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  • Before I ever spoke a word, I was putting puzzles together.

  • I have a fascination with the human brain

  • I ask myself am I right brainor left?

  • Im as analytical as they come

  • My imagination cant be quantified

  • My world is jigsaw puzzle with endless pieces and colors

  • Hi my name is Joshua Mouton

  • Ive been a math teacher for nearly 10 years

  • Im a Business Intelligence Analyst

  • I studied to be an accountant

  • Art was my first love

  • Drawing is the first skill I learned

  • Maybe I have the perfect balance

  • I was always more intrigued by the artwork that went into cartoons, than I was the story line

  • My art tells it own story

  • I married the Worlds Greatest Poet

  • Im raising the worlds smartest kid

  • I attended four different universities before being able to finish

  • Ive lost everything and had to rebuild

  • I can create my own world

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  • Website

  • Im earning my BS in Graphic Design at Full Sail


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