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    Get your free wall chart inside

    and.... EVENmore areas


    Cabo Roig, Punta Prima & Playa Flamenca



    plus More ITV CHANGESBuying a house in SpainINTERNATIONAL WILLS


    www.thejungledrums.com JUNE 2010 N 72


  • and much much more!

    this month4/5 HAVE YOU GOT CRABS?Buying local fresh fish

    9 ANDREA BURNS... International Wills

    11 LIVING THE LIFE...Life as an expat

    13 ASK THE LAWYER...Buying & Selling a house

    17 NATURE...Tele-Birding

    18/19 LIFE ON AN URB...Goings on in Urban life

    21 HEALTH CARE IN SPAIN... Cover up!

    25 WHATS ON...? Get out & about


    33-39 FUN FUN FUN... Jokes and er...more jokes

    41 MOTORING...ITV changes

    43 COMPUTERS...Flickr 41 THE TROUBLE WITH SPAIN... Sport

    49 PUZZLES...Sooooo easy...

    51 HOROSCOPES...Stars in your eyes

    55 BUSINESS DIRECTORY... All the businesses youll need!

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    I got invited out the other nightby a lovely Spanish woman no

    less. A phone call from her and ten minutes later I was showered,

    changed and ready to go.

    Half an hour later we met in town and went for an aperitif in a

    quiet bar before moving on to the restaurant - Id booked it earlier,

    in-between the shower and getting dressed and it was here that

    we bumped into a couple of her friends. Three hours later and with

    several other friends and various members of her extended family

    in tow and a few more bars patronised - we were within spitting

    distance of the restaurant. The same restaurant where Id reserved

    a table in readiness for a cosy meal for twoand we should have

    been there two hours previously. But, as usual, when Im out with

    a beautiful woman...I was not using my brain to do the thinking

    and had left the restaurant number at home, so it was a case of

    pacifying the owner when we eventually got there.

    We got there at just after midnight. All fourteen of us. And, as ever

    in Spain, the owner didnt bat an eyelid when asked to make room

    for another dozen people at the cosy corner tablehow romantic.

    After another two and a half hours of eating and drinking and more

    eating, only interrupted by the Spanish family members asking

    (shouting) me questions all at once, and the end was in sight the

    restaurant was shutting. I got out, stuffed with the finest seafood

    and the cheapest wine, and with a back looking (and feeling) as if

    it was severely sunburnt after the whole lot of em had slapped me

    as an affectionate way of saying goodbye. I remember the soccer

    riots of the eighties and I got slapped more gently by gorilla-shaped

    Arsenal fans back then than I did on this night.

    But it was the end, and I could go home. Six hours, enough food to

    make Pat Butcher smile, and

    enough liquid to test the

    fittest bladder and it was

    overand there was me

    earlier in the evening just

    hoping for a quick nibble

    Also this month I had a rude

    awakening when I jumped out

    of my skin one night as I took

    the rubbish out and lifted the lid

    of the big grey bin to discover a Moro

    grinning at me (toothless) from the inside

    (with a miners torch on his head). After a

    quick hola he was back to it head down, and rummaging, - so

    I turned my attention to the adjacent bin, where a lot of noise was

    coming from, to find his wife, scouring the bags for her particular

    brand of treasureand another toothless smile complemented

    with a cheery Buenos Noches then she was back to it I love


    Heres a little gem I heard the other day about Ryanairapparently

    Michael OLeary walked into a Dublin bar and ordered a pint of

    Guinness, to which the barmen replied, thatll be 50 cents please.

    OLeary, not believing his luck, said My, thats mighty cheap, to

    which the barmen replied.Oh.were you wanting a glass with


    If only eh? Read on..and enjoy, Dave

    &Independent ConveyancingWills, Probate & InheritanceTax Advisors, Chartered Accountants & SurveyorsDefective & Illegal Construction ClaimsVehicle and Drivers Licence / Traffic RegistrationLitigation In All Law FieldsPEACE OF MIND FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE Plaza Calvo Sotelo 1(Below the British Consulate)ALICANTECantral plaza 30HONDON DE LAS NIEVESC/ Libertad 18 FORTUNAAv.de Madrid 60 PETRER


    Danielle Wright, 21 - model from GA & the pretty face of Jungle Drums,

    and Sandra Claderon Molina, 19 - Santa Polas Fiesta Queen, cheer on our teams.


  • HAVE YOU GOT CRABS ?...and fresh Santa Pola crabs at that the best crustaceans around (apart from a bowls team I saw last weekthey were good) and seriously good food. Good for your health, good to taste and, possibly more important at the moment, good for your pocket. However, this isnt a story just about crabs - that would be shellfish (geddit?) what weve put together this month is a guide to buying your seafood, seeing as most of you reading this will live within a reasonably short drive from Santa Pola- the Mediterraneans most important fishing port.Weve all heard the story of the loaves and the fishes where more than five thousand people were miraculously fed, with just five loaves and two fishes. If that was to happen todayand my mum could do it, she seems to be able to feed as many people as will show up - and the cupboards remain full. But put the loaves and fishes story into a modern context and wed probably just make a load of fish finger sand-wiches. thats what this article is about too really - the benefits of eating fresh fish, as opposed to a reconstituted mash in a burger bar called a Sea-mans Slice or something, are enor-mous. Fish has oils in it that promotes healthy functioning of the brain and heart and seafood is also generally low in fat and high in other important nutrients includ-ing Omega 3 - which I thought was a film with Michael Caine til I wrote this. So, apart from being one of the cheap-est and healthiest forms of food, fresh seafood is also very easy to buy around here, and as I said earlier, especially in Santa Pola. In this town which relies heavily on the one hundred strong

    fishing fleet that spend six days of the week at sea, we have an abundance of places to buy fresh and I mean that day fresh including most of the large supermarket chains that are represented in the area. However, it stands to reason doesnt it, that the closer you are to the town, the fresher your seafood will be. And within the town? Its more than likely that it is just a few short hours since your chosen meal was swimming around wondering what was for dinnerand then realisingit was. Thats how fresh it is. At the MERCADILLO in the centre of town youll find that days (or the previous depending on times) dis-played so that you can see the whole of the fish. Santapoleros know their fish and the vendors know what the locals wantgood fish and they will soon let the vendor know should the produce not come up to standard. Take a walk along the port in the evening and youll come across the small cabins lo-cated behind the town hall. Here youll browse the seafood of the day which is, once again, laid out (pardon the pun) in readiness for the local house-wives who will be along to natter, buy, natter a bit more and argue about the price, before bidding the vendor a fond farewelluntil tomorrow.Mediterranean people live longer than the rest of us (a miracle if youve seen them drive) and those in the know tell us that it is not least because of their diet of seafood. The fact that they can smoke about 50,000 fags (each) every day and still curl their toes up years after us just endorses the argument, so if you dont normally buy fresh fish, try it you may be surprised. Its simple to cook (well give you some ideas next month) and just as cheap as buying a slab of Salmon with three eyes from

    Buyeckistan or the like, and far tastierunless eyes are your thing I suppose. A walk along the prom, a cool beer and then buy your dinner. A little olive oil and garlic along with the fish in the pan and you have itdelicious, trust me.

    There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?" JOHN 6:9 (NKJV)

    Tips for Buying Fresh Whole FishFull, clear, bright eyes.Bright red or pink, clean gills.Fresh, mild odour.Shiny, brightly coloured skin with tightly adhering scales.Firm flesh, elastic to the touch, clinging tightly to the bones.

    Tips for buying live crabs, lobsters, and shrimp1. Legs should be lively when touched unless the crustacean is soft-shelled (such as soft shell crabs).

    2. The tail of a live lobster should curl under when lifted up. It should not hang limp.3. Shellfish should feel weighty, not light or dry.4. Raw shrimp should have translucent shells with a greyish green, a pinkish-tan, or a pink tint. They should be moist and firm, not mushy.

    Tips for buying live clams, mussels, oysters, scallops, and other molluscs1. Shells should be tightly closed. If they are open, they should shut immedi-ately when gently tapped. Discard

    gaping shells that do not close when tapped.2. Shells shou