June/July 2017 - University of 2017 Page 3 (hand quilted), technology based (hand or machine...

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Transcript of June/July 2017 - University of 2017 Page 3 (hand quilted), technology based (hand or machine...

  • June/July 2017

    Office Closed July 4

    Adult Beginning Quilt Camp

    July 17-21

    Youth Quilt Camp July 17-21

    AG Fair July 18-21

    Looking Ahead

    Leadership Training & Advisory Council

    August 16

    Cultural Arts Competition

    August 16

    Area Annual Meeting October 7

  • Mapping Our Future Leader Training/Advisory Council

    what else is out there.

    Everyone is invited to attend,

    but club leaders need to make

    a special effort to attend. This

    event will equip you with all

    the materials you need to

    have a successful club in

    Laurel County. Club

    Presidents will receive

    Homemaker Handbooks,

    recreation books, book lists,

    details on our new

    membership drive and more,

    so please make every effort

    to attend.

    Come join us for our Leader

    Training/Advisory Council on

    Wednesday, August 16th at

    10 AM as we start mapping

    our future for the Laurel

    County Extension

    Homemakers. Find out all

    about the wonderful

    organization that makes a

    difference in Laurel County

    and Kentucky.

    Homemaker Leader Training is

    an opportunity for all

    Homemakers to polish up on

    their leadership skills,

    encourage leadership in a

    person that so far hasnt taken

    a part, or just learn about

    Page 2 Laurel County Extension Homemaker

    Club Presidents

    You should have recently received forms to

    communicate your clubs 20172018 Club Officers and Chairmen, as well as,

    your Lesson Leaders for the upcoming year.

    Please remember to send these forms back to us as soon as possible. This will let us know who your club contacts are for each area.

    Thank you!

    Laurel County Agricultural Fair

    The Laurel County Ag Fair will be held on July 18th - July 21th at the Laurel

    County Fairgrounds. There will be rabbit, poultry, goat, lamb, feeder calf,

    market steer and heifer shows! Dont miss the livestock auction scheduled

    for Friday, July 21st at 7 PM. Also be sure to

    check out the 4-H and Horticulture exhibits on

    display during the shows. Exhibits will be

    collected on Tuesday, July 19th, 9 AM12 Noon.

    For more information call the Laurel County

    Extension Office at 864-4167.

    Dates to Remember

    Area Homemaker

    Annual Meeting


    October 7th

    Jackson County

  • Page 3 June/July 2017

    (hand quilted),

    technology based (hand

    or machine quilted),

    miscellaneous (hand or

    machine quilted)

    23. Recycled Art (include a

    before and after picture) -

    clothing, household,


    24. Rug Making

    25. Scrapbooking **** -

    Heritage Layout, Family

    Layout, Miscellaneous

    Layout, Collage Layout

    26. Wall or Door Hanging -

    Fabric, Other

    27. Weaving - Loom, Hand

    (macram, caning)

    28. Miscellaneous - Items not

    included in other

    categories listed,

    otherwise they will be


    ** The pillow category is for

    pillows made using techniques

    not included in other

    categories. Patchwork and

    quilted pillows are examples

    that may be entered in this

    category; however,

    needlepoint and embroidered

    pillows should be entered in

    their respective categories

    *** Quilts must be completely

    done by the KEHA member

    exhibitor. This includes


    **** Scrapbooking entries are

    limited to 1 or 2 pages. If the

    entire scrapbook is sent,

    please designate pages to be


    Our County Cultural Arts

    competition will be held on

    Wednesday, August 16th at

    the Extension Office. Check in

    will be from 8:30 AM - 10 AM.

    Items may be picked up after

    judging on the same day from

    2-4 PM. Items submitted

    must have been completed

    within the last year two years

    and never been submitted in

    the competition before. Items

    can be entered in the

    following categories:

    1. Apparel - Novelty, Basic

    Sewing, Quilted, Pieced,

    Appliqued, Accessory

    2. Art, 3-Dimensional -

    Carving, Sculpture

    3. Art, Natural - Wood,


    4. Basketry - Plain, Dyed

    Material, Novelty,

    Miniature (under 4 inch),


    5. Beading - Non-jewelry

    item/wearable, knitting

    or crochet with beads,



    6. Ceramics - hand-formed,

    molded, pre-made

    7. Counted Cross Stitch - 14

    Count & Under, 16-22

    Count, Specialty Cloth

    (linens, etc.)

    8. Crochet - Yarn, Thread

    9. Doll/Toy Making -

    Porcelain/china, Cloth,

    Handmade Toy other

    than Porcelain/China or


    10. Drawing - Pastels, Pen &

    Ink, Pen & Ink with Oil

    Roughing, Pencil-Black,


    11. Embroidery - Basic

    Embroidery, Crewel,

    Candle Wicking,

    Smocking, Ribbon,

    Machine Embroidery,

    Swedish, Tatting/Lace

    Making, Miscellaneous

    12. Felting - Wet Method,

    Needle Method

    13. Holiday Decorations -

    Spring, Summer, Autumn,


    14. Jewelry - Original Design,

    Beaded, Mixed Media

    (wire, chain maille, mixed

    with beads)

    15. Knitting - Hand

    16. Needlepoint - Cloth

    Canvas, Plastic

    17. Painting, Art - Oil, Acrylic,

    Water Color

    18. Painting, China

    19. Painting, Decorative -

    Wood, Metal, Other

    20. Photography - Black &

    White (mounted and

    framed), Color (mounted

    and framed)

    21. Pillows **

    22. Quilts *** - Machine

    Applique (Machine

    quilted), Hand Applique

    (hand quilted), Hand

    pieced (hand quilted),

    Machine pieced (hand

    quilted), novelty

    (stenciled, embroidered,

    miniature, etc.) (hand

    quilted), Novelty

    (stenciled, embroidered,

    miniature, etc.) (machine

    quilted), baby or lap

    County Cultural Arts Competition

    Homemaker Lessons

    for 2017-2018

    Extend Your Clothing Budget with Simple Sewing Skills

    Keeping Family Traditions

    Holiday Ideas

    Keys to Embrace Aging

    Making Family Mealtimes Meaningful

    Gardening Options for Everyone

    Toaster Ovens: Have Become New Again

    Savvy Sellers & Bargain Hunters

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