Junior Ranger Adventure Look through the exhibits at the Chickamauga Battlefeld Visitor Center to...

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Transcript of Junior Ranger Adventure Look through the exhibits at the Chickamauga Battlefeld Visitor Center to...

  • Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park Service National Military Park U.S. Department of the Interior

    Junior Ranger


  • The National Park Service, an agency of the United States Department of the Interior, protects many special places in all 50 United States and its territories. Within the boundaries of national park sites are special natural, historical, cultural and recreational resources. The National Park

    Service preserves and protects each of these sites so visitors today and those who visit in the future may enjoy, unimpaired, these special places.

    Many national park sites ofer Junior Ranger programs. These fun and educational activities provide young visitors an opportunity to learn more about the resources preserved and protected at each national park site. We encourage you to participate in Junior Ranger

    activities on each visit to a national park.

    You can also go online at www.nps.gov/webrangers and become a Web Ranger.

    This Junior Ranger Adventure book was made possible by the generous support of America’s National Parks.

    Images are courtesy of the National Park Service, Library of Congress, National Archives, Native Trees of Georgia, and the Alabama Department of Archives and History.




    Thank you for visiting Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. 2

    www.twitter.com/chickamauganps www.instagram.com/chickamauganps www.facebook.com/chickamauganps www.nps.gov/webrangers


    Junior Rangers always explore You can go on a hike.

    Junior Rangers Are always learning You can attend a Ranger Program.

    Junior Rangers help protect the park You can share your experience with others.

    » Explore the park! Be sure you and your family think about safety. Keep your distance from wildlife, stay on trails, and avoid hazards like steep slopes and rocks.

    » Complete all the activities on the required pages which are marked with an arrowhead.

    » You pick! Choose the rest of your activities based on your age.

    Ages 6 and younger Complete 3 activities

    Ages 7-11 Complete 6 activities

    Ages 12 and older Complete 9 activities


  • THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Welcome to Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park!

    The National Park Service (NPS) includes over 400 places of national importance. Each site may be important because of its natural, cultural, or historical resources

    - or sometimes even all three!

    Each location within the park is This is the nation’s frst national called a “unit,” and each unit is part military park, established of the NPS - just like a family tree! August 19, 1890.

    What other National Park Service sites have you visited? List some below. If you have not visited any other parks, list some you would like to visit.

    National Parks

    National Monuments

    National Historic

    Sites National Military Parks

    National Seashores

    National Recreation


    And even more!

    National Parkways


  • Check out the visitor centers at Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain Battlefelds, then get out and enjoy a car tour or hike! You will learn about the places below

    as you complete the book.

    Signal Point Find out about the park’s

    smallest unit on pp. 26

    Moccasin Bend Explore American Indian

    history and other park-related stories on pp. 27

    Lookout Mountain See pp. 20-23 to learn about the Battle Above the Clouds

    Orchard Knob Scout the site of Grant’s

    headquarters during the Battle of Missionary Ridge pp. 24

    Chickamauga See pp. 12-18 to learn about the events at Chickamauga

    Missionary Ridge Learn how the Battles for

    Chattanooga ended pp. 25

    Did you Know? Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park is also the largest national military park!


  • NATIONAL PARK BINGO Part of a park ranger’s job is to help visitors experience and learn about the park. Track your experiences by playing Bingo with the board below. Get four in a row or try for a blackout! Can you get them all?

    Hike a trail Take a picture with a

    state monument

    Collect the park stamp:

    Locate a monument smaller than you

    Find the tallest monument in the Find the NPS logo

    Find a tablet & write a colonel’s name:


    Meet a ranger or volunteer

    Name a family who lived on the Touch

    Find a monument taller

    View the battlefeld: than you orientation flm at

    Chickamauga a cannon

    (but do not climb!)

    Find an acorn on a monument. What is

    the regiment?

    High-fve a ranger!

    Travel along a Trail of Tears route

    View the Walker painting at

    Lookout Mountain


  • _______________________________




    WHERE ARE YOU? Visitors come from all over the United States and the world. Shade in your state on the map.

    If you are not from the United States, write the name of your country below.


    What state are you in now?

    What is the name of the battlefeld you are currently visiting?

    In which other state does the park also exist?

    What is the name of another site that is a part of this park?



    Interpretive Park Rangers share the park’s stories with visitors. They teach people about the park and its resources. They work at the visitor centers and lead activities like tours,

    hikes, and bicycle rides.

    When you visit a park, you may see rangers, volunteers, or other park employees. There are many jobs to do in the park. Here are a few of the jobs you can do:

    Resource Management Employees are here to rehabilitate cultural resources like tablets,

    monuments, markers, and cannon. They also work to restore the battlefeld landscape to its

    1863 condition.

    Design a ranger and you will be ready for the new job!

    Law Enforcement Rangers are the park’s police. These rangers drive the roads, climb the

    mountains, foat the river, and can be found almost anywhere in between.

    Facilities & Maintenance Employees are responsible for maintaining the

    buildings and grounds within the park. They mow the lawns, maintain the trails, and keep the

    visitor areas clean.

    What Job Would You Want?


  • LEARN WITH A RANGER » Attend a ranger-led program.

    » After attending the program, get the ranger’s signature on this page and answer the questions below.

    Program Title: __________________________________________________________

    Date: _______________________

    Ranger Signature: _______________________________________________________

    What was the program about?

    What is one thing you learned?

    If you were a ranger, what would you teach during a program?

    Did you Know? The U.S. War Department used Chickamauga Battlefeld to train soldiers in trench warfare during world War I.


  • FINISH THE MAP This map shows the diferent locations of the park, however, it is missing its labels. Use your brochure to match the letters on the map to the list on the right.







    _____ Orchard Knob

    _____ Signal Point

    _____ Missionary Ridge

    _____ Moccasin Bend

    _____ Chickamauga Battlefeld

    _____ Lookout Mountain


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    TIMELINE OF EVENTS When did these events occur?

    Put them in chronological order on the timeline below.

    B. Battle of Missionary Ridge

    C. Beginning of the Civil War

    H. Trail of Tears

    A. Fighting at Orchard Knob

    D. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park established E. Battle of Chickamauga

    G. Battle of Lookout Mountain

    F. End of the Civil War

    1816: John Ross establishes Ross’s Landing on the Today’s Date: banks of the Tennessee River



  • _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

    _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

    THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA On the morning of September 18, 1863, a ferce battle began at Chickamauga. Soldiers from multiple Southern and Northern states fought throughout the felds and forests. When the battle ended, on September 20, the fght cost the armies over 34,000 casualties.

    Name the state to which the fag corresponds.

    Did yo