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Transcript of Julie's Social Media Writing Portfolio

  • 1. INTRODUCTION Throughout the Social Media Writing for Journalism course at UCF, I watched my writing improve significantly. I learned how to write short and concise, and how to effectively capture images. In addition, I learned the importance of verifying sources and the impact that using various social media platforms can have on the publicity of a story. As an advertising and public relations student, I also learned a lot about the journalism industry that will be very useful in my career. Additionally, I was able to re-vamp my own branding on social media, making me more desirable for future employers. Overall, I thought this course was very informational and I hope it remains available for future students like myself.

2. To view story, please visit: socialmediawritingportfolio.wordpress.com/ profile 3. STORY 1: SOCIAL MEDIA LAUNCH PLAN Two Days Before Email letter requesting support goes out to Leanza and the others interviewed. Post article on blog. Launch Day- Friday 9 a.m.: Post introductory tweet with article link and picture. 10 a.m.: Monitor who is posting, tweeting and commenting on news story and respond to, thank and comment on those posts. 3 p.m.: Tweet article link again and connect to blog. 5 p.m.: Begin second round of monitoring. Day Two- Saturday 10 a.m.: Tweet article link again and connect to blog. 1 p.m.: Monitor tweet. 4. STORY 1: SAMPLE TWEETS Leanza did not have a Twitter account, so I decided to use the trending hashtag, #MissUCF2014, to help spread the word. 5. To view story, please visit: socialmediawritingportfolio.wordpress.com/ event 6. STORY 2: SAMPLE TWEETS Tweeting during the event allowed me to take advantage of the real-time feature on Twitter. Followers were able to keep updated about the event as it happened. 7. To view story, please visit: socialmediawritingportfolio.wordpress.com/juicin g 8. STORY 3: PINTEREST 9. STORY 3: TWITTER 10. To view story, please visit: socialmediawritingportfolio.wordpress.com/ data 11. STORY 4: FACEBOOK 12. STORY 4: TWITTER 13. UCF COMM WEEK: DRESS FOR SUCCESS Promoting the Dress for Success event demonstrates both my top social media engagement and my best community based work. Engagement: Unfortunately, I did not receive much engagement from any of my material from this class. But for COMM Week, I received retweets and favorites from those who were following the hashtag #COMMWeek2014. This taught me the importance of using hashtags to gain exposure. Community Building: When tweeting about the Dress for Success event, I felt a strong sense of community. Organizations throughout UCF were supporting the event with the same hashtag, #COMMWeek20144. Similarly, UCF organizations were retweeting my tweets to help gain exposure. In addition, creating a Storify allowed me to see exactly how many people were already talking about COMM Week 2014. 14. UCF COMM WEEK TWEET SAMPLE 15. Visit the Storify here: https://storify.com/kat_rag/ucf-comm-week-dress-for- success?utm_content=storify- pingback&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=sfy.co- twitter&awesm=sfy.co_ecov&utm_campaign UCF COMM WEEK STORIFY 16. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: LINKEDIN My LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/julie-aebersold/59/654/699 My LinkedIn has been completely re-vamped, please check out the Transformations section of this portfolio. 17. PINTEREST I used Pinterest to promote this story because users commonly rely on Pinterest for recipe ideas, so food is always a good thing to share on Pinterest, especially food trends and new ideas. 18. INSTAGRAM This visual allows people to see the food stand, and visuals of food always draw attention, right? When writing the copy, I decided to try to get a little creative with alliterations. 19. WRITING SHORT SAMPLES With these tweets, I decided to introduce the name of the individual and then connect it to a unique and interesting fact about them. 20. WRITING SHORT SAMPLES "UCF psychologist, Suzanne, put the break in Spring Break snowboarding in West Virginia. I wrote the copy for this, but it was posted on Camilo Echeuerri Bernals Twitter, which I do not have access to. The caption included a video- also posted on Instagram. 21. TWITTER B E F O R E No about me section cover photo No background No link to website 22. TWITTER A F T E R In order to increase my engagement on Twitter, I followed professional organizations that will help keep me up-to-date on my industry. About me section introduces my career goals in both a personable and professional manner. Portfolio is linked. Cover photo and background represent my desire to work within the travel and tourism industry. 23. PINTEREST B E F O R E 24. PINTEREST A F T E R In order to increase my engagement on Twitter, I followed professional organizations that will help keep me up-to-date on my industry. About me section is consistent with Twitter; links portfolio. Portfolio is linked. Boards are industry related, professional and personable while illustrating my career goals and interests. 25. LINKEDIN B E F O R E I did not have a LinkedIn account set up. 26. LINKEDIN A F T E R About me is consistent with Twitter and Pinterest. Summary discusses career goals. Profile picture is professional. 27. LINKEDIN A F T E R 28. LINKEDIN A F T E R Over the semester, I managed to make 158 connections by constantly checking the People you may know section. 29. LINKEDIN A F T E R I believe networking is the best way to keep moving forward in an industry, so Ive followed industry leaders and joined industry- related groups.