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  • 1. VP CommunicationsModern reputationmanagement

2. What Is Public Relations? Public relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what yousay and what others say about you. Public relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aimof earning understanding and support and influencing opinion andbehaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintaingoodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and itspublics.(CIPR) 3. Why Is Public Relations Important?British industrial leaders rate a companys reputation as most valuable assetReputation management - Every organisation, no matter how large orsmall, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success The hallmark of innovative companies Voice and visibility in the industry Dialogue with key communities Competitive advantage Enhancing access to funding Creating premium value Attracting recruits and partners 4. Media Relations 5. Creating Intelligent Content Not JustNoise making a companys news,services, vision and expertiserelevant and compelling to the journalist and media 6. Media Relations Tactics storylines press releases editorial Feature research and response issue led thought leadership articles How to-Articles comment 7. Media Relations TacticsStorylines - aimed at tier one business, national and IT tradeResearch and respond to current high profile news: The Icelandic Cloud and how this might have impacted on the countrys data centres and undermine its data centre proposition. Data centre services company comments A major security breach lost files and lost disks with sensitivegovernment or customer information,Security provider comments 8. Media Relations TacticsPress releases - Pitching releases to create maximum interestGeneral low level news announcements i.e. technical upgrades, , office move, mid management appointments, awards etc. distributed across online news sites placed on the company website Big news such as customer wins, new partnerships, company financials,new technology direct approach to target journalists use the companys news story as a teaser to generate interviews andengagement. 9. ebrc Wins "European Award for Cloud Services"LUXEMBOURG --(Business Wire)-- ebrc, Luxembourgs leading provider of highly secure cloud, managed ICT and data centre services (http://www.ebrc.lu/) has won the "European Award for Cloud Services", presented at the 5th Annual Data Centres Europe Awards (http://www.broad-group.com/events- and-awards) in the Merchant Taylors Hall in London. Hosted by consulting firm BroadGroup, the prestigious awards recognise the leading players in the European data centre and cloud sectors and are an international benchmark reference in the ICT industry. Speaking at the award ceremony on 13 June, Ashley Davis, chairman of the Judges Panel said: "The quality of the entries this year was among the highest ever. This reflects both the growth and confidence of the data centre sector across Europe and its quest to achieve excellence. Finalising the shortlisted candidates this year was more difficult than ever, and we applaud all companies who took part in the process." With thislatest industry recognition, ebrc reinforces its offer branding based on the notion of TRUST - Trusted Data Centre Services, Trusted Managed Services, Trusted Cloud Europe Services, Trusted Resilience Services and Trusted Advisory Services. (www.TrustedCloudEurope.com ) "The award testifies ebrcs ambition to design and build a Trusted Cloud, compliant with regulatory mandates and meeting Cloud Security Alliance requirements. Our teams are driven by excellence, innovation and the desire to offer unique, high value-added services to the European ICT industry. These recognitions are essential to giving our one-stop-shop offer an international visibility," commented Yves Reding, CEO, ebrc. 10. Media Relations TacticsEditorial features editorial Feature research across target media for topics relevant to a companys industry/sector offer expert comment or access to customer or partnerIssue led articles signature articles by company experts adapted for trade, vertical industry publications content for the companys website journalist want to hear from experts 11. Media Relations TacticsHow to-Articles how-to articles reach a wide audience of decision makers and decisioninfluencers serve as source of company expertise and often reside online indefinitely. media like information that provides insight Comment opportunities for company spokespeople to provide comment on currentand relevant news, social media discussions and blogs. 12. VP Communications Based in London, blazed into life in London in 1990 Boutique PR agency specialising in the IT and business to business sectors Worked across all technology disciplines Deep understanding of the market penetration issues to be successful inthe consumer, SMEs, enterprise spaces and communicating at CXO level Make tech accessible to the business audience making technologyrelevant International network. Handled UK and EMEA public relationsprogrammes for leading brands. Passionate about innovation - developed innovative digital and socialmedia services. Key focus on measurement and ROI