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  • ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL HEALTH Problem Gambling Services WELCOME Problem Gambling All Providers Meeting Hosted by Problem Gambling Service Staff June 12, 2014 GotoMeeting Webinar We will begin in a few moments.
  • 2 Webinar Etiquette and Structure Please mute your phone when not speaking to reduce background noise. *6 to mute *6 to unmute To minimize the GoToMeeting box from your screen, click on the orange arrow button. Click again to bring it back. Please hold your questions for all presenters until the end of their presentations of the webinar. You can use the chat box to ask questions at anytime during the webinar, and we will read and answer at the end of each presentation.
  • Agenda Items State Updates (10 minutes) Client Finding Outreach Strategic Plan (10 minutes) Presentation from Oregon Lottery on Helpline new look and feel (20 minutes) Presentation from Problem Gambling Student Research Grant: Does the Presence of a Casino Impact Community Youth Gambling Behaviors? (20 minutes) Presentation on data: Whos using special programs? (15 minutes) Use of Aftercare and billing codes (5 minutes) Questions and Answers (10 minutes) 3
  • State Updates Staff Updates- Treatment Site Reviews Prevention Meet and Greets Regional Trainings Fall Oregon PGS Conference- Newport, OR 4
  • State Updates Staff Update Roxann Jones, new PGS Prevention Coordinator The AMH PGS Unit is now fully staffed! 5
  • State Updates Treatment Site Reviews: Simon Williams, PGS Treatment Compliance Specialist Make sure final assessments are completed timely, and in the chart, and the service plan addresses the final treatment timeline component in the plan. Even though OARs remove the discharge summary from the treatment chart, the chart needs to have this information included in the documentation. 6
  • State Updates Prevention Meet and Greets, Roxann Jones, PGS Prevention Coordinator Hopes to meet with most of the prevention coordinators at the regional trainings coming up this summer; otherwise, will make a point to meet via phone calls, and in person as well. 7
  • Regional Trainings 6 trainings this summer (Albany, Tillamook, Baker City, Bend, Grants Pass and Portland area) 6 hours (lunch provided) 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Purpose: Strengthen local outreach plans/efforts Strengthen the relationship and collaboration between local treatment services providers, local prevention specialist and agency executives, along with state staff Help to develop regional collegiality among treatment providers and prevention specialists. Spark excitement, motivation and networking Encouraging PGS prevention and treatment providers, along with their program managers to make these trainings a priority regarding attendance. If you need a registration and/or subsidy form, email Patricia at patricia.alderson@state.or.us 8
  • Fall OR PGS Conference Slated for October 9 &10, 2014 Hallmark Resort, Newport, Oregon Keith Whyte, National Council, will be the featured speaker, as well as Jeff Marotta, talking about problem gambling, online gambling, as well as the past, present, and the future regarding this subject. Save the Date came out in an email to everyone; please mark your calendars A registration form and information will be coming out a couple months prior to the conference. 9
  • PGS Strategic Plan for Client Finding Outreach 2014-16 Client Finding Outreach Webinars-Completed Regional Trainings-In Process Development of statewide method for collecting and measuring outcomes New and updated outreach materials (brochures, canned presentations, etc.) Hire consultant to provide PGS outreach technical assistance and development of outreach plan. Add language to prevention contract stipulating a percentage of funds must be designated to outreach efforts. Development of PGS 5- year Strategic Plan to improve and support program structure 10
  • Helpline Web Page Redesign Presented by Shad Barnes Online Marketing Manager Oregon Lottery shad.barnes@state.or.us 503-540-1082 11
  • Replacing destructive thoughts with hope filled optimistic ones bring peaceful and confidence producing circumstances. 12
  • 13 WHY CHANGE? All efforts should lead back to the goal of engaging with more at risk individuals and families affected by problem gambling. Reach the at risk audience in a more effective, more relevant manner. Create a consistent look and feel that is pleasing to the eye, easy to read and commensurate with current media trends. Improve the capture and collection system to best capitalize on advertising and marketing campaigns. Above all, this process is about helping more people in need.
  • 14 CURRENT TRADITIONAL Brochures Posters Terminal Stickers
  • 17 RECAP Current designs are dated. Images convey sadness. Dark color schemes. Long copy. No hierarchy, what should the reader do. Where is the call to action? Where is the hope in recovery? Is this a web address or a phone number?
  • 18 THE MESSAGE WHAT TO SAY? Everything should convey a feeling of hope. Messages should lead to phone calls. Open, friendly, trustworthy, sensitive, non- judgmental. Emphasize that treatment is FREE and EFFECTIVE. Should use imagery and mention of Oregon and Oregonians whenever possible.
  • 19 BRANDING RECOMMENDATION In thinking about the name we want this to be bigger than a phone service. While the telephone is still the best way to connect, calling it a helpline feels too small in scale. OREGON PROBLEM GAMBLING NETWORK www.oregonproblemgamblingnetwork.org www.oregonpgn.org We will likely purchase additional domains.
  • 20 BRANDING RECOMMENDATION IMAGERY The images should convey a sense of hope, helpfulness, happiness and inclusion. People should be from all walks of life, genders, ages, ethnicities, races and should never display a look of despair or pain. Basically everyday people who make the viewer feel like they made a life decision to be healthy and are better for it. When possible, scenes should be Oregon-based. COLOR SCHEME Colors should be neutral to put emphasis on the images. Light, Inviting Combinations FONTS
  • 24 WEB DESIGN INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS Informational Video Minimal Copy Image Heavy Interactive Search Engine Optimized content Content Management System Update your own informationNOT THE ACTUAL LOOK JUST A GUIDELINE
  • 25 OREGON PARTNERSHIP FOR PROBLEM GAMBLERS All attribution goes to the Oregon Partnership for Problem Gamblers. It will include all the organizations that cooperate to provide this valuable service to Oregonians. Never any direct attribution to the Oregon Lottery, or any other specific organization.
  • 26 We are nearly final with logo development and color palettes. We also have received a statement of work from our digital agency that is going to help with some of the design work, and recently hired a creative agency to help create our next TV commercial. We plan to present first drafts in July and hopefully be final with re-branding by late August if not sooner. NEXT STEPS
  • Youth Gambling and its Association with Casino Proximity Ashley Reynolds 27
  • Casino Proximity and its Association with Youth gambling This study sought to determine if casino proximity is associated with youth gambling and its frequency. The 2012 Arizona Youth Survey was used (n = 66,127), analyzed using ordinary logistic regression and ordered logistic regression models. This study may aid prevention efforts in problem gambling since early-onset gambling was found to be a significant risk factor of at-risk gambling in adolescents (Winters, Stinchfield, Botzet, & Anderson, 2002), and adults with severe gambling problems are likely to have begun gambling at an earlier age (Volberg, Gupta, Griffiths, Olason, & Delfabbro, 2010). In order to prevent problem gambling, in either youth or adults, consideration is important to identify factors that contribute to early- onset gambling and its frequency. 28