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Transcript of June Newsletter St. Joseph School - St. Joseph June Newsletter 6 St. Joseph School As a reminder,...

  • 1st ....

     Gr. 4 NYS Performance Science Exam

     Kindergarten fieldtrip: Kinder Farming 2nd ...

     Gr. 8 NYS Performance Science Exam 3rd ...

     Grades K-8 First FridayMass at 8:30

     May Student of the Month Assembly

     8th Grade Retreat 6th ....

     Grades 4 & 8 NYS Written Science Exam

     Confession for grades 2-8 7th….

     Field Days for Grades K-2 @ Austin Park @ 12:30

     Band Party 8th ....

     Field Days for Grades 3-5 @ Austin Park @ 12:30

     Grades K-2 to MCC 9th….

     Field Days for Grades 6-8 @ Austin Park @ 12:30


     Mass for grades 2-8 at 8:30

     Grade 4 to Holland Land Office

     Moving Up Day 10th-12th….

     Parish/School Lawn Fete 13th...

     Pastor’s Holiday: No School 14th….

     SOS Meeting at 7:00 14th-17th…

     Final Exams Week 15th…

     Kindergarten Graduation @ 10AM 16th…

     Gr. 8 Algebra 1 Common Core Regents 17th...

     Kindergarten Screening

     Gr. 8 Earth Science Regents 18th…

     Gr. 6-8 Dance 6-9PM 20th…NO SCHOOL– Teacher Record Day 21st…

     SOS Student Appreciation Pizza Lunch- free to all 1-8 students


     Prayer Service & Awards Ceremony beginning at 9:00

     Last day of school-Dismissal @ 11:15

     8th grade graduation @ 7:00

    has volunteered, contributed or

    supported our school at some

    point this school year. Whether

    it was sitting on a committee,

    monitoring lunch, selling

    tickets, coaching a sport,

    chairing or working on an

    event…I thank everyone who

    has given of their time, talents,

    and treasures to support and

    improve our school. I am

    sincerely grateful to everyone

    for their partnership and

    commitment to St. Joseph

    School! May God Bless You and

    Your Family with a Safe and

    Enjoyable Summer.

    Mrs. Karen Green

    Dear Parents:

    Summer is nearly upon us and

    I am sure that each of you has

    some great plans to enjoy the

    weather and extra time off. I

    pray that you will share some

    great family time and will

    return safely and refreshed for

    the 2016-2017 school year.

    St. Joseph School continues to

    be a great place to grow in faith

    and learn. Our goal is to

    provide an excellent Catholic

    education for your children and

    guide them to learn how to put

    their faith into action. I thank

    God for the many blessings we

    have and I pray that we

    continue to move forward in

    striving for excellence in all that

    we do!

    I could not possibly thank

    everyone in this newsletter that

    Final Exams

    An exam schedule for grades

    3-8 was sent home, posted to

    our school website, emailed to

    families and reproduced in this

    newsletter. Please refer to a

    copy of the schedule so that you

    and your children can prepare

    for the proper exams on the

    proper day. Students should be

    present for the exams and

    avoid appointments that

    week. The Diocesan

    Education Policy states that

    no make-up exams are given

    to students that miss an


    June Newsletter St. Joseph School

    2 0


  • As a reminder, for the 2016-

    2017 school year, we will

    continue to partner with

    FACTS Management

    Company to collect and

    process tuition payments.

    Reenrollment letters were

    sent home to each family

    that already has an account

    with FACTS. Any family that is

    not registered to pay their

    tuition should go to our

    website and click on FACTS

    tuition management and

    follow the necessary steps.

    This was to be completed by

    May 31, 2016 so that your

    child(ren) can be placed on a

    class list and text books can

    be ordered for them.

    If you are choosing to pay

    your tuition up-front for the

    coming school year, you

    should pay the school

    directly by August 1, 2016 or

    register on FACTS for a

    month that is convenient to

    have your tuition deducted.

    Families applying for

    financial aid will need to

    complete an application and

    submit the necessary

    supporting documentation by

    June 30, 2016. Applicants

    can begin to apply

    immediately on our website

    (www.sjsbatavia.org) and

    every effort will be made to

    notify families as soon as

    possible about the

    assistance available to them.

    worn well-groomed and

    clean and no coloring of hair

    is permitted. Boys hair

    should not be below the

    eyebrows or shirt collar.

    Please note: no colored

    socks are permitted with the

    school uniform.

    Please remember that girls’

    uniform jumpers and skirts

    must touch the knee for next

    year starting on the first day

    of school. Polo shirts must

    bear the St. Joseph School

    monogram. Parents, please

    pay special attention to the

    uniform section of the

    Calendar/Handbook. In

    regards to uniform policies,

    boys and girls hair must be

    Because of the setting-up

    for the Parish Lawn Fete, we

    will not be able to use the

    Church parking lot

    beginning on Monday, June

    6th through Tuesday, June

    14th. During this time we

    will have to use the library

    parking lot for parking in the

    morning and dismissal in

    the afternoon. It is not too

    late to volunteer to work in a

    booth for the Lawn Fete.

    Call the church office for

    more information (343-

    5800). We need the help of

    all of our families to make

    this event a success!! There

    will be no school on

    Monday, June 13th due to a

    Pastor’s Holiday!

    Students’ $25.00 fee for

    graduation caps and gowns

    is due in the school office as

    soon as possible. Caps and

    gowns will not be given out

    until they are paid for. 8th

    Grade Graduation will take

    place during a 7:00 p.m.

    Mass on Wednesday

    evening , June 22nd.

    8th Grade Cap & Gown Fee Lawn Fete

    FACTS Deadlines Page 2

    Ju n

    e N

    e w

    s le

    tt e


    Uniforms may be purchased

    at the Flynn and O’Hara

    store in Williamsville (5225

    Sheridan Drive [Georgetown

    Square] (716) 632-6581 ) or

    on-line www.flynnohara.com.

  • Scrip cards WILL continue to

    be sold through the summer.

    Mrs. Norton will be in the

    office Tuesday, Wednesday,

    and Thursday from 8:30-

    12:30. You can drop off your

    order or buy in-stock cards at

    these times. To our families

    who haven’t taken part in

    this program yet, PLEASE

    consider trying it out. Some

    families have saved

    hundreds of dollars off their

    tuition this school year.

    Once you start buying the

    cards, you’ll be amazed at

    how simple it is. Check out

    our current list of

    participating local and

    national businesses on our

    website. You’re going to

    shop at most of these

    stores/businesses anyway,

    so why not save yourself

    some tuition-money at the

    same time!!

    Please note: Scrips

    credit from purchases

    made after 5/1/16 will

    go toward 2016-2017


    There will be NO school on

    Monday, June 13th due to a

    Pastor’s Holiday. Clean-up

    from the Lawn Fete will be

    taking place on this day.

    School will resume on

    Tuesday, June 14th.

    Our Kindergarten Graduation

    will be held at 10:00 a.m. on

    Wednesday, June 15th in the

    cafeteria. In the past,

    siblings in grades 1-8 have

    been excused to attend

    graduation, however since

    graduation takes place

    during exam week, students

    in grades 3-8 will not be

    excused from an exam to

    attend the ceremony.

    If your child has lost an item

    of clothing, lunch box, etc. at

    some point this year, please

    take a look on the “Lost and

    Found” table located in the

    cafeteria. If these items are

    not claimed by the end of the

    school year they will be

    donated to a local thrift


    Congratulations to the

    following students for

    winning gift cards:

    Clarissa Milliman Gr 2 $50

    Ben Tomaszewski Gr. 6 $30

    Maylee Green Gr. 5 $20

    Also, the 2nd grade class

    raised the most money and

    will receive a pizza party.

    Thanks to all of our students

    who raised pledges, and to

    the many families who