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  • 1. Value Added
    Presented By: Anil Karim

2. What is Value Added
New way of Analyzing Test Data
Predict the amount of growth students will gain in a given year
Ability to analyze student test results from previous grades
Measure long term impacts teacher or school had on past and futurestudent achievement
Track effectiveness of individual teachers and schools
3. Purpose
It is a tool created by Statistician Dr. William Sanders that measures progress.
Provides school leaders with the critical data about its teachers and the academic impact they have on the students.
Traces student progress over a period of time with a identified baseline.
Why we really need it!!
Closer look at Value Added
Purpose and Goals
Bring awareness to school leaders about their teachers.
Raise student achievement
Measure instructional impact
Breakdown student achievement by classroom, grade, subject, school or district
4. Facts
For the value added model
Has been in use in Tennesssee since 1992
Statewide usage in:
Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania
Fact 2
Implemented in 21 statesSeveral hundred school districts
Fact 3
5. Analysis must be seen as FAIR and UNDERSTANDABLE to be Useful
Data empowers Teachers to Improve their Instruction
Teachers can get a better look at student gains in the classroom
Value Added is Data Driven
its not personal
6. Teacher Quality is key to improved schools
Teacher Quality should be measured by data driven results not by personality, popularity or seniority
Teachers should actively be focused on increasing STUDENT PERFORMANCE and ACHIEVEMENT
Teacher Quality
Is essential
7. According to principal Gregory M. Hodge, Committed teachers, who come to work early, stay late, and call parents if children dont show up can be just the thing students need.
A study conducted in 1998 by the Education Trust found:
Students who have several effective teachers in a row make dramatic gains in achievement
Teachers make a difference
8. Teacher Effectiveness
Changes Over Time
First 10 12 Years
Second 10-12 Years
Third 10-12 Years
9. If a student is fortunate to have a highly effective teacher for the first three years of school they will be well ahead of the curve.
If a student has an effective teacher they will be on the normal curve of achievement
If a student has a ineffective teacher they will be extremely behind the curve.
Highly Effective Teachers
prove to have the highest student gains in the classroom
Value Added usesTEST SCORES over a PERIOD OF TIME to show individual teachers EFFECTIVENESS
+ means that students gain abovea years required material
No Change means that students gains a years required material
- means that students gain below a years required material
10. When students are faced with ineffective teachers for a few years they fall behind
This is hurtful for the students
we need to shift Focus to Underperforming students and bring them back!
Maintaining Focus
Shed Patterns
11. Help Teachers be more Effective
School Leaders will use the data to get teachers the adequate resources to become more effective.
Ensure students grow Academically
School leaders will be able to take students who are falling behind and get them into the right classes so they are able to catch up quickly
Highly Effective Schools
Focus on continuous growth for students and teachers
12. Conclusion
One last look
13. References
Expert Opinion:Andrew Porter and Value-Added Assessment
Measure for Measure (Dallas Schools use of value-added)
Parents Can See Snapshot of Academic Progress
Value Added Assessment (questions/answers)
Roundtable Discussion of Value Added