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The Premier Issue November 2008

Transcript of Journal de Nîmes Nº 0

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 1

    Journal de NmesN 0 - thE pREmiER issUENOvEmbER 2008

    (E)pApER fOR A DENim iNspiRED bOUtiqUEwww.tENUEDENimEs.cOm-

    thE fOUNDERsOf tENUE DE NmEsp 2

    tENUE DE NmEs pRivAtE LAbELp 6

    cAmiNO sUciOby yAmANDUp 16

    DENim pROphEtsthEy DiDNt iNvEtD DENim, thEy REiNvEtED it. A pORtRAit Of thE 3 mOst OUtstANDiNg DENim pEOpLEp 8

    The bouTique& The openingbRANDs & pRODUcts,pRivAtE pREsALE AND thE gRANDOpENiNg fOR LEqUipE DE NmEsp 14 & p 4

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 20082

    Tenue de nmes

    ELANDsgRAcht 60 1016 tX iN AmstERDAmthE NEthERLANDs

    +31 (0) 20 320 40 12www.tENUEDENimEs.cOm


    we are open

    mONDAy 10/18thUEsDAy 10/18wEDNEsDAy 10/18thURsDAy 10/21fRiDAy 10/18sAtURDAy 10/18sUNDAy 12/18


    cONcEpt & DEsigNJOAchim bAAN / www.ANOthERcOmpANy.ORg

    phOtOgRAphyyAmANDU ROOs / www.yAmANDU.ORgmOmOtARO JEANsJOAchim bAAN

    iLLUstRAtiONsEmiLE pEN / www.mRpEN.NL

    cOpymENNO vAN mEURs


  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 3

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 20084

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 5

    Denim fetishists menno van meurs and Ren strolenberg have shared their strong passion for pure blue for more than a decade. what once started as a competition between Dutch cities: Den haag and Amsterdam (in which they competed with each other on the best worn-in denim) resulted in a passionate partnership. At the 21th of November 2008 their view on modern and traditional denim becomes reality when they will be opening their Denim inspired boutique tenue de Nmes in Amsterdam.Ren worked for 6 years for the

    Dutch denim pioneer g-star, where his love for jeans became more and more intense. As a sales manager he experienced the intense growth of hollands most successful fashion company. During his time with g-star Ren got in touch with his second home: Japan. in the course of his trips to the far East, he got blown away by the way the Japanese people experience love for denim and authentic products in general.

    menno developed his love for denim together with his brother matthijs in front of the legendary

    red closet of mode Demploi in Den haag. there they got indoctrinated with the basic principles of denim fetishism. in this former closet the most special pairs where presented from for instance Denime, Lee, wrangler and Levis. After 12 years of high schools, universities and jobs in marketing and concept development, this red closet turned out to be more important than they ever could have imagined.

    photography: yamandu Roos /

    Tenue de Nmes

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 20086

    Quality is not an act. It is a habit.


  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 7

    tenue de Nmes represents a natural blend of carefully selected items which all shall embellish life. Although the store will unite several unique items deriving from a limited edition RAw cannondale and glasses to photography and design, the shop has denim as an initial concept. Everything between the walls of the denim inspired boutique is interconnected and has an underlying connection with the heritage of jeans. tenue de Nmes claims to have a pair of jeans for

    anyone. in the old part of the store tenue de Nmes presents the largest and most diverse range of denim in Amsterdam on a massive denim wall made out of french railroad beams. tenue de Nmes is proud to sell the following denim brands: Levis Red, Lee jeans, Denim Demon, iJiN material, momotaro jeans, Nudie Jeans and g-star. besides denim tenue de Nmes will unite a blend of contemporary fashion for men and women in the new part of the store. in here customers

    will find brands like whyszeck, camilla Norrback, sUit, Elvine, cheap monday, sundaysun, minimum, velour and the hand made tenue de Nmes private label. the tenue de Nmes jeans and fashion are completed with a broad range of fabulous products like shoes from Nike, tretorn, and gram, accessories from sandqvist and Ellen truijen, swedish sAv wine, thank you too cards and must haves like special Japanese washing-powder for your most precious jeans.

    Brands/products at Tenue de Nmes

    photography: momotaro Jeans

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 20088

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 9

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 200810

    Their craftsmanship outshines through their attention

    to details and their ability to monitor the entire process

    from the fabric to final product.

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 11

    since 2007 tenue de Nmes develops a hand crafted private label in a diverse range of locations in Europe. the initial idea of the private label is that each tenue de Nmes garment will be built in exclusive quantities, under friendly circumstances and with the best available materials that our suppliers can get their hands on. tenue de Nmes devotes itself to re-building daily icons (like the male shirt) that unite quality and craftsmanship and combine style with soberness. tenue de Nmes strives for a classic silhouette with seasonal colour and style changes while the fit will last for ever. All the garments will be filled with hidden messages and will

    only directly show the company cross. in terms of communication the brand intends to whisper its unique details so people are forced to lean forward while watching. customers will become engaged to our privileged and valuable information presented to them in an exclusive but relevant way. the brand identity is designed by Joachim baan and has the fundamental theme: made in Europe. During this project tenue de Nmes will be in search of authentic family businesses that each have their own specialty. we will keep on searching for new skilled parties because we intend to built a complete collection

    existing from hand made must haves in the near future. the first chapter of this project contains a small collection of male shirts that was made by a family that makes shirts for almost 40 years thanks to their devoted and well experienced personnel. their craftsmanship outshines through their attention to details and their ability to monitor the entire process from the fabric to final product. the tenue de Nmes private label will be sold exclusively at the tenue de Nmes and will soon be available online:

    Tenue de Nmes


  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 200812

  • JOURNAL DE NmEs / N 0 thE pREmiER issUE NOvEmbER 2008 13

    tenue de Nmes is proud to be the first store that sells three extraordinary denim brands on the Dutch market: Denim Demon (sweden), iiJiN material (Japan) and momotaro jeans (Japan). their presidents Oskar Olsson, philip goss and Katsu manabe are denim connoisseurs with blue veins. tenue de Nmes asked them about their world of denim...

    illustrations: Emile pen /

    Denim godfathers.

    Katsuhito Manabe Momotaro jeans

    How did your love for denim started? we loved to pursuit a genuine jeans that was only succeeded in the United sates untill the 70s. today this traditional fabrication remains in Japan. we intend to expand the vintage denim that consists of an ancient tradition of Japan, so it will be known all over the world in the future. When did you start your company and what were the main reasons? the jeans makers who occurred in a stream until 1975 in Japan (especially from KOJimA and the ibARA area in OKAyAmA) were crazy about purchasing denim fabrics from the UsA. At that same time, local weavers realized that Okayama had been the capital of cotton weaves since the Edo period in Japan. At that point of time they decided to try to create the best denim in Japan. we established the company back then so that we could hand over the genuine material and production principles (textile that focuses on blue) for future generations.

    you have to undertstand that the phenomenon exists only in Okayama and is essential in making genuine products.

    What is in your opinion the best way to treat your denim? basically jeans in our minds can only exist by using denim. we intend to let everybody decide for himself what is the best way to treat their denim. we would like the customers to experience our denim uniquely. this because of the reason that our denim is produced likewise: in a complete original way by careful selection of for instance the yarn and other side products that built the jeans in total. Our company is the proud of number one in the world in development of the denim material. we are confident that all our clients developed their own unique skills to take care of them. What is your most precious pair of jeans? Our company creates what we like to call the original jeans. Our company is the only one in the world who creates this momotaro

    gold Label pair of jeans and one pair takes around a year before it is ready for the market. these pairs are handwoven and hand-dyed in pure indigo: syOU-Ai. this means that we are forced to make small amounts at a time and do not use chemicals to affect the color so every pair is unique. Natural indigo dye is built out of harden indigo plants called sUKUmO and liquified by adding lime water. then its dyed up using the artisanal sense and experience which control condition of indigo dying by adding products such as sugar and Japanese sake to help fermentation. How do you see jeans within ten year? we intend to keep on evolving our c