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J.S. Paluch celebrates 100 years of serving the Catholic Church. Discover all the great products and services JSP and the music and liturgy division, World Library Publications (WLP), has to offer. Learn about the company history through a timeline that runs across the bottom of each page.

Transcript of J.S. Paluch 100th Anniversary Catalog

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    Table of ConTenTs:Church Bulletins ........................ 4-6Online Bulletin Support Tools ... 7-9Bulletin Support ................... 10-13Childrens Bulletins ............... 14-17Calendars ............................. 18-19Printing Services .................. 20-23Worship Resources ............... 24-29Voices As One ....................... 30-33Ceremonial Binders .............. 34-35Roman Missal ....................... 36-37Liturgy Planning ................... 38-39Liturgical Formation ...................40Religious Education ....................41Prayer & Formation .............. 42-45For Parish Ministers .............. 46-47Spanish & Bilingual Resources .............................................. 48-49Seasonal Prayer .................... 50-51Certificates ........................... 52-53Contact & Directory .............. 54-55

    Dear Colleague in Ministry,

    It is with great pleasure that, as we write this, the J.S. Paluch Company is entering our 100th year of serving the Catholic Church and its faith communities. This continued service to the Church is more than just what we do. It is who we are.

    Our long history provides a strong foundation for responding to the diverse and changing needs of your parish and your parishioners. We take this privilege and responsibility very seriouslyour work is a labor of love that inspires our family and our employees on a daily basis.

    From the millions of weekly parish bulletins we print to the unique and inspiring content we provide for them; from the hymnals and missals we publish that enhance the prayer lives of so many to the books, calendars, music, and recordings our authors and artists create we are your partner in ministry.

    As the Church has endured changes and growth, so has J.S. Paluch. We were there with you through the Second Vatican Council and the more recent updates to the new English translation of The Roman Missal. We were incredibly honored when our efforts were recognized in 2012 by the Catholic Press Association (CPA), the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP), and the Music Publishers Association (MPA). All three of these prestigious organizations awarded the WLP Deluxe Edition of The Roman Missal, Third Edition, first place in the categories of Design and Production and Graphic Excellence Book Design and Folios. Learn more on page

    37 and discover the new Personal Roman Missal Edition, ideal for study and travel.

    We are also very proud to announce the new design of the J.S. Paluch logo, seen here. This new logo bridges our past with our future. The original JSP logo featured the Chi-Rho, which invokes the crucifixion of Jesus. The new mark has a more modern version of the Chi-Rho, with the P also standing for Paluch. The two colors, divided by a strong diagonal, show the forward movement of a company that has been serving the

    Church for 100 years, and will continue to serve for many more. The new look is contemporary and shows the companys commitment to keeping up to date with the changing face of technology while never wavering in our support of the Church.

    With this monumental anniversary on the horizon, we invite you to join us in sharing some of the extraordinary memories and achievements of J.S. Paluch by browsing through this catalog, paying special attention to the timeline that runs along each page. Discover the historical moments that have shaped our history, as well as yours. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you for 100 more years to come!


    Bill RaffertyMary L. Paluch Rafferty, grand-daughter of John S. Paluch

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    Our areas Of financial suppOrt include:Underwriter of the Annual J.S. Paluch Vocation SeminarWeekly Parish Bulletins to more than 3,000 churchesVocation & Stewardship-themed CalendarsNational Federation for Catholic Youth MinistryNational Conference of Diocesan Vocation DirectorsNational Association of Pastoral MusiciansSouthwest Liturgical ConferenceLos Angeles Religious Education Congress

    National Catholic Education AssociationNational Religious Vocation Conference

    University of St. Mary of the Lake/ Mundelein SeminaryCatholic Theological UnionAmerican Guild of OrganistsNational Catholic Council for Hispanic MinistryAmerican Federation Pueri CantoresFederation of Diocesan Liturgical CommissionsHomilies.netNorth American Forum on the CatechumenateHouse of BrigidRensselaer Program of Music and Liturgy

    National Black Catholic CongressLA RED - National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil HispanaMid-Atlantic Congress & the Association of Catholic PublishersAsociacin Nacional de Sacerdotes Hispanos en Estados Unidos

    partner and cOrpOrate leader in stewardship

    The J.S. Paluch Company, Inc. (JSP) shares a significant portion of its profits with Catholic parishes through its business model of revenue sharing from bulletin publishing services. JSP also supports the Catholic community through continuing education for ministerial professional development; university-level music and liturgy programs; outreach programs; Catholic broadcast media services to the homebound; local, national, and international conferences and conventions; and our National Vocations Awareness Division.

    The service JSP has provided to parishes for 100 years is a stewardship success story like no other. JSP continues to offer state of the art printing processes and provides the highest quality products and resources to the Catholic community. As an active corporate member of the Church body, JSP is a beacon of light in support of ministry and evangelization.

    Our cOmmitment to support and assist communication between parishes

    and parishioners.

    to enhance the liturgical experience and faith life of believers.

    to serve the singing, praying, and initiating church.


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    J.S. Paluch Company began as Merchants Press, located on Chicagos north side. It was founded by John S. Paluch.

    This is the first printing press Chester J. Paluch operated. It was built in the early 1900s.

    Paluch Founder: John S. Paluch

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    John initially printed religious materials for local Catholic parishes, including baptismal and marriage certificates. With business quickly expanding, he soon added devotional pamphlets to the services the Paluch Company provided.

    Church Bulletins

    With J.S. Paluch Company, you are GuaranTeed a generous bulletin benefit package each year, including free bulletins, software, training, and resources!

    Thats why churches have trusted us for 100 years.

    Benefits of JSP Bulletins:

    The besT in prinTinG TeChnoloGy. We use the same type of printing plates as the New York Times

    bulleTins are available in a varieTy of Colors and paGe opTions. Whatever the needs of your parish, J.S. Paluch will work with you to meet them while staying within your budget. Connect your community to your parish announcements, events, prayers, scripture, and more.

    desiGn iT your way! You can use any type of design technology to create your bulletin. We support Adobe Indesign, Adobe Acrobat, Quark, Publisher, and more. Plus, we are pleased to provide you with Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Acrobat software for free. We can install it for you, too!

    Four-color Bulletins Black and White

    no maTTer how biG or small,

    your parish is imporTanT To us.

    we wanT you To be our bulleTin CusTomer

    for life!

    your bulleTins will arrive on Time every week wiTh qualiTy fed-ex shippinG. we provide you TraCkinG numbers!

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    Merchants Press became theJ.S. Paluch Company, Inc.

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    J.S. Paluch is and continues to be a family-owned company. Christmas party in the lunch room of the first J.S. Paluch building.

    you have full and free aCCess To Jsps subsCriber resourCe CenTer and Clip arT library that includes 7000+ images in black and white and in color. (newbeautifully designed photographic art with English and Spanish-language text options added weekly.) Plus formational text content and weekly online images. New images added every year! See page 7.

    speCial oCCasion bulleTin covers are also available for Palm Sunday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Call to learn about this benefit. 800-621-5197.

    free bulleTin bindinG serviCe An important tool for your church archives.

    Create a permanent record and a basis for building a parish history Keep a ready reference of parish activities and particpants Attractive hardbound format is likely to be kept at hand or

    safely stored for future reference

    *Note: Free binding service applies to Sunday advertising-supported bulletins only. No other materials (other newsletters, etc.) may be included due to bindery restrictions.


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    With the company expanding services to churches outside of the Chicagoland area and the production of advertising bulletins spreading across the country, J.S. Paluch moved into a new and much bigger building on West Winnemac Avenue in Chicago.

    Church Bulletins

    J.s. paluCh bulleTins earn your parish money ThrouGh bulleTin adverTisinG!

    benefiTs for The parish: J.S. Paluch employs a team of Ad Sales

    Representatives that work for your parish to sell the advertising that appears on the back of the bulletin. This leaves you time to focus