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Joshua Kerrigan recently completed a landscaping project at his local church. While being a member there, Joshua Kerrigan saw that some work was needed, and decided to use his joy of landscaping to help them out. Joshua Kerrigan personally re-did the entire exterior landscaping at his church, and could not be happier with the way it turned out. Joshua Kerrigan looks forward to the next time he can help out his church in the future.

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  • Partner/Lighthouse Marina Management Founder/Owner Yacht Management, Inc.

  • Boat Owner Joshua Kerrigan Joshua Kerrigan is planning on buying a new twenty-seven foot contender boat very soon. Living next to a body of water, Joshua Kerrigan will get full use out of his new vessel. Joshua Kerrigan works at a Yacht Management company; therefore he loves the open water and being out on it. Joshua Kerrigan could not be more excited about his new purchase, and cannot wait to show off his new boat out on the water in the very near future.

  • Joshua Kerrigan Accepts Landscaping Responsibilities As a member of Christ Community Church, Joshua Kerrigan is always willing to do what's needed to keep the facility clean, tidy and welcoming. As a result, he jumped at the chance to help update the landscaping. In 2011, he reworked the grounds, removing old and diseased plants and replacing them with new alternatives. Now, he keeps the grounds in good condition by heading up a team of volunteers in the landscaping division of the church.

  • Joshua Kerrigan on Traveling to the Bahamas Joshua Kerrigan enjoys taking multiple trips to the Bahamas during the summer. While there, Joshua Kerrigan enjoys taking in the local culture, as well as the wildlife. There are many ways to be able to do this, but one of Joshua Kerrigans favorite ways is by going out with diving instructors on dives around the island, or even going out on a boat to catch some of the vast wildlife via fishing. Many people take the same route as Joshua Kerrigan when visiting this island. Next time you catch yourself daydreaming about this paradise of a place, help yourself out and make this daydream a reality. The Bahamas are there waiting for you, and youll be sure to run in to Joshua Kerrigan there.

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