JWING-MING - The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung

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Tai-chi, Chi-kung.

Transcript of JWING-MING - The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung

THE ESSENCE OF TAl CHI CHI KUNG -Health and Martial Arts-~ ~ ~ 1 ; QDR. YANG JWING-MING Cover: THE ESSENCE OF TAl CHI CHI KUNG -Health and Martial Arts-Use the Root of Tai Chi to Reach the Goal of Wu Chi. Dr. YANG JWING-MING DISCLA.Il\IER The author(s) andpublisher of this material are NOT RESPON-SIDLE inanymannerwhatsoeverforanyinjury whichmayoccur through reading or foilowing thc instructions in this material. Theacth;ties,physicalandothena.;se,described in thismaterial maybetoos trenuousor d angerousforsornepeople,a ndthe reader(s} should consulta physician befare engaging in them. ::\1ARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION {YMAA), 1990 FIRST PRI!\"TING,1990 All right resen.ed ISBN:0-940871-10-6 Printed in Hong Kong YMAA PUBLICATION CENTER YANG'S MARTIAL ARTSASSOCIATION(YMAA) 38 HYDE PARK AVE!\ttJE PLAIN, MASSACHUSETIS 02130 Paintcd byChow Chian-Chiu Text: It is ::aidth3tthe Song Taoist Chang San-Feng. after he saw the waya crane and asnake fought. created Tai Chi Chuan. which is effective for sick ness prevention and longe\ity. 1 have practiced Tai Chi for rnany decades and have \'erified this saying. 1 study Tai Chi everyday as aregular lesson 1 have achieved the deep Kung Fu, though 1 didn't realize it At the great age of eighty, m yheart is not yet old Climbing mountains and visiting scenes ha-,.e never Jost my interest Poetry by Chow Chian-Chiu Calligraphy by Leung Chen-Ying TransJation by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming -TII-ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Thanks toA. RezaFannan-Farmaian forthe photography,\Vcn-Ching Wu for the drawings, Michael W'iederholdfor the typesetting, and John R.Redmond forthe CO\'er drawing.Thanksalso to David Ripianzi.Rogcr Whidden Jr.,James O'Leary,Jr.,andmanyother \"MAA.membersforproofing themanuscript andforcontributing rnany valuable suggestons and discussions.Specialthanks to Alan Dougallforhisediting.Andavery s pecialthanks tot.heartists ChowChian-Chiu andChowLeungChen-Yingfortheir beautiful painting and calligraphy on thc front pagc of this book. -IV-ABOUT THE AUTIJOR Dr. Yang was born in Taiwan, Republic ofChina, in 1946.He started his Kung Fw'Wushutraining at the age of fifteenunder the Shaolin \\'hiteCrane 1; 11).i ~ M l m J I I-26-Chi Kung Training Theory In Chi Kung training it is important to understand the principie behindcvcrything youaredoing.Theprincipieis the root of your ;>ractice,and it is thisroot whichbrings forththeresults youwant. The root gives life, while the branches and flowers(results) giveonly temporary beauty.If you keep the root, you can regrow.If you have JUSt branches and flowers, they will die in a short time. Every ChiKun.gformorpracticehas itsspecialpurposeand theory.If youdo not know the purpose and theory, you have lost the root (meaning) of the practice.Therefore, as aChi Kung practition-er,youmust continue to ponder andpractice until youunderstand the root of every setor fonn. Before you start training, you must first understand that all of the training originates in your mind.You mu.st have aclear idea of what you are doing, and your mind must be calm, centered, and bal-anced.This also implics tbat your feeling,sensing,and judgement must be objective andaccurate.Thisrequires ernotionalbalance anda clear mind.This takes alot ofhard work, but once youhave reached this level you will have built the root of your physical train-ing,and your Yi(mind)\1\-illbeabletolead your Chithroughout your physical body. Asmentionedpreviously,ChiKungtraining includesfive important clemcnts: regulating the body,regulating the breath, reg-ulating the Yi(Mind),regulating the Chi,and regulating the Shen (Spirit).Thcse arethe foundationof successful ChiKungpractice. Without thisfoundation, your understanding of Chi Kungand your practice wilJ remain superficial. 1.Regulating the Body (Tyau Sbenn) Rcgulating tbe Bodyiscalled "'I)rau Shenn" in Chinese.This meanstoadjust your bodyuntilit isin themost comfortableand relaxedstate.Thisimpliesthat your bodymust becenteredand balanced.If it isnot,youwillbetenseanduneasy,andthis will affect the judgementof your Yiand the circulation of your Chi.In Chincsc medical society it is said: "(\Vhen) shape (body'sposture) is not correct, then the Chi will not be smooth.(\Vhcn) the Chi is not smooth,the Yi(Mind)willnot bepeaceful.(When) the Yi isnot peaceful,thenthe Chiisdisordered."(*12)Youshould understand that the r elaxation of your body originates with your Yi.Therefore, befare you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi).Thisis called'"Shenn HsinPyng Herng, "(1!< 13) which means "Bodyand heart (.Mind)balanced."The bodyand themind are mutually related.A relaxed and balanced body helps your Yi to relaxandconcentrate.When your Yiisat peaceandcan judge things accurately, your body will be centered, balanced, andrelaxed. .. .. (*13).-27-Relaxation Rela.xati.on is one of the major keys to success in Chi Kung.Yo u shouldrernember that ONLYWHEN YOU ARE RELAXED Wll..L ALL YOUR CHICHANNELS BEOPEN.In order toberelaxed, your Yimust first be relaxed and calm.When this Yi coordinates with your breathlng, your body will be able to relax. In Chi Kung practice there are threelevels of relaxation.The first leve}is the externa}physical relaxation, or postural relaxation. This is avery superficiallevel,and almost anyone can reach it.It consists of adopting acomfortable stance and avoidingunnecessary strain inhowyou stand andmove.Thesecondlevelisthe re.lax-ation of the muscles and tendons.Todo this your Yimust be direct-eddeepintothe musclesandtendons.Thisrelaxationvllhelp open your Ct channels, and will allow the Chi to sink and accumu-late in the Dan Tien. The final stage is therelaxationwhichreaches theinterna] organsandthebonemarrow.Remember,ONLYIF YOU RELAXDEEP INTO YOUR BODY WllL YOUR MINDBE ABLE TO LEAD THE CID 1'HERE.Only at this stage v.'i.llthe Chi be able toreacheverywhere.Then youwillfee)transparent - as if your wholebodyhad d.isappeared.lf you canreachthislevelof relax- ation, you v.iHbe able to communicate with your organs and use Chi Kung toadjust or regulatethe Chidisorders whichare giving you problers.Youalsobeabletoprotect yourorgansmoreeffec-theJy. and therefore s1ow down their degeneration. Rooting In all Chi Kung practice it is very important to be rooted.Being rootedmeans to bestable and in firmcontact withtheground.If youwant to push acar, you have to be rooted so the force you exert into the car willbe balancedby aforceinto the ground.If you are not rooted, when you push the car you , ....m only push yourself away, andnotmovethecar.Yourroot ismade up of your body' sroot, center, and balance. Befare youcandevelop your root.you must first relax andJet your body"settle."As yourelax,thetensioninthe variousparts of your body v..illdissol\'e,and youwillfindacornfortablc way to stand. Youv.illstop fighting the ground to keep your bodyup, and \'iill learn to rely on your body's st.ructurc to support itsclf.This lets thc muscles relax even more.Since your body isn't struggling to stand up, your Yi won't be pushing upward, and your body, mind, and Chia11be able to sink.If you Jet dirty water sit quietly, the impurities willgradually settledown tothebottom,leaving thewater abovcit clcar.Inthe same way,if yourela.xyour body enoughto let it settle, your Chi will sink to your Dan Tien and the Bubbling Wells in your feet,and your mind will become clear.Then you can begin to develop your root. To root your body you must imitate atree and grow an invisible rootunder yourfcet.This, ...ill giveyouafirmroottokeep you stable in your training.YOUR ROOT MUST BE WIDE AS WEIL -28-AS DEEP.Naturally,your Yi must g1owfirst,because it is the Yi which leadsthe Chi.YourYimust be able to leadthe Chito your feet, and be able to communicate with the ground.Only when your Yican communicate with the ground will your Chibe able to grow beyondyour feetandenter thegroundtobuildtheroot.The Bubbling Well cavity is the gate whichenables your Chi to commu-nicate with the ground. After youhavegainedyour root,youmust learnhowto keep your center.A stable center will make your Chi develop evenly and uniformly.If you lose this center, your Chi will not be led evenly.In order to keep your body centercd, you mustfirst center your Yi,and thenmatch your bodytoit.Only underthese conditionswillthe ChiKungforrosyoupracticehavetheir root.Yourmental and physicalcenteristhe keywhichenables youtoleadyour Chi beyond your body. Balanceistheproduct of rootingand centering.Balance includesbalancingtheChiand the physicalbody.It doesnot matter whichaspect of balance you are dealing with, first you must balanceyour Yi,and only then can youbalance yourChi and your physical body.If your Yi isbalanced, itcan help youtomake accu-rate judgements, and therefore to correct the path of the Chi flow. Rootingincludesrootingnot just thebody,but alsothefonnor movernent.The root of any form or movement is foundin its purpose or principie.For example,in certain Chi Kung excrcises you want to lcad the Chi to your palms.In arder to do this you must imagine t hat youarepushing anobject forwardwhilekeeping yourmuscles relaxed.In this exercise, your elbows must be down to build the sense of rootforthepush.If youraise theelbows, youlosethe senseof "intention" of the movement,because the push wouldbe ineffective if youwerepushing something forreal.Sincethe intention or purpose of themovement is itsreasonforbcing, younowhave apurposeless movement, and you have noreason to lead Chi in any particular way. Therefore, in this case, the elbow is the root of the movement. 2.Regulating the Breath (Tyau Shyi)~ \ t !Regulating the breath means to regulate your breathing until it is calm, smooth, and peaccfuLOnly when you have reached this point ,.,;u you be able to make the breathing deep, slender, long, and soft, which is required for succcssful Chi Kung practice. Breathing is affectedbyyouremotions.For example,when you areangry youexhalemore stronglythan youinhale.Whenyouare sad,youinhale more stronglythan youex