June 2008 Newsletter - Diablo Woodworkers 2016-06-19¢  finished Rocking Chair for his ......

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Transcript of June 2008 Newsletter - Diablo Woodworkers 2016-06-19¢  finished Rocking Chair for his ......

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    October Meeting 2008 NEWSLETTER

    WEB SITE- http://www.diablowoodworkers.com

    Phone 925-939-8052 Pleasant Hill Education Center (PHEC)

    One Santa Barbara Rd, Pleasant Hill CA 94523

    Diablo Woodworkers ACTIVITIES. Club Meetings at PHEC are the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm and Shop Tours or Sawdust Sessions are the 3rd Saturday of the month, 9am-Noon.

    November 6, Turning SIG November 10, Router/Shop Tips SIG November 12, Ken Byers Miniature Furniture Artist November 15, Shop Tour, John Stout, Concord December 4, Turning SIG December 8, Router/Shop Tips SIG

    December 10, Member’s Projects Meeting No Shop Tour in December January 8, Turning SIG January 12, Router/Shop Tips SIG January 14, Michael Singer, Furniture Maker

    2008 Toy Project: We have already exceeded out goal of 600 Toys by about another 100. Thanks to Ron

    Kersey for getting the project going this year and a Big Thanks to all of the Toy Makers.

    The November Meeting is the time to bring in your Toy Project items. The week after Thanksgiving the Toys will be sorted for the 3 Holiday giving groups. Please make an effort to get the Toys to Bill Tarleton before Thanksgiving if they cannot be finished by

    the November meeting.


    Dr. Ken Byers has been studying and making Shaker furniture for over thirty years and making miniatures is his specialty. These delightful limited editions are in demand from museums, galleries, collectors and discriminating doll house enthusiasts’ world wide. Each piece is a replica of an existing museum masterpiece and made to exacting measurements. After many years as a successful furniture designer and manufacturer, Ken returned to school and took his doctorate in psychology, followed by more years of practice as a therapist, life coach and teacher at San Francisco State University. Miniatures are now his full time commitment. You can view Ken’s art at http://www.shakerworkswest.com.


    Members that have finished a project this year should bring it in to Show and Tell. Even a photo will be welcome if the project is too big to bring in. All projects that are shown at this meeting will earn the woodworker a very special Holiday Gift.

    Also if you can spare some special Holiday food, please bring it to the meeting to add to our annual social gathering with good cheer. Coffee and soft drinks will be served.


    Diablo Woodworkers A Club For All Woodworkers

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    We toured john's shop in 2003 and were all impressed with the innovative modifications he had made to some of his tools. I'm sure he will have some more surprises this time. John brought a show and tell picture of the front door to his house that he had embellished with a kind of marquetry and wood inlay. He has now been working on the garage door in the same manner. If the garage is anywhere near as good as the front door it must be the pride of the neighborhood. Direction: From Hwy. 680 take the Willow Pass Rd. off ramp East to Colfax.Turn right on Colfax and veer left onto Clayton Rd. Travel on Clayton Rd. about three and a half miles to Talisman Way. Turn left onto Talisman Way and drive four blocks to American Beauty Dr. Turn left onto American Beauty Dr. Drive to 1638.



    You need to see photos of the Martinez Jury Room Display Cabinets that David Wittenbrock has been maintaining. The displays are changed about every 3-4 months. The left cabinet is being changed from the Old Tools shown here to

    samples of the 2008 Toy Project. The right cabinet houses Diablo Woodworkers items. These wonderful Cherry Wood Display Cabinets are a big help in making Jury

    Duty just a little bit pleasant.

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    Show and Tell Photos from September Meeting:

    Gary Seybold showed several Treasure Boxes for the Toy Project

    Walt Hammer showed 30 Toy Cars for the Toy Project

    Dale Thompson showed a whole bunch of Cars and Airplanes for the Toy Project

    Rose Rosenthal showed a full box of Tops and Turned Lidded Boxes for the Toy Project

    Andy Anderson showed some really

    classic Treasure Boxes for the Toy


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    Allen Brueckner showed several gorgeous Toy Cars for the Toy Project

    Lloyd Gowen showed several Grasshopper Pull Toys for the Toy Project

    Dan Pacheco showed a bunch of beautiful Cars for the Toy Project

    George Schiller showed Doll Cradles and Grasshopper Pull Toys for the Toy Project

    George Lucido showed the

    finished Rocking Chair for his


    Dwayne Ruwe showed an

    Adirondack Chair that will be great

    next summer

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    Tim Killen showed his next generation of

    Windsor Chairs called a Comb Back and a

    Ash Stool

    Greg Davis showed a homemade Bench

    Dog and a Tool Box made by his 3 grand


    Bob Bean showed a beautiful Scrollsawed Trivet

    Bruce Thom sho some turned kno pull toys and a T

    Ernest Mehan showed a Plywood Table

    wed bs for rivet

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    John Lawson showed a Segmented bowl he made in Jim Rodgers Turning Class Gordon Fry is Chairman of the Flag Case

    Project and showed a new Flag Case. These Flag Case continue to be an important part of

    the Diablo Woodworkers activities in support of the Fire and Police families.

    Ed Steffinger showed some wonderful lidded Boxes Bruce Woods showed a Chess Board and a

    beautiful complex storage Box

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------


    The 2009 Toy Project needs a Chairperson. Any Volunteers?

    A Big Thanks to the members that built toys for the 2008 Toy Program. Give Bill Tarleton a call, 925-939-8052, to help out for the 2009 Toy Project or just make the toys and bring them to the meeting. If you need additional toy supplies, axles, wheels, wood, give Bill a call.

    What happens to the toys? All donated to charitable organizations. We are currently building for:  Monument Crisis Center, Christmas for Everyone, and Foster a Dream

    Router/Shop Concord, 925-6

    Turning Spe To join in the Tu

    Harold Mantle showed his busy recent woodwork. A large Blanket Chest, some homemade


    Tips Special Interest Group – Meetings at John Summers’ Shop, 1672 Clayton Way, 81-1407, the Monday before Wednesday DW meeting. Don't forget your hearing protection!

    cial Interest Group – Meetings in Room 207 at PHEC, 7pm the first Thursday of each month. rning SIG call George Lucido at 925-254-3659.

    Toy Project Goal of 600 Toys was exceeded by over 100 Toys.

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    We have Memorial Flag Cases, for a donation of $35 to the club, to families that have received a Military or Public Service Memorial Flag after the passing of a loved one. These cases will also be given out free to any local Fire or Police family member that is lost in the line of duty. Plans for these cases are on our club web site. Gordon Fry, 925-685-1676 is the Chairperson for this project. Call him if you know of someone that would like a Flag Case or would like some help building them.

    Flag Cases were given to several local police and fire fighting families in the last couple of years. It is our honor to help in memories of these men who lost their lives in their community’s service.

    Sign Up for Wooden Name Badges and Reminder: If you don’t have a Name Badge, contact John Stout 925-676-7271 and get one. They will be very important in getting discounts at local lumber yards and other stores in the area. While we are on the subject of discounts, if you can, the next time you find a convenient supplier ask if the club can get a club discount. We will gladly add them to our Favorite Supplier’s list and mail them a Newsletter. Wooden Name Badges sign up is ongoing. Contact John Stout to get on the list. The Wooden Name Badges will cost $5 each. John has several Wooden Name Badges that need to be picked up. Some are paid for and some not. Please contact John Stout at 925-676-7271.


    Tools For Sale/Swap, Jobs, Wanted: - Here is a place to advertise a job or your need to get rid of that little used but beautiful tool or supply or ask for something. Call Bill Tarleton 925-939-8052 or email btarl@comcast.net to get it in the Newsletter

    Diablo Woodworkers Logo and Members Name Shirts and other clothing are available from Marlene Pringle, see her at a coming meeting. She has a catalog of a large variety of garments that are available.


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    Diablo Woodworkers FAVORITE SUPPLIERS: Standard Saw Works, Inc., 181 10 th St., Oakland, CA 94607, 510-832-0856.

    Bay Area Carbide, 1843 East St., Concord CA 94520, 925-687- 7543. Sharpening of saw blades and router bits. Good stock of bandsaw blades, circular saw blades and router bits. Discount for club members on supplies.

    Hastings Saws, 888-223-7016, in Rohnert Pa