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Innovate 2016 Integrating Big Data, Hyperion and OBIEE Jeff Shauer, Owner, JS Business Intelligence
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Transcript of JSBI Presentation Big Data Hyperion OBIEE Integration16 2

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Integrating Big Data, Hyperion and OBIEEJeff Shauer, Owner, JS Business Intelligence

Innovate 2016

Innovate 20161

Speaker BioJeff Shauer founder and owner of JS Business IntelligenceWorked as a consultant, contractor, and employeeExperience in developing, maintaining, owning, and managing financial planning systems at small, medium, and Fortune 500 corporationsBIWA Board Member

Innovate 2016DisclaimerThese slides represent the work and opinions of the presenter and do not constitute official positions of Oracle or any other organizationThis material should not be reproduced without written permission of JS Business Intelligence, LLC. We are not responsible and will not compensate to you if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of this information.

Innovate 2016AgendaOverviewWhen to use Big Data, Hyperion and OBIEE IntegrationHow to integrate Hyperion only into OBIEEHow to integrate Hyperion and Relational DS into OBIEEDashboard Integration of Data Sources--Drill down to other details OptionsQuestions

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ObjectivesUnderstand the value of Hyperion, Big Data and OBIEE IntegrationUnderstand the business and technical pieces of how to integrate Big Data, Hyperion and OBIEEDiscuss how to automate the process

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Big Data, Hyperion and BI Integration Session OverviewIncluded:--Value of Hyperion, Big Data, BI Integration--How to Integrate Big Data, HyperionHyperion -- Integration Tips

Not Included:--Complex multi-cube Hyperion and OBIEE Integration--Integration and Maintenance Concerns with Integration--Other data source integration in OBIEE

Innovate 20167BusinessTechnologyAnalysisSubject Matter KnowledgeHyperionInformaticaOracleBI IntegrationWhat is BI? BI=Business + TechnologyForecastingBI End user reportingBig Data

Innovate 2016What is Big Data, Hyperion and BI Integration?Combining Disparate data sources into 1 Integrated Reporting Source for Analysis.Let users worry about the data they want to retrieve and not worry about the source Allowing users to do advanced analytics, utilitize large data sets, enter data and calculate numbers with the power of Hyperion, Big Data but also have the flexibility of Reporting in OBIEEThe elimination of the need for EIS/Studio drill-thru

Innovate 2016

So much possible Data and its a mess!

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Why do it? The value of Hyperion, Big Data and OBIEE IntegrationEasily include Budget and Plan data into OBIEE ReportingIntegrated advanced analytics and large quantities of data into an easily reportable source OBIEE, e.g. Customer Segmentations, FraudAnalyze Structured and unstructured data together, e.g. Web LogsUse one overall main reporting sourcePlan for a business that is proactive and not reactiveMachine Learning algorithms that alert the business to issues all the way down to alerts in OBIEETake advantage of OBIEE Alerts and let executives know when to review dataBudget Shortfall, Inventory Shortage, etc..Structure data so that it can be found based on clear content and structureReal Time and Caching

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Put it together and Clean it up so you can use it!

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Keep integration simple and direct.Too much information and the purpose of the integration is lost.Cut down on information overload. Make the end product easy for users!

Integration Tips: Simplicity12

Innovate 2016Hyperion pure integration into OBIEEno relational source integration

Ok to use Value hierarchies for parent child dimensionsSkip Gen 1 setting turn onAlias vs. Member namesuse Aliases and bring in additional fields/UDAS as needed

Innovate 201613

Hyperion pure integration into OBIEEPure Integrationskip Gen 1 levels in Hyperionb/c Totals you dont need..

Innovate 2016Hyperion pure integration into OBIEEHierarchy TypeValueFor Parent Child Hierarchies that are uneven

Innovate 2016Hyperion pure integration into OBIEEAlias Usageselect Member names or Alias Usage.. Can also select Columns

Innovate 2016Hyperion integration into OBIEErelational source integrationOBIEE is Relational and Levels focusedthat is how it wants to view and integrate with Hyperion.Do not use Value hierarchies for parent child dimensions, need to have Skip Gen 1 setting turn off

Innovate 201617

Hyperion integration into OBIEErelational source integrationAlias vs. Member namesneed to pick out Exactly where pieces come togetherUse the same underlying data source for Integration if possible.Rebuild Hyperion cubes if neededSync up concat Hyperion dimensions

Innovate 201618

Hyperion pure integration into OBIEErelational source integrationWhere this can go wrongDifferent underlying Data sourcesNo Flexibility to create oracle/obiee synch dimensions/MembersHyperion Hierarchies that are parent child and relational Level HierarchiesDifferent business owners for OBIEE and HyperionMake sure company can collaborate and work together..

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Hyperion and relational integrationmap to levels

Map Hyperion and Relational side to logical levels

Innovate 2016Hyperion and relational integrationmap to levelsMap relational fields using logicalLevels. Match up fields.

Innovate 2016Hyperion and relational integrationstepsLine up cubesfirst create pure Hyperion CubeThen create matching relational only modelFinally create integrated Hyperion and relational model

Innovate 2016OBIEE Big Data integrationstepsImport new Physical Data souce 12CHadoop or Cloudera

Innovate 2016OBIEE Big Data integrationstepsMake sure ODBC Drivers are setup to and from Source, need to math RPD OBDC NameDrag over to rest of RPD

Innovate 2016OBIEE Big Data integrationTipsHive Access can be slow, be aware of how large a data set you are usingImpala also has a data source that can be used. Latency for Impala queries was betterUse caching/offloading strategy for large data sourcesCan use Real-time Streaming to setup data sources and OBIEE to access data. Can use Hadoop as dumping ground for data that you dont ETL/have access to otherwise Look forward to using additional Big Data SourcesSpark, etc as time goes on!

Innovate 2016Big Data, Hyperion and relational integrationsteps in OBIEEDemo of basic steps in OBIEE Admin tool..

Innovate 2016Big Data, Hyperion and relational integrationPutting it all togetherIdentify map out user common requests and group them togetherTell a story with your dataShow users clearly and easily where to get different pieces of data, the more integration/combing/less thinking users have to do the happier they will be!

Innovate 2016Key TakeawaysUnderstand the business value and how to integrate Big Data, Hyperion, and OBIEE.Understand the capabilities and how to do integration using Big Data, Oracle Hyperion and OBIEE.

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Innovate 2016Thank YouPlease complete your evaluation formJeff Shauer, How to integrate Big Data, Hyperion and OBIEEFor further questions, contact information is:[email protected]: 240-205-3042http://www.jsbusinessintelligence.comTwitter: @BIWA_SIG


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