also be seen in the modern era.

    Circa 1960Researchers discover that certain animals such as whales and migrating birds have an 'in-built compass'. These so-called mag-nets enable them to navigate precisely.

    TodayMagnetism is still being researched. The fact that the strong magnetic fi eld infl uences all life is undisputed.

  • G U t s c h e i n

    einzulsen bei ihrem/ihrer MAG


    Gutscheine sind fr das gesamte

    sortiment der eneRGetiX Welln

    ess Gmbh gltig. Gutscheine kn

    nen nicht in bar ausgezahlt wer



    Magnetix_Gutschein_Karte_RZ.indd 1-2

    06.06.13 16:11

    | 5

    Ideas for gifts with e ect! Surprise your friends and family members with a very special gift that is sure to please them. Jewellery from MAGNETIXWellness is always appropriate, no matter the occasion.

    Some great alternatives to jewellery are the Power Heart (page 7) or a decorative water stick (page 11).

    And a voucher enabling the recipient to make their own choice is always a welcome surprise.

    Enjoy browsing and choosing your gifts.

    as a small token

    as a present for a host

    for Christmas

    for Birthdays

    Neodymium: the power magnet. Not all magnets are of equal strength. Our jewellery and accessories are tted with particularly durable neodymium magnets, which are among the strongest magnets in the world. The strength of a magnet is measured in gauss. Ours are at least 1,200 gauss.

    Most of our pieces are made of stainless steel and many include copper, which is valued for its antibacterial properties.

    Most illustrations show life-size pieces.

    Centre element

    Bracelet Adapter

    Pendant Circular pendant:

    small, medium or large

    Top Disc Ring

    Narrow ring

    Wide ring

    Magnetic watch Decorative disc

    Earring with opening for pendant Pendant for earring or Adapter

    More than 1,200 gauss

    Alternative ways of wearing



    Key to symbols

    Magnets A fascinating story that goes back millennia

    1,200 Gauss

    $=US Dollar

  • 375* 19/15/$28.50 BandageTo attach theheart to thearm, knee or leg.PP153* (small) 4/3.20/$6PP154* (large) 5.50/4.40/$8

    Decorative counter plates to wear with the Power Heart approx 27 mm

    Powerful Best-sellers

    Power Heart 2638, Cu** 39/31/$58.50

    More and more people who are stressed by their daily lives decide to wear jewellery from MAGNETIX Wellness our bestsellers for example.

    Discover the MAGNETIX Wellness Power Heart.It is equipped with extra strong magnets and a counter plate which allows you to wear it close to your skin. It can be worn anywhere on the body.

    Neck Shoulder




    2154* 15/12/$22.50 2897* 19/15/$28.50

    2,200 Gauss

  • |

    Power Heart stainless steel/copper 1114, Cu** 39/31/$58.50 Not illustr.:stainless steel177 39/31/$58.50

    The power heart is one of our favourite products. We nd it


    worn on the back or shoulder. The strong magnet sit

    s in direct contact

    with the skin and the counter plate ensures that it ca

    n be positioned on

    exactly the right spot. We both feel a bene t in fact

    we wouldn't do

    without them! Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Ne


    * Without magnet. ** With copper.

    2,200 Gauss

  • 8

    Which colourare you most drawn to? Read more about its e ects on the relevant card (which your consultant will show you): this will help you nd your own personal jewellerycombination. Using the counter plate, you