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Transcript of Just Culture

  1. 1. A Just Culture
    Cultivating a Dynamic Work Environment
  2. 2. You often hear that a good workplace "starts at the top".
    But what does that mean?
  3. 3. A truly successful business starts at the top and relies on a partnership between employer and employee.
  4. 4. Trust is key in establishing this partnership.
  5. 5. The three keys to building adynamic working environment
    1. Trust
    2. Communication
    3. Employee Engagement
  6. 6. Create an environment of trust & support
    Mistakes are a result of a process failure
    Redirect focus - no "blame game"
    Focus on the issues regarding process vs. person
    Involve staff with resolution
    Cultivate an environment that promotes critical thinking & problem solving
  7. 7. Communication
    Tailor communication to each individual
    Be modest, ask questions, listen
    Focus on strengths
    Talk about progress in meeting milestones
    Seek feedback
  8. 8. Employee Engagement
    Explain how an employee fits into the bigger picture
    Clarify expectations, roles and responsibilities
    Discuss what employees need to do a good job
    Identifying weaknesses within the processes
    Work collectively towards improving the process
  9. 9. The benefits of integrating the three key elements of a dynamic working environment are...
  10. 10. (No header)
    1. Increase productivity
    2. Improve performance
    3. Increase customer satisfaction
    4. Enhance workplace functionality
    5. Boost management / employee relationship
  11. 11. Successful implementation yields a happy workplace.
    Teresa Piercy