Journey to Beijing and Harbin, China November 3 to November 11, 2011 ...

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Journey to Beijing and Harbin, China November 3 to November 11, 2011 Dr. J. Hugh Dwyer, Executive Director The Central Intermediate Unit # 10 The “Go To” IU!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Journey to Beijing and Harbin, China November 3 to November 11, 2011 ...

2011 Chinese Bridge for American Schools

Journey to Beijing and Harbin, China

November 3 to November 11, 2011 Dr. J. Hugh Dwyer, Executive Director The Central Intermediate Unit # 10


2Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. Confucius2011 Chinese Bridge for American SchoolsJourney to Beijing and Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China November 3 to November 11, 20113The Central Intermediate Unit # 10The cautious seldom err. Confucius


Ni haoHello, Welcome to my school.2011 CHINESE BRIDGE for AMERICAN SCHOOLSIs it not a pleasure to learn something and put it into practice at due times?Confucius6If one learns but does not think, one will be bewildered. If one thinks but does not learnfrom others, one will be imperiled. Confucius7

Meeting with HeilongjiangProvince Principals.Harbin City Why Study Chinese Mandarin and Culture in American Schools?Expand world language opportunities for high school students.Offer AP Chinese Mandarin Course to your top students.Extend Chinese language study and cultural studies to elementary and middle school students.Offer student and teacher exchanges with sister Chinese schools.Make your community attractive to international businesses considering moving to Pennsylvania. Bloomberg cites English, Arabic and Mandarin as the three most used languages for international business. Strengthen your students assets and employment opportunities.


High School ModelUnited Nations Debate9High School Attached To Harbin Institute Of TechnologyDebate Topic :Debate Topic: Crisis Korean supertankerhighjacked by pirates. SPONSORSThe College Board - Who has brought you AP Courses, The SAT and Other Educational Services.Hanban Part of the Chinese Education Ministry. Hanban is committed to providing Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services to the worldConfucius Institute - a non-profit educational organization jointly established by China and other countriesCIU # 10 Board of Directors The Go To IU !1011

ConfuciusHigh School AttachedTo Capital Normal UniversitySchool Goals:First Class Nationwide;Well Known WorldwideSchool Moto:Self-disciplined,Conscientious,Pragmatic, andInnovative!12

Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher whose teachings have deeply influenced Eastern thinking - especiallyChinese thought and life. ConfucianPhilosophy emphasized personal andgovernmental morality, correctness ofsocial relationships, justice and sincerity.Confuciusc.551 B.C. c. 479 B.C. HANBAN/CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE MISSIONHanban and The Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing share the same staff while holding two banners.Their Mission isSatisfying the global needs of people learning Chinese from different countries around the world;Promoting the understanding of Chinese language and culture around the world;Enhancing educational and cultural cooperation between China and other countries;Developing friendly relationships with other nations;


14Harbin fourth gradermaking dumplings MISSION5. Promoting multicultural development in the world; and 6. Contributing to the establishment of a harmonious world as a whole.15Study as if you were never to master it; as if in fear of losing it. Confucius16Young Pioneers Club Fourth Grader, Panda, Foreigner

Young Pioneers Club - 4th Grade Artist, Panda, Foreigner MAJOR PROGRAMS OF HANBAN/CONFUCIUS INSTITUTEConfucius Institutes and ClassroomsChinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency CompetitionsChinese Bridge Delegation for Head-TeachersChinese Bridge Summer/Winter Camp for Foreign StudentsThe Program of Volunteer TeachersChinese Test ProgramsConfucius Institute Scholarship ProgramThe Program of Three Tours (Performance Tour, Lecture Tour, Exhibition Tour)17 College Board/Hanban Initiatives The Chinese Language and Culture InitiativesChinese Bridge for American SchoolsChinese Guest Teacher ProgramAP Chinese Summer InstitutesChinese Language and Culture Presentation ToursConfucius Institutes/Confucius Classroom ProgramNational Chinese Language Conference18 HUGHS PROFESSIOAL GOALS Learn about the Chinese education system.Establish a professional relationship with American Delegation members and College Board representatives.Establish a professional relationship with Chinese educators.Visit Chinese high schools and primary schools.Speak with Chinese students.Bring back teaching resources for CIU # 10 Schools.


20PrimarySchoolMascot:The Ox HUGHS PERSONAL GOALSVisit and explore China and my seventh continent.Meet Chinese people.Learn about Chinese culture, history and every day life in China.Visit The Great Wall.

21Of a gentleman who is frivolous none stand in awe, nor can his learning be sound. ConfuciusYou dont need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Dylan Heilongjiang Group # 1Four Hundred Delegation members visited Beijing and seven provinces across China. Hugh was in the Heilongjiang Group # 1 with 32 Delegates. Heilongjiang Group # 1 went to Harbin in the northern Heilongjiang Province. Is it not a delight to have friend coming from afar? Confucius22


Heilongjiang Group # 1 Harbin Airport2011 Chinese Bridge for American Schools Delegation Heilongjiang Group # 1 Thirtytwo Delegates from PA, NY, NYC, CT, PR, DC

1 ESA executive director3 Assistant superintendents1 Instructional coach1 Director of technology4 World language department chairs1 Private school director3 Elementary principals

24 THE DELEGATES1 Chinese teacher5 High school principals2 College Board representatives3 Assistant principals1 Middle school principal1 Early childhood director25 ITINERARY November 3 to November 11, 2011Day 1 Depart USA/Arrive in Beijing.Day 2 Tian an men Square, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall; Group Orientation/ Introduction to Regional Education by 7 Regional Representatives from Provinces.Day 3 Hanban/Confucius Headquarters; Lama Temple; Opening Meeting at Beijing Foreign Studies University Welcome and Lecture on Chinese Education; Welcome Banquet and Student Performances.


Sojourner-Philosopheron the road to knowledge ina foreign land.To be fond of learning is near to wisdom.ConfuciusItinerary continuedDay 4 Fly to Harbin, Heilongjiang Province; Education Forum with 60 Chinese Principals from Across the Province; Welcome Banquet; Hugh Selected to Represent Heilongjiang Group # 1 to Make Introductory Speech.Day 5 Visit High School Attached to Harbin Normal University Student Led Campus Tour; Observe and Participate in Model United Nations SessionDay 6 Visit OuZhou Xin Cheng Primary School; Attend and Participate in After School Clubs; Visit St. Sophia Orthodox Church; Stalin Park and River Walk and Central Avenue Pedestrian Street.Day 7 Return to Beijing. 28

English Class29ItinerarycontinuedDay 8 Visit Beijing High School; Closing Meeting at Beijing Royal School with Breakout Session Related to Building Sustaining, Successful Chinese Language and Culture Programs; Province Visit Recap/ Reflection Speeches by Delegates (Hugh Represented Heilongjiang Province Group # 1 Delegation); Closing Remarks; Farewell Dinner Hosted by Hanban.Day 9 Visit Heavenly Temple; Depart for USA.


Goal Achieved!31

Dr.J.Hugh DwyerExecutive DirectorThe Central Intermediate Unit # 10The Heavenly Temple 3233Xiexie

Thank You!

XiexieThank You!Dr. J. Hugh Dwyer, Executive DirectorTHE CENTRAL INTERMEDIATE UNIT # 10End of 2011 Chinese Bridge for American Schools Presentation Slide Show.